Will Lemar transfer snub convince Arsenal to replace Wenger?

It is hard enough to get Arsenal Football Club to spend money at the best of times. Whether you believe the lack of big spending on transfers like we see all the time from our big rivals in the Premier League is down to the cautious approach of Arsene Wenger, the policy of the Arsenal board or because the man at the top silent Stan Kroenke wants it that way, the results are generally the same.

Once again this summer transfer window that has just closed saw the Gunners hugely outspent by the clubs we are fighting for trophy honours and at one point it looked like we would actually make a profit. This time, however, it may have come as a disappointment to the top brass at the club because we actually tried to spend more money but were knocked back by the likes of Kylian Mbappe and maybe even the West Brom defender Jonny Evans.

The manager has actually admitted that the failure of Arsenal to get a deadline day deal for Thomas Lemar done was not because Monaco turned us down after all. As Metro reports the French club apparently accepted our huge bid of close to £100 million but the player himself rejected the move to north London and that should be a big concern to the Arsenal bigwigs.

The boss said, ‘The player has chosen to stay in Monaco.

‘You do not want to talk too much. You have to respect that that happens.

‘I know we live in the era of transparency but at some stage to respect everybody you have to not talk too much about that.’

If Wenger’s stock has fallen so low that young French forwards do not want to play under him, will the Arsenal board see that we cannot continue this way?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I think the fact he made a net gain in the market will convince them to keep him forever

    1. Viera Lyn says:

      there is no doubting that Arsene has helped to provide us with some incredible footballing moments in the formative years of his managerial career at Arsenal, but that certainly doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that he has earned the right to decide when and how he should leave this club…there have been numerous managers at each of the biggest clubs in Europe throughout the last decade who have waged far more successful campaigns than ours yet somehow and someway each were given their walking papers because they failed to meet the standards laid out by the hierarchy of their respective clubs…of course that doesn’t mean that clubs should simply follow the lead of others, especially if clubs of note have become too reactionary when it comes to issues of termination, for whatever reasons, but there should be some logical discourse when it comes to the setting of parameters for a changing of the guard…in the case of Arsenal, this sort of discourse was largely stifled when the higher-ups devised their sinister plan on the eve of our move to the Emirates…by giving Wenger a free pass due to supposed financial constraints he, unwittingly or not, set the bar too low…it reminds me of a landlord who says he will only rent to “professional people” to maintain a certain standard then does a complete about face when the market is lean and vacancies are up…for those who rented under the original mandate they of course feel cheated but there is little they can do, except move on, especially if the landlord clearly cares more about profitability than keeping their word…unfortunately for the lifelong fans of a football club it’s not so easy to switch allegiances and frankly why should they, in most cases we have been around far longer than them…so how does one deal with such an untenable situation…do you simply shut-up and hope for the best, do you place the best interests of those with only self-serving agendas above the collective and pray that karma eventually catches up with them, do you run away with your tail between your legs and only return when things have ultimately changed, do you keep trying to find silver linings to justify your very existence, do you lower your expectations by convincing yourself it could be worse or do you stand up for what you believe in by holding people accountable for their actions, especially when every fiber of your being tells you that something is rotten in the state of Denmark

  2. Jaydawg says:

    It’s a little small minded to think that Lemar rejected Arsenal because of Wenger. Theres a lot at play when a transfer takes place and theres so many reasons why he could have reject us. For instance his family doesn’t want to move to the UK or he could have fallen out with Giroud or any of the Arsenal staff members.

    I’m a believer Wenger needs to go but you can’t blame everything on the man!

    1. John0711 says:

      Giroud, Lacca and kos went to him to try and convince him. The offer was a smoke screen and was never going to work with him playing at 1945 that night. Wenger knew this

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        its too last min … if he had given at least 24hrs for consideration, he may agree to the switch

        Lemar would not come cheap next season….at least 100m if he continues performing..

  3. MANTAK says:

    At any other big club in the prem I think that would be something the board were concerned about, subject to it being true of course.
    However our board are unlike any other in terms of their ambition for success over the cost to achieve it. I think they would find comfort by convincing themselves not losing the unhppy Sanchez was better than acquiring an amazing new talent.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    If Johnny Bloody Evans knocks you back you know how bad things have become!

    Mbappe with Wengers extra courting may have had some sway if Arsenal were still seen as a power and Wenger someone to play under. Same for Lemar…sure he would have been more receptacle to a move if it was the Arsenal and Wenger of old that was calling.

    We have to face facts, we are not a international footballing superpower, never have been. We are not any longer even dominant in our own league, we are a mid table.

  5. waal2waal says:

    lacazette will help everyone to commit thoughts of lemar to the back of our mind – then with the world cup upon us we’ll have other new and exciting possibilities. where one door closes another will open, in simple another quality player will emerge from obscurity and come to the fore.

    1. waal2waal says:

      maybe some don’t wish lacazette to be a success? if it’s so, shame on you. nobody wanted lemar to join us more than me, but if he doesn’t want to come, which he’s shown by his action, then im not about to allow the unrest around why he never came to feature or discourage my expectations and approval of lacazette. i want more productivity on the field and by that i mean lacazette goals.

  6. Vishaad says:

    Lemar much like Mbappe probably realised that Wenger has lost his ability to develop young players into world class talent . If you look at the past 10 years besides Van Persie and Fabregas there are no players that have evolved into better players under Wenger. Oxlaide Chamberlain, Walcott , Ramsey etc have not fulfilled the potential that was promised .
    Most players are undoubtedly wary of coming to Arsenal because they can see the club has lost its identity as well as its ambition. No player wants to settle for mediocrity. Plus even if you are a promising player Wenger will destroy your confidence and hamper your development by playing you out of position

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      What’s more Arsenals total expenditure since leaving Highbury on player acquisitions has gone from 77% to %57 of their expenditure. So this highlights the obvious Kroenke strategy that Wenger has said yes to over those past contract renewals.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      It appears that Wenger develop Foreign players rather than English / British players

  7. John0711 says:

    No Wenger & the club knew bidding for Lemar at the time wouldn’t be possible he was playing that evening. It was just a smoke screen to convince fans that the usual “we tried” we influencing the fickle

    Until Wenger and kronkie leave we will remain a average team capable of the odd decent game

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      1. ArseOverTit says:

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        1. in wenger we are doomed says:

          Agreed 100% this for the best of afc

        2. Admin says:

          I don’t have a problem with it. I just don’t want to see it each and every day .

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            Surely amongst the hundreds of meaningless babble, insults and opinion something proactive like this that informs people of how they can get involved should not be a nussaince to you? It’s one post a day..even if it was once per article surely with freedom of speech etc it’s not a big deal…

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          3. Ola says:

            We want to see this each time to remind us what we must do to put our club back into contention, this is as important as ur post itself or maybe more so, someone who wants us to go beyond words, and indeed words inspire this, words like urs, so support d guy whole hartedly nd accomodate this on ur posts, so far he says his efforts is not for profit

  9. Mr pat says:

    I’m flabbergasted no one in arsenal hierarchy saw that coming and to top it all a French player, it’s not surprising I said it before it not all about the money when players decide to sign for another club, players talk to each other about the situations in a prospective club and to cap it wenger is too loyal to certain players and that’s what causing arsenal players to revolt

  10. arsenal_championes says:

    90 mill for an unproven kid?
    We dodged a bullet.
    Mempnis De Pay was a superstar
    2 years ago
    Now a nobody at Lyon.
    Martial was a world beater 2 years ago now rarely starts at man U.
    Mbappe is a kid on steroids but that fades once defenses
    work him out and the doubts creep in and too much money takes effect.
    We have Iwobi, Nelson, Nwakali Akpom.
    Even if one succeeds we are good and 90 mill better off.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      92m would got us Draxler and Grotzeka instead

    2. arsenal#7 says:

      Arsenal Championes

      it is mentality like yours that will never see Arsenal as Champions again
      Based on your philosoply we should not take chances o young talent. For every player you named there is 10 that have gone to become superstars.
      Messi,Ronaldo,Bale,Neymar and counting.
      As far as Mbappe folding or Lemar been a flash in the pan you are wrong because they already have done enough for Monaco. Can you sy the same about Iwobi or Nelson or Akpom?
      Maybe more in Abou Diaby’s trajectory ? No guarantees but life is all about risk and reward.
      Arsenal is not taking any risk so there will be no reward. Let me know when we become champions . We more likely will be old men.

  11. colin says:

    strange how throughout last season supporters were led to believe that players with one year left on their contract were stalling because of the uncertainty over the managers future , well i would suggest the two year extension given to arsene wenger has cleared that debate up ,in short young they no longer wish to play under him.

    1. Vish says:

      More like players were waiting to see who Wengers replacement would be before committing their futures to Arsenal. With his 2 year extention, we’ll Oxlaide Chamberlain is proof that they want out of a club with no ambition besides turning a profit

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        not many managers can replace him…..

        Mourinho, Pep, Allgeri all require heavy budget

        probably only Leonardo Jardim

        1. Vish says:

          Thomas Tuchel can , he replaced Klopp at Dortmund and did a fantastic job . They got rid of him because he was too vocal in his disapproval of the decisions made by the board.
          Rafa Benitez can , he took Liverpool to the Champions league final and he brought Newcastle back to the premiership. Both these managers can inspire and motivated this team with new tactics and a game plan that’s not been so predictable for the past 10 years .

        2. John Ibrahim,
          I’m sick off you saying that Max Allegri requires a heavy budget, other managers you mention yes but the only transfer window in the last 5 years where Jueventus have spent heavy was last year and that was because they got £89 million pounds for Pogba and spent it on Higuain. He is the best candidate for the job because he doesn’t require huge investment for success . Please if you can reply to this with facts that Allegri requires a heavy budget show me how he does .

  12. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    We the Gooners will do ourselves a lot of goodness by putting Lemar failed move to Arsenal out of our minds and focus on how the new 25 man Gunners squad list that has just been revealed by Arsenal will re-kick start their Premier League season after it has suffered 2 consecutive away defeats when they host AFC Bournemouth at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday this week by beating the Cherries to the collection of all the points that will be at stake for collection in that PL match. And not to be flogging a dead horse that can no longer move. Mark us, Arsenal is not the only Premier League club that suffered disappointment where players Arsenal have bidded to sign refused to oblige them. But Chelsea and others also suffered players incoming transfer rejections too in the last summer window. The January transfer market window will be opened for dealings in four months time when if necessary, Arsenal can enter the market to do some business. Meanwhile, who knows if Lemar @£92m in transfer cost could be a bullet missed hitting Arsenal. Therefore, let’s accept our fate in this regard and thank God for the present first team squad at the Emirates Stadium. Our time to win the Premier League title after 13 seasons break has finally comes this season. If any Gooner believes this, let him or her shout a resounding AMEN to that.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      The problem is even if we the other club what they want, most players do not like to move in January too

      In Fifa 18 a player can move any time and perform without any hassle…they count on performance ratings given in the game

      In reality, Moving home from a country to another is quite hectic especially those with families and in Winter

    2. Vish says:

      Arsenal and Wengers immediate task is to bring back the harmony , cohesion and team spirit within the dressing room. It’s common knowledge that most of the players despises Sanchez for behaving like a prima donna for the past 6months and that Ramsey had a tussle with Koscielny a out a lack of leadership in the dressing room during the Liverpool match.
      Wengers priority has to be getting Sanchez back focused on performing well for Arsenal , they have to come to an agreement that will sell him in January or that he must rot on the bench . Then he has to find a way to get this team to gel once again .
      Wenger created animosity by playing the Ox to the detriment of team .
      They all need to sit down and thrash out whatever issues they have and get over them before the next match . I fear the likes of Utd , Chelsea and City will government us a bigger hiding than the 8-2 by Utd in 2011 if we don’t get this team clicking again

    3. arsenal#7 says:

      i am not sure what your are drinking but do you really have any hopes of winning the league
      with this group and Wenger as a manager?

      i think i am more upset about fans like these than the Arsenal management .

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    New Design if anyone would want to use just get in touch.

    It’s in A4.

    Puppet & Puppeteer

  14. mark says:

    Answer: NO.

    1. Ola says:

      No? its obvious you want Arsenal in mid table or battling relegation down at d bottom, surely u either not a gooner or u dont know whats best for d club or u’v been sleeping, if u are indeed a gooner whats d way forward then according to you?

  15. John Ibrahim says:

    Everyones Favourite Mahrez is left alone

    apart from Roma, none of the big 5 and the Europe big 6 have bid for him

    Mahrez has only himself to blame….he signs a new deal and expects clubs to pay heavily for him

    He only had 1 good season so far….

  16. Milton John says:

    In my mother tongue there is a saying. If you are sleeping I can wake up you and if you pretend that you’re sleeping I can’t wake you up. The owner, board all are pretending they’re sleeping so we are helpless.

  17. stubill says:

    The short answer is “no”.

    Wenger is perfect for the board, he takes all the flack coming from every angle, he works within the financial constraints of the board, while still making the club money.

    When Wenger fainally goes, who will replace him? Any prospective manager will ask the same question, “what’s going to be my budget in the transfer windows?”. If the board are honest, the prospective manager will walk away, unless they have the same ambitions as Wenger and the board.

    Wenger should have gone years ago, a fresh manager, with new ideas and tactics will help, but to expect Arsenal to truly compete in the PL and Europe we need a new owner who is willing to invest money into the club, and get somewhere near the big players financially.

    As a side note, I think Wenger should go for the good of his health, he’s starting to look like a broken man, I noticed at the game against Liverpool, he took a sip of water from his bottle, and his hand was shaking uncontrollably, there’s only so much a man can take, so please Arsene, go before you break the club and yourself.

    1. Vishaad says:

      Agreed , despite our issue’s with Wenger , he does not deserve to die for this club . It’s so obvious that managing this club is taking a massive strain on his health . I broke 2 fingers punching a wall in anger during the match with Liverpool . I cant fathom how the team performance must’ve angered Wenger . If things don’t change for the better soon Wenger might not live long enough to see the end of his tenure .

  18. Liam says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!! 3 days after the most disappointing transfer window ever people are now defending Wenger. Firstly someone stated what would Mourinho do they cant manage a club without a massive transfer kitty. Well maybe he would have set an eligible line up and played the correct players against Pool aka Lacazetti and maybe a left wing back at left wing back. Secondly if Wenger knew we would had such a meagre budget why buy a striker goals where the last of our concerns a midfielder and Cb where vital. Why keep Sanchez and lose him on a free. Its pretty obvious the board wont spend without selling first so next season we will lose Sanchez with no real replacement maybe Ozil too and spend around 80 million in total replacing them. Dropping Le coq due to poor form. Why does the only midfielder we have who has some decent form over the last 3 years get dropped when Ramsey hasnt player well over more than one game since 2013 yet hes first choice. We would have been much better of this season if we had spent our money wisely Nzonzi, Sakho Kosalinak and defoe could have all been purchased and we would be in a much better state.
    Musti Sakho Kos
    Bellerin Nzonzi Coq/xhaka Kos
    Alexis Ozil

  19. Henry says:

    People pleàse realise Wenger will not leave nor will he be sacked by the board.. our only hope is usamov buying the board out and sacking everybody.. including Mr Wenger

    Everything is there for the club to push on.. but we have a board that all seem to be doing other things rather than doing there jobs for arsenal.. we are out dated and stuck in a comfort zone.. kroneke made a big investment in arsenal to build new stadium and facilities etc now he is doing the same for one of his other clubs in America or where ever..

    The point I’m trying to prove is that kroneke is an invester but has no sentimental attachment to our club.. I want my owner of the arsenal to be at every game.. to make big decisions.. listen to the fans.. put the money back into the club.. we need a REFURB..

    Our only hope is usamov.. or prepare for 2 more years of disruption from fans hostile atmospheres.. surely they know what they doing right? Wenger is drowning and they haven’t got the bottle to move him aside

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