Will Mesut Ozil take his bruised ego off to Turkey?

Gossip and controversy follow Arsenal’s German midfielder everywhere it seems, and after the debacle at the World Cup Mesut Ozil came back to rumours of depression and a rift with the new manager Unai Emery. Ozil was substituted in one game and was then out of the next game with a supposed illness.

With this in mind, the ex-Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas is convinced that Ozil will not put up with being told what to do by Emery and will leave the Gunners in January unless he buckles down to his new instructions. It’s not as if Ozil needs to win a jackpot at Slots Baby Casino to maintain his lifestyle as he is a millionaire many times over. So I’m sure he could handle a drop in wages if he got unhappy with life at Arsenal. ‘If this isn’t improved by January, and a decent offer comes in, Arsenal will let him go,’ Nicholas said. ‘It keeps coming up that Fenerbahce and these sort of clubs would be interested in looking at him.

‘I don’t know financially how they could do it, (perhaps) some of the Chinese money that has been floating about. ‘There will be teams that are interested and I’ll tell you how it will end up working. ‘It wouldn’t be a salary thing, it would be a big chunk of money that he would get and that would nurse the bruising that his salary would have to drop a bit. ‘But the thing is, is he really that committed to it? ‘I think we are starting to identify that the new manager, it’s taken him quite a bit of time, is getting on fine with him, but he will be saying ‘if you’re not playing well, you’ll be out the team’, and he will not accept that Ozil.’

That is an interesting theory, but can you really see Ozil refusing to play for Emery when he is getting such massive wages? And would Emery really bench him if he can’t follow his instructions? Would Ozil take a pay cut to go and play in Turkey? There are more questions here than answers….


Updated: September 23, 2018 — 6:53 pm


  1. First of all, Özil has been doing well lately, so give him some credit.
    But I like the way Emery goes about things. He doesn´t seem to hesitate to take off or even bench any player, who doesn’t perform well enough.
    I prefer to hope Özil and the rest of the team are on an improvement curve, and if that keeps going, things look good.

  2. Ozil’s statistics in this season are very bad and I don’t see his willingness to work harder nor do I see the possibilities to improve his skills. He is an unselfish player, but he has a lot of limitations

    Emery has to be objective, because playing other players as no 10 could create better chances and benching Ozil could force him to improve himself

    Regarding Ozil’s transfer, I think only a Chinese club or an EPL club are able to pay his massive salary. When an offer comes, I believe Arsenal would not hesitant to take it

  3. Mkhitaryan has created more chances, scored more, assisted more than Ozil since he joined playing less minutes n largely outta position… im tired of pampering Ozil.
    we need quality wingers.. ill swap Ozil for Ousmane Dembele in a heartbeat.

    1. That swap is highly improbable, because their age difference is huge

      1. Dybala then, he can play on d RW… n Ozil ll be happy to link up with Ronaldo.
        Dybala ll also rather start games than keep being benched at Juve.

        at most u add cash, say 40m or so.
        …with Mkhitaryan n Banega(18m) in the squad , any Ozil sized whole is filled.

  4. I cannot envisage any European side signing Ozil given his current, unjustifiable earnings.After their mistake in signing the busted flush that is Sanchez, I cannot see Man Utd making a similar mistake with Ozil.Rightly or wrongly we are stuck with him for the duration and like AndersS I only hope Emery can turn him into a more consistent performer.

  5. Well, if Mesut really earns 350k weekly, then it means if his salary is reduced to 150k weekly for the next two and a half years(if he leaves in January) , he looses 26M.(200k x 52(weeks) x 2.5(years)) So if Arsenal sells him for 30M, gives him 26M and the buying team offers 150k monthly, all involved parties will win 😀😀😀

    1. Nice calculation

      I might never be able to accumulate that amount of money in my entire life, but some footballers got it in several years with very little contributions to their clubs

  6. I cannot believe some of the comments on here 😳

    1. Don’t think too many want to join our club Sue do you?

      1. No Phil….. I’ll settle for who we have 😁

        1. Not sure about your comment sue
          Your happy about a player taking liberties with our club ?
          You do know he’s our highest ever salary earner ,do you think he earns that ?
          Because I don’t he’s had one good season with us and for the money we give him you would think he was world class

    2. Most Premier League assists since the start of last season: Kevin De Bruyne (16) Leroy Sané (16) Raheem Sterling (12) Christian Eriksen (12) Mohamed Salah (11) Paul Pogba (11) David Silva (11)
      ..from squawka.
      …. Ozil earns 350k n cnt boast of 11 assists since last season despite having Aubameyang n Lacazette..
      this is a guy that used to get 15assists in half a season with the wasteful Giroud in front.
      Ozil is losing it and he isnt versatile enough to succeed in RW nor agile enough to be converted to play in CM like Silva.

      1. Surely, most people can see that Ozil has been under great scrutiny and mental pressure prior to, during and following the World Cup. If Emery supports him, plays him centrally and he gets his head together, then Arsenal’s opposition needs to watch out. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  7. Hello guys,

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Ozil (his quality and wages) and how he doesn’t fit into Emery tactics, not because he doesn’t want to but the fella just can’t!
    Ozil doesn’t have the engine to press,close down, track runners, support wing back. The only contribution he will bring to this team is creativity (which I haven’t seen so far this season). The quality is still there but our approach to games now just doesn’t fit with his abilities.

    I think he should be sold in January to make space for a winger (I keep banging my head when I see Lucas Moura play for spuds!) and to raise funds for the purchase.it might look like a loss but for the long term it’s the best move for all parties, whatever we need to do to help Ozil on the club should do it.
    Mhyki can take his place (playing in the middle and not as a winger).

    I’m really hopeful for the future of this team and a top 4 finish but to achieve that,Emery will have to be 100% ruthless and committed to his own assessments of the team/players and tactics

  8. With United drawing with Wolves
    by beating Everton the Arsenal
    can go 5th = with Spurs.
    Last equal to 5th equal in 4 gamesis no surprise because of our fixture list.
    Liverpool and City will fight for the title. But after that the way is open
    Mourinho could self destruct at any moment.
    Spurs have the stadium uncertainty.
    Chelsea is still untested and unproven with their new manager.
    CL qualification from the league looks easier than just 3 weeks ago.
    So letting Ozil go in January like Sanchez last January is unlikely
    because Arsenal will be serious top 4/3 contenders by Xmas
    and any upset to the team rhythm would be unwise.
    Wins over Everton Watford Fulham Leicester and Palace
    are crucial to build a buffer before we play Liverpool Spurs and United in Nov/Dec.
    The Uropar league affords us the luxury of resting players for the PL
    The lights are set in Arsenals favour.
    Time to put the pedal to the metal and win some medals 🙂

    1. barryglik, good positive analysis; I hope you are right. As the maxim goes “let’s take it one match at a time” and we’ll see where the Arsenal are situated come Christmas.

  9. OT Roll on the boxing… Come on AJ (fellow gooner)

  10. I’m sick of listening to that Thompson fellow talk s**t about Arsenal but he never done it with Liv when Liv were much worse off for allot longer. Merson licks up to him telling everyone they should watch Milner he can teach everyone how its done. Milner?, Milner?, f**k me England are s**t.

    1. Thompson (& his nose) really do my head in! He ruins soccer saturday

  11. Sell: Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka
    Buy: Fekir, Betancur, Ndombele

    Play with a diamond midfield with torreira behind betencur and Ndombele
    Have either Fekir or Mhkitaryan on the tip of midfield behind Auba and Laca.

  12. Paul Merson to his credit, praised Santi Cazorla as one of the greatest players in his opinion to play for the Arsenal.

  13. I said before, nobody will pay the money for him, transfer fee or wages except maybe the Chinese and if that’s the case do you really think Ozil would swap London for Shanghai or Beijing. Not in a million years. Anyway he now seems a lot happier and I think enjoying his football again. Please no more negative articles. I’m now looking for him to raise his game.

  14. My position on Ozil and Sue,whose club I am at least in sympathy with , though wouldn’t want to join, is that I just don’t see him staying much longer at Arsenal. My take, which I have said several times on here, is that he is clinically depressed and the Turkey / Germany “racist” nonsense has badly affected his mental state. He has never been a mentally robust player, his body language is too defeatist (and so often too), to ever think him mentally strong. But he is prodigiously , almost freakishly, talented on his day. But all great players HAVE to have far more good days than poor days. And on that test , he fails, I am afraid to say. He is closing in on 30 years old and after 5 years here already and now some considerable time ago since he had one of his special days, he is just not earning that huge and foolishly awarded wage. I think he will go, either in Jan or summer next year. I also think he should. Sad though it is, – as players of that talent are very rare – unless he uses that sublime talent and regularly too, we are better off without carrying that wage and getting a decent transfer fee, while we still can. Sorry Phil, Sue, and others but that is what most Gooners are now saying.

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