Will Mesut Ozil walk back into Arsenal first-team?

Paul Merson has claimed that Mesut Ozil will struggle to hold down a regular starting role in Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side this season.

The German international is currently struggling with a knee problem, but the Gunners have found top form in his absence, and have picked up six wins and a draw from the seven outings since he fell foul of injury.

When asked if Ozil would struggle to hold down a first-team role this season, Merson replied: “Yeah, I do.

“You look at any world class player in the world we’ve seen over the last 15 or 20 years – you know one thing they do? They work hard.

“They’ve got the class, they’ve got the skill, they’ve got everything, but they work hard at the same time – that’s what makes them world class.

“Ozil doesn’t do that part of the game, and if you don’t do that you can’t play in this day and age.

“I’ve seen Zinedine Zidane and he worked hard. I played against David Beckham enough times at Man United and you couldn’t believe how hard he worked up and down the right wing – it was scary.

“These players worked hard for the team.

“The penny has got to drop with Ozil, you can’t just play when you’re on the ball.

“And to be fair to Arsene, he’s taken him out of the team and they’ve reaped the rewards in the end.”

Players like Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi have been putting in solid shifts in attack, while Jack Wilshere is also impressing while he makes the most of his chances while he bids to return to full strength.

Mesut Ozil may well struggle to feature as heavily as he has done in previous terms, but if Arsene Wenger holds any hope of signing him down to a new contract, the likelihood is that he will play regularly by default.

Has Wenger given up on new contract for the German? Does he have to start because of his status? Does he deserve to start?

Pat J

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  1. Can you please look at the stats of how Ozil has run in each game, compared to other players.
    Paul whatever needs mental help.

  2. Doubt Ozil cares.
    He won a world cup.
    Played for Real Madrid.
    Is paid 140k p/w to do what he pleases.
    Will retire at Schalke when he’s ready.
    Arsenal has become the comfort zone club.
    Get paid millions for never winning anything important
    (FA Cup- COM shield worthless crap)
    If the league is not won this season sack the Owner,
    CEO, Board ,Manager and all the players.
    Most importantly sack all the 4th place worshiping Arsenal fans.

  3. I feel sorry for oezil.he came to the wrong team,,the most criticised team in the world,the team that fans never cheers their players,,.I don’t what they want him to do,because I don’t believe oezil is the problem for arsenal to win trophies.the last time arsenal eon EPL was 2004,,nine years later oezil came,arsenal never won anything,since 2005,,he lifted the first trophy 2013,again 2014,,.let’s prepare ourselves for mediocre players who runs a lot,wellbeck,wilshere,Ramsey,elneny,iwobi,wallcot etc.

  4. People need to stop praising mesut ozil for little things.
    Ozil does not possess all the qualities of a decent footballer.He is too weak too lazy and too slow.
    For me he has to go

    1. 100%
      I said about 18 months ago that Arsenal would play better without Özil and should have sold him. He is a liability in defence and all these fans that say he unlocks teams with his great vision, 4 PL games this season, no goals, no assists, nothing in the FA Cup final, we beat Chelsea in the Community Shield without him and have now gone on a winning streak after a great performance at Stamford Bridge, without Özil. Open your eyes people, Özil is overrated and it’s time for him to go.

    2. Ozil works as hard as any other player in the team. He creates more chances and his vision and creativity would be sorely missed if he left. Your comments about a world class player is totally ignorant

  5. I am hoping we sell him in Jan and put that towards Griezmann, anyone else read that Lacazette has said he would ask him to join Arsenal if he ever sees him in London?

    Griezmann could be ideal for us, he knows Giroud and Lacazette from the national team and he is the type of player that could thrive with us, AM will be able to sign players again and so they can replace Griezmann, all we need to do is pay enough to activate the release fee.

    We won’t get much for Ozil due to his contract but he isn’t cup tied for UCL… Could get something and if Gazidis can do good business like he did with the Ox (brilliant work by the baldy to get such a fee!) then we could look at another top player.

    We have picked up and if we can keep this form going and make a few changes in Jan then we could push for the title, long shot but gotta hope right XD

    1. Why would Atletico sell Griezmann to us? They just paid 60M for Diego Costa…money is not a problem for them. As for Griezmann, why would he leave Atletico who regularly reach champions league finals and have even recently won la liga to come and compete for 4th place trophy?

      1. Release fee, UTD had activated it in the summer window (at the start) but Griezmann said he wouldn’t leave AM while they can’t replace him.

        Seems they have found a potential replacement.

  6. If we had decent finishers we wouldn’t be talking about Ozil. He does his job, he creates more chances than any No.10 in the EPL, pity we have had such crap finishers since Henry, Bergkamp & Pires. As for Merson (the Arsenal legend???) he was highly overrated and never good enough to lace Ozil’s boots. Does anyone in their right mind think he would have got into the German national side? He should just shut it and concentrate on getting some of his predictions right (Chelsea to be 3 up in the first 30 minutes!!). And Sky still pay him!!

    I have never known a player to get so much unjust criticism from so called ‘pundits’ and supporters. Anyway it won’t matter because I just can’t see Ozil staying at AFC – our loss.

    1. What a good comment to Andrew Elder, hope all fans can open their brains and see the differences , Ozil ever been criticized for everything , the stats will never lie the boy contribute alot to the team why is he playing for German squard if he is not good enough? I see him going as we as arsenal fans and former arsenal players talk rubbish about him. Only Wenger and other smart arsenal fans know how hard he works for the team and club. When he joined arsenal last time we won trophy was 2004 , Immediately he made us won FA CUPS TWICE, He won three trophies in four seasons all is nothing to this idiot pundits and deluded fans.
      We will see the loss when he left the club , Ungrateful fans and rubbish Paul and former arsenal players,

  7. It is once again upto Ozil to prove the doubters wrong. What I seemingly hate about him is his body language. He seems unbothered about everything around him. He is insensitive??? That is not good. He needs to show that he cares that people care. He behaves as if Arsenal need him more than he does. Yet in real sense,he needs to beg Arsensl.

  8. I think Ozil just gets way too much unwarranted criticism. Firstly, many say he doesn’t work hard but how many people genuinely watch him off the ball. Next time do take time to watch his movement off the ball instead of judging him on the sporadic moments when he is walking.

    If that doesn’t work for you, then you should look up his running stats and compare them with those of his colleagues. Ozil does more than is required of him.

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