Will Michael Oliver steal the show in black? (Opinion)*

I’m worried Michael Oliver could take all the headlines as the referee over Liverpool v Arsenal today.
By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends. The referee to take charge of Arsenal’s game today has been announced. His name is Michael Oliver. His linesmen will be Stuart Burt and Simon Bennett. While the fourth official will be Andy Madley.

Oliver is regarded as the best referee in the English Premier League right now, and it is perfectly right that he was chosen to officiate a game that could define the season for either Arsenal and/or Liverpool. We should be happy knowing that we have the so-called best ref of the lot in charge, but we also know that Arsenal does not have the best record under his charge…

According to WorldFootball, Michael Oliver has officiated over us times in the league. We have won 12 games, lost 15 and drawn 11 of those matches. We have also been issued a total of 69 yellow cards and 3 red cards.

Well, from the statistics, we can conclude that our romance with Michael has not been too smooth, but then one hopes it does not affect the game against our rivals today.

I can remember vividly well, the last game Oliver officiated against Leicester City. He was in full charge of Arsenal’s 2-0 win over the Foxes on October 30th, in which Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was hauled down by Jonny Evans when through on goal. Oddly enough, Oliver only saw it fit to brandish a yellow card. I hope against Liverpool, he will be on the ball and issue the right punishment to offenders.

Michael Oliver is only human, and humans are prone to mistakes, but when they occur too often questions have to be asked somewhere along the line.

Are Michael’s errors against Arsenal getting too much? I don’t think so. What I know is that he IS a good referee, and in some cases, good referees may be seen to be biased towards a team because of certain decisions taken in the heat of the moment. What Arsenal needs to focus on is winning the game against Liverpool. At times, when a football team is on point, even the referee’s decisions won’t stop them from getting the three points at stake. We are on fire at the minutes, and against Liverpool, all we ask is that things do not go against us.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

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  1. The officials and the Gunners would most likely be intimidated by Liverpool’s supporters at Anfield. Our bad ten-year record there has proven that

  2. ESR said the atmosphere at other stadiums don’t bother him….Hopefully the rest of his teammates are influenced by what he said….

  3. Thank you GoonerP. But as far as I am concerned, i have faith and the belief in the Gunners that they will in tonight’s high profile EPL game taking place at Anfield, beats a Jurgen Klopp’s heavy metal gengenpressing Reds.
    Irrespective of the opposition the Gunners could encounter in the game. For, the Gunners will score the goal/goals that will win the match but the Reds won’t.

  4. If he is regarded as the best the standard is very low. Coz he’s decisions are very often questionable. Loads of non penalties against Ars especially

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