Will Mikel Arteta be able to attract top talent to Arsenal?

A manager is one big reason a player may sign for a particular team. This is the reason players do, on occasions, change their mind when another manager calls them to join his team instead.

Arsenal could beat teams to some very important signings because of Arsene Wenger when the Frenchman was in charge of the Gunners, I wonder if Mikel Arteta will have the same pull.

This is the Spaniard’s first job as a senior manager after being an assistant manager to Pep Guardiola for a while.

He signed two players in the last transfer window. To be fair, no one was competing with him for either player. So his attraction as a manager has yet to be tested.

With the summer transfer window looming, several players have been linked with a move to the Emirates.

Does Arteta have the reputation that Arsenal can sell to these players yet? I doubt that.

I know that Arteta is undeniably talented as a manager, but even Jurgen Klopp, who had been very successful at Borussia Dortmund, struggled to sign top players when he came to Liverpool.

The German signed players that few teams wanted to buy like Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, yet he has made them top stars and enhanced his reputation, now most players want to play for him, well, that is how it looks from where I am sat.

I think Arteta can follow that pattern; he doesn’t have the reputation that would make top players choose Arsenal, however, he can do a magnificent job with those at his disposal.

With time players will be eager to play for Arsenal again, that I am absolutely convinced of.

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  1. This will depend on two things obviously: ECL and a significant transfer kitty; neither of which we can guarantee.

  2. More like it this time MARTIN! I doubt anyone can predict incomings and outgoings with all this uncertainty but lack of money almost everywhere will massively change things both now and for years to come And bring it on I say! Best thing that could happen to our sport.

  3. Arteta will have to earn that reputation. He is on zero now except for the goodwill of comments from past teammates. With current kids comments of how they are working well with him could have helped, BUT, here you have a Saka in the rumour mill no wanting to sign new contract.
    Money is the factor in the paradigm NOW. Both Klopp and Guardiola are playing with money, it is obvious. And we have a situation, where the biggest player The Arsenal signed after a long while is cursed, derided, hounded, armed robbed attempted, for wage in his contract, signed without sign on fee. I have not heard one, United fan made 500,000 pounds and sign on fee reference in comments about how more woeful that piece of business had been for them.
    Just don’t put that pressure on Arteta teething coaching career shoulders right now. The quality of the guys in club management is even scary for me breast the tape for deals right now.

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