Will Munich massacre dent Arsenal confidence for Spurs game?

AudioPost – The Gunners were soundly beaten by Bayern last night, and the ex-Arsenal striker Paul Merson was gobsmacked at how easily Arsene Wenger’s team fell apart, in fact he says that they “had no idea what they were doing” as the goals just kept coming at them.

But more worrying, is he thinks that the manner of our defeat may knock some of confidence out ahead of this weekends North London Derby, and we can ill afford not to be at our best against the Spuds.


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  1. Dennis says:

    No!! the 9 injured players will. Ox/Walcott/Bellerin/Kos all first team players. That will definitely cost us during the derby especially with the way TOT is playing lately.

    1. josh37 says:

      Not really… The way Giroud’s playing at the moment he’d be keeping Theo on the bench or RW.
      So it’s only the right hand side that we’ll be playing our non-preferred options in Campbell and Debuchy, who are still good options. Oh and Kos, but Gabby’s looking the business.
      The injury list is looking worrying, but after this game there’s a break with a few more quality players returning. The core of the team is still intact and there’s a serious gulf in quality in midfield between us and spurs.

  2. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Baby Please

    We will turn it around and win
    I have confidence and belief that we have enough quality to beat Spuds at home
    It won’t be easy, but Spuds are not Bayern.
    Just because we lost big to Bayern doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of beating Spuds

    We need to move on


  3. almostawinner says:

    no, it wont. nobody’s going to come out and say “its not such a bad thing for us to get kicked out of CL because our squad is not deep enough” but i bet players and wenger are thinking it. he didnt look toooo upset after the game. they just couldnt be bothered to play in munich at the same intensity they played in london. and i think its not possible for us (with a shallow squad) to play at that intensity week after week (thats because our great leader decided to be tight fisted with his money and instead offer an extension to arteta last year). plus we have 30% of the squad injured every year – for that reason, our squad should be deeper than all the other squads: because we have a higher rate of getting injured.

    1. josh37 says:

      It was absolutely fine to offer Arteta an extension. Did you not read Wenger’s recent comments on how much extra Arteta does for the club?? While he was injured last season he was out getting coaching licenses, shows up to training a few hours earlier to help out and contribute and does a lot behind the scenes.
      The games are obviously the most important aspect, but players who contribute positively behind the scenes are still incredibly valuable. With such a young squad and midfield, Arteta’s a brilliant player to have in the squad.
      The injury list is worrying. Though if Bellerin, Kos and Ramsey are available after internationals with Theo and Ox soon to follow it’s not nearly as bad.

      1. lol..Arteta “shows up to training a few hours earlier to help and contribute”? You kidding me dude? Oh great..lets spend 80 Gs per week on a past-it, always injured player cause he “contributes ” in training. Sure I have no problem with that ..after all we got 200 million in the bank.

        1. josh37 says:

          No.. I’m not kidding. His performances off the bench have been great as well.
          Us, as fans, only see the games. Arteta is obviously massively respected by his peers, manager and the rest of the club.
          You can ‘lol’ all you want mate… There’s a lot that goes on around the club other than the eleven players who field the pitch each week if you can comprehend that? Just because he’s physically past it doesn’t mean he can’t be a role model and teach others to improve and better themselves as players. Arteta is a very intelligent, professional, hard-working player. Traits you’d like to see instilled in any player.

  4. Just another gooner says:

    leave it to wenger imo but if he dont spend in the window coming and we end up forth at the end of the season sorry but thats wenger out for me

    1. josh37 says:

      Oh stop this buy or Wenger out nonsense!!
      Honest question.. Would you prefer he, hypothetically, activated Griezmann and Krychowiak’s clauses in January and we still finished 4th, knocked out convincingly in the round of 16 CL by a club we should have cruised by.
      Or. Brought in no-one, progressed to the final 8 in the CL to be narrowly defeated by PSG, won another F.A. Cup and narrowly missed out on the title to City by 2pts?

  5. josh37 says:

    Oh wow! Haha I didn’t realize Spurs had a midweek match! I was picturing them full-strength and fresh… By the sounds of it Anderlecht gave them a tough game with one less day to recover. Played the majority of their preferred XI as well!
    Ahhh that’s made me relax 🙂

  6. Onesman says:

    3 Days 4 Hours 4 Minutes until we put 3 past Lloris

  7. well then if its now his job to instill hard work and discipline what then is the role of the likes of Steve Bould and the coaching staff?! isnt it their job to do that and much more? if Arteta wants to be some sort of coach fine..but let him not hold up either space or wages meant for a proper player who can contribute ON the pitch the way we really need and expect players who earn the sort of money he earns to!

  8. Aussie Jack says:

    Don`t know about denting Arsenal`s confidence but it won`t hurt Spurs.

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