Will next 4 games decide Arsenal’s fate this season?

Look Arsenal fans, there will be a hell of a lot more work to be done even if things go perfectly for us over the next couple of weeks, but I think we can pretty much forget about the season being a success if it all goes wrong.

Depending on circumstances the Gunners could be out of the cup and out of the realistic title race when the final whistle blows on our Premier League away game at Stamford Bridge on February 4th. No Pressure lads.

But if Arsenal can produce the sort of football we all know they are capable of, especially a repeat of the demolition of Chelsea earlier in the season, we could have nine points from three games against Burnley, Watford and Chelsea. That would put us no more than seven off top spot and if Liverpool can take points off them at Anfield the Tuesday before then things could be looking very encouraging indeed.

Arsenal also have an away FA cup tie among these league games and you would assume that Southampton will beat Norwich to face us. While we can stay optimistic about the EPL title and also the Champions League you have to accept that winning either is more unlikely than not, making the FA cup even more of a priority and Wenger has to balance this in his team selection.

Nobody said that being the manager of Arsenal was easy, but will the Frenchman get the Gunners to rise to the challenge and make us all happy at the end o0f the coming two weeks?

Sam P.


  1. SUNNY13 says:

    Yes completely agree, to be Champions, we have to play like Champions,
    We must win against Burnley and Watford and beat Chelease at bridge, Can we do it, if yes that we are Potential Champion if not then we are are an average team ,
    and we must pray god that the team likes Chelsea and Liverpool also become average and thenwe can fight?
    The great Arsenal team of the past would have done that, winning the next 3 Pl games means we will be just 5 poinst from top spot and if Liverpool beat Chelsea also it means 2 pomts from top spot?

    Its still achievable if we play to our best and every one put 100%.

  2. PRINCE AFZ says:

    Just one game at a time. Our next game is Burnley. Let us focus on them.

  3. Jansen says:

    There is no doubt we need to win our next three games. We can not afford to drop points and it is time we beat a top 6 team for confidence.

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