Will next two games make or break Arsenal’s season?

Arsenal fans would still have the hope of a record breaking 13th FA cup trophy win to celebrate if the Premier League season fizzles out with f a first failure in 20 years to secure a top four spot and a place in the Champions League, but only a successful run in to the league as well as that cup final win would make this season anything like a success for the Gunners.

That makes the next week or so absolutely massive for Arsenal, as we are set to face both Tottenham and Manchester United in our next two game and the results of those could either make or break our season. Two wins would give Arsene Wenger and the lads 66 points after 34 games and that is the same as Liverpool are now on.

Depending on what happens in tonight’s Manchester derby it could well see us go above Jose Mourinho’s team and maybe even Pep Guardiola’s Man City as well. Our toughest two games would be out of the way and confidence would be high, so with Wenger and Arsenal’s record of strong finishes I would then see us a favourites for the top four.

Even four points from the next two games would be a good outcome, especially if the win came against United. On the flip side it would leave us with a mountain to climb if we lost both games, or even one to be fair, so can the Gunners get themselves together and give their all to ensure that the next two EPL games make our season, not break it?

Sam P.


  1. ugabooga says:

    Lol you just as deluded as Wenger.

    Its over, no 4th place trophy this year.

    Until wenger leaves its 6th place trophy and Europa league at best.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      United and City just had a draw
      We aren’t far from them

  2. Wengerknowsbest says:

    Trust me, I know best

  3. paul35mm says:

    Arsenal probably will not win out, but none of the team above them will either. Tottenham is in the best form, but form is almost always an illusion, both good and bad. What pundits call form is usually a combination of who the opponent is, where the games were played, and injuries.

    Tottenham were awful for huge stretches of their game with Crystal Palace, who stymied and stifled the Spurs for most of the game. Christian Erikson uncorked a lucky strike from distance to score the winning goal. Congratulations to him and Tottenham for extending their unbeaten streak, but the Spurs will not win out. They’ll lose or draw between now and the end of the season, as will United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and City.

    The game v. United is the big one. A win there and a win by Man City over United and Arsenal still have a decent chance. The Wenger Out mob will be devastated to be wrong again, but the Gunners probably have a 30-40% chance of top four right now. Depending on other results, that could change to 50-50 or even 60-40 in Arsenal’s favor by the end of the weekend.

    A win over the Spurs would be nice, but to be fair, Tottenham have been the better team all season and a win away to Spurs is both unlikely and unnecessary. A first-ever win over Mourinho though, would be a huge result and give Arsenal a fighting chance, especially with United hammered by injuries.

  4. Janssen says:

    think the 2 make or break games where when we played Everton and City and lost. Or maybe the 2 games against Bayern. Not sure our season can get much more broken as it is.

    If anything 4 points is not enough over the next 2 games, all remaining games need to be won to even have a slim chance of a top 4 finish.

    But can a top 4 finish really be considered as “it made our season?”

    IMO The only (and highly unlikely) positive that can come out of this season would the realization that Wenger is not the man to bring success to Arsenal and his departure from the club after the FA cup final. And I doubt that will happen which is good for Giroud, Ramsey and all the other Wenger pets but is not so great for the Arsenal fans who still have dreams of our more ambitious era as hard as those days are to recall since they are ever slipping further into the past.

    Ask yourself if in the years following from our last PL title you would still have thought we could make our season given today’s situation? Or would you have thought the wheels had come of losing 10-2 in the CL and fighting for 6th place and praying for a miracle that would be 4th?

    12 years of failure have lowered the bar for you to have bought into the story that 4th place is a successful season. That’s not right IMO.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Our season ended months ago, so I am confused as to how the next two games are crucial?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Well we can still win Top 4 trophy and FA Cup

  6. Ignasi says:

    This question is about four months too late as its already been answered. Arsenal’s season was ‘make or break’ was decided when they lost to Everton and Man City. Those two games were the ‘make and break’ moment.

    1. Kiko says:

      Exactly when it all started and those spankings weren’t too far after. Wonder what it could have been now if we had just changed the formation earlier.

    2. Janssen says:


    3. Tony says:

      Thank you

  7. Kiko says:

    This is going to be one of the biggest North London Derbies in years as it’s the last to be held at White Hart Lane. Guaranteed they will be going for the win regardless of what’s at stake to write that in the history book. Only hope we make that history favoring us at the final whistle.

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Look Boss, it’s a plane, it’s a plane ??✈️ ( anyone who remembers that program, is a sad old fork,like me)

    There was a plane with a Wenger IN banner flying over the stadium at the Manchester derby ?? I bet you all didn’t know that Wenger held a pilots license ??

    Hey, I understand the non-appreciation for a top four finish and the ‘what’s the point’ ?? attitude, In taking part in Europe’s Elite competition when we constantly fail to get past the last 16 …………………………………,….Yeah and What? ?? I said I understand ?

    Nah, seriously, if that’s the attitude? Then we may aswell join the likes of Sutton Utd and Lincoln City because we haven’t done ?? in the premier league either, so stop moaning about the champions league qualification? ? ? We need that Wenger Trophy, that’s our bare minimum – level -of -acceptance. Come on lads, think about it, Us fans are just as delusional for singing ” By Far the greatest team, the world has ever seen” ?? And No one in charge of the Club has ever said that about Arsenal fc before lol??

  9. twig says:

    Can we still win the league?

  10. Irebami001 says:

    The season already is in shambles,the next 5games would not even fix it. My braging right is why I pray for a win at the lane, only wenger can make our season even without the FA cup. All he just needs is to walk away.

    1. Tony says:

      A decision the arrogant man should have made since

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