Will no new contract really make Alexis more hungry for Arsenal this season?

The never-ending Alexis Sanchez saga looks like it is no nearer to reaching the end, but at least now Arsene Wenger has admitted that it is now extremely unlikely that the Chilean will be extending his current Arsenal contract. “He’s an Arsenal player in the short term. Now, will we manage to extend his contract?” Wenger said.

“We didn’t manage to do that last season so I’m not super optimistic in that regard, but we have the firm intention of not selling him.”

In the light of Sanchez returning late from Chile, and then missing the Community Shield and our opener against Leicester, it is looking like Sanchez has made his mind up to leave, but Wenger asserts that if he is forced to stay it should make him play even better in his final season. When a Bein journalist suggested that Alexis may not be so committed, Wenger disagreed completely. “You could say as well the other way round.” he replied. “The real question we have to answer is does the hunger index increase or decrease when you have a short contract or a long contract?”

“I would be on the opposite side. That means the hunger index is higher when the contracts are shorter and it decreases naturally when the guys have long contracts.

“Contracts mean a lot. When you sign them as a club, you have to pay the money for the player if he performs or not. That gives you a huge responsibility and gives a guarantee of income to the players. Overall, I believe that it has a meaning.”

We have had numerous examples of managers saying that they would not be selling their best players in the past including from Wenger, but it would seem that Alexis doesn’t really believe him. But IF Wenger really did force him to stay, do you think Alexis would he still put his heart and soul into playing his very best every week?



  1. henry says:

    It would be for his own good to give his best because his performance this season will impact on the contract negotiations for his new club. I also believe Alexis’ personality does not allow him to be a failure on the pitch, so once he plays his first match for us this season, he will just be back to his best hopefully.
    But then again, anything can happen between now and the first of August.

    1. Nayr says:

      Though we might want to hate alexis sanchez right now.

      credit to him for being professional about all this situation.

      not doing crazy things like the likes of ousmane dembele,coutinho,neymar,vvd to get a transfer.

      1. muff d says:

        the hunger index?!

        lol, wengers got bars.
        yo what u know about the limb indicator or solar plexus nexus son?
        what huh? exactly

        1. muff d says:

          erm not sure i replied to you?
          perhaps u smell good?

          people gravitate towards odours
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    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, who would hire him if he shows lacklustre performances in this season? I believe he will work even harder, because:

      – Great preformances will bring more interests from the other top/ rich European clubs.

      – World Cup is creeping out.

      – No top players are able to bring Premier League title to Arsenal in last thirteen years, even Van Persie, Fabregas and Arshavin cannot do it. If he manages to do that, he will become Arsenal legend and people will remember his greatness.

      – If he doesn’t get better contract from the other clubs, a very lucrative contract has been waiting for him at Arsenal. But off course he must show that he is worth it in this season.

    3. Kostafi says:

      Spot on. His next contract depends on how well he plays this season (if not at Arsenal). He might not get a huge up front fee but will prob get it added to his wages to arrive at the type of pay Zlatan (£367k p/week) was on. He is also a Duracell bunny, always wants to be part of the action. His social life last season was almost non existent so the matches were his all. That does not seem to be the case this season, with there being a wag in his box on Friday night with him. Let’s hope she falls in love with London.

      B/R reporting Man City bid of €50m for Sanchez rejected.

      Off topic, watching Napoli v Nice now. Seri is assured but nothing special. First time I’ve seen him play so may not be his whole game I’m seeing. He is a more mobile Xhaka in their 343, hasn’t done a lot to help with Nice’s lack of possession. He might improve at Arsenal but why invest there? He won’t start ahead of Ramsey, and I would take an injury free Wilshere as well ahead of him.

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The hunger index – Wenger just dropped some science on the reporter

    1. muff d says:

      dropped some science?
      my, you sound just like those hippety hop rap fellows i see on the television

      i sure like those rap chaps ..one of my faves….
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      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        What he is saying – nah I got that **** you need to learn though…….

        Anyway Wu Tang have been dropping science since 1993

  3. this is the problem with arsenal we could have gone out an gotten sadio Mane before he went to Liverpool but. wenger an some arsenal fans we already lots of players in that position now jean Michael seri we have Ramsey an the ox Wolcott Jack ozil welbeck if he goes to Liverpool we can kiss top four goodbye but this is wenger last chance if we don’t finish in the top four wenger can kiss two years contract goodbye

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      But what do you mean? Wenger already signed the 2 year contract extension and if the past is any indicator, he is pretty much fire-proof so regardless of where we finish at the end of the season or what we achieve or fail to achieve, he will stay…

  4. Ian wrights bruva says:

    He has little desire for the club so I have no idea why people think he give blood, sweat and tears for a team he wants to leave, we might be lucky to see him operating at 80%

    If he stays I can see him putting in some decent games but he is not going to put his body on the line and risk and injury and the transfer away from the club.

    We need everyone giving 100% this year to get anywhere near the top of the league

  5. Durand says:

    Perhaps if we had added top quality alongside ozil and Sanchez over last 2 years he would have already signed.
    He only really bought Chec to compete in first team and i think it sent bad message 2 years ago.

    Just my opinion but who would want to stay at club where your ambition outweighs manager, owner, board, etc….

    Not to mention some players happy to sit on bench cashing large paychecks, rather than starting elsewhere making less.

    Unfortunately nothing has changed. Same excuses in transfer market; cost too much, no one better available (ha), so and so is returning, just fill in the blank. If sead and Lacazette are all, we’ll struggle more for top 4 than last year.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    For me personally, seeing Alexis join one of our rivals for free, would be worse than the RVP sale. At least we got £24 million for RVP, but it would be even more painful seeing Alexis playing against us for Chelsea/City, and knowing we didn’t even receive a single penny for him.

    If he wants to go, we must sell! Reinvest the money in the squad. The same goes for Ozil, Ox, and anyone else in their final year of contract. What Wenger seems to forget is that we don’t have an owner who’s going to dip into his own pocket, so that then makes player sales vitally important. If Sanchez, Ox, and Ozil all leave on a free, that’s a potential write-off of around £120 million, possible more. We could sign two quality players for that, maybe more.

    Everyone bangs on about how well the club is run from a business perspective, but we’re one of the worst when it comes selling. Other clubs are selling at insane prices, why aren’t we?

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      The problem with Arsenal is a player will be sold and we will continue on as if nothing has happened, no replacement no nothing. So I’d rather we keep the players, play them till their last day then they can leave because if we sell Sanchez or the Ox right now that money will probably go out in dividends to the board or owner or wherever it normally disappears to and we will have no Sanchez and no replacement.

    2. sanmi.marvellous says:

      Yes. You are right.
      But sometimes, club need to be principled and stick with its policy gun. I read somewhere last week where a popular journalist was x-raying Liverpool firm stand on refusing to sell to their major rivals either in Europe or Local from time immemorial. At least we’ve been a victim through Suarez pursuant. We can attest to this. Many clubs like United have also tasted this bitter pills. For once, let us do things differently and see the results.

      As for Arsenal owner being penny-pinching, let’s keep Sanchez and see whether the clubs will beg for alms in order to purchase a player next season. I doubt it

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Problem is, it’s irrelevant if we keep Sanchez in regards to the results. I keep hearing we should forgo the money, because keeping Sanchez gives us a great chance at winning the league, or CL qualification (which is Wenger’s number one target), but everyone keeps forgetting he just had the best season of his entire career, and yet we still finished fifth, and were utterly humiliated in Europe. So that clearly tells us that the problems lie elsewhere within the squad, and management. Arsenal only got worse last season, despite Sanchez performing at a very high level, because so many others that are still at the club, consistently under perform.

        My point is, even Sanchez bangs in 40/50 goals for us this season, we’re not winning the league, until so many others are replaced.

  7. sniper says:

    Gabriel leaves for Valencia that’s Wenger in control he’s like we have per monreal,Niles and elneny can also play there..all the best Gabriel I know you are better than they think!

  8. Ivan says:

    If Sanchez is made to stay, and I am not convinced Arsenal will turn down £60 mil if offered, I think he will continue to put a shift in because it is in his nature as a very competative player not because he is in the shop window. The one downside is what will he be like in the dressing room. A person kept in a job that he no likes is not going to be happy and may well spread negativity around the team. After all what would any of us be like if we were told we could not leave for more money and the chance of winning trophies.
    Old man Wenger likes to put a spin on things particularly his failings to gt our better players to sign contracts.

  9. sniper says:

    we are desperate for success that’s why we are detaining players who want immediate success, if we don’t win the title with Alexis playing for us it will be a shame of the century!

  10. Viera Lyn says:

    Haven’t you learned by now that Wenger will say just about anything to justify whatever asinine decision he’s made over the last 10 years…if the situation was reversed he would be talking about how a player will play his hardest when he’s signed long term because he knows that the club and fans are fully invested in his success and that he no longer needs to worry about off-field issues so he can focus solely on playing at the highest level etc…why would Sanchez want to play for a club that broke it’s promises, shows no real ambition and who tried to discredit him in the press so that Wenger could somehow justify his benching in the Liverpool game…even at 80% this guy gives more than most but he needs to have a vested interest in the team he plays for or things will likely go sideways when he gets under the skin of his teammates…Wenger truly thinks that most of the fans are so naive because I’ve never heard someone say this sort of nonsense unless they had something to gain…absolute rubbish from the “lame duck” professor who appears to have been on sabbatical for close to a decade now

  11. Ronny says:

    Thing is certain players are so highly revered and have natural talent that they can switch on and off instantly. Another example along with sanchez is hazard. Think of that one recent season where he decided not to play for mourinho and went missing all year. But even at the end of the poor year any number of clubs would have taken him knowing that right or wrobg he was under performing for a reason.
    Sanchez fits into this category. He could pass through this complete season doing an ozil and also throw in the odd faked injury and then pick his club at the end of the year.
    He may be a professional but he doesn’t have to play hard to get a deal at the end of the season and I think his character is feisty and I believe he could do a tevez on us. I don’t like it I don’t like it at all!
    I wish we could at least get him to sign a short contract but verbally agree to sell him at the end of next season. But why would he?

  12. killamch89 says:

    I had been thinking about this a while back and I realized what is happening right now is actually in our favour in terms of players running down their contracts. I can hear it now – random internet person: you are as crazy as Arsene Wenger! Hold on let me explain.
    1) It is a world cup year so players usually put out their best performances
    2) If the said players want a big contract somewhere else should they not want to re-sign they will have to put in very convincing performances for suitors or get even better terms should they re-sign
    3) We came 5th last year and i’m pretty sure it gave every member of the team a kick up the rear.
    4) Next year quite a few deadwood contracts will expire so we won’t have to worry about getting rid of them.
    I implore you to look at the possibility that for the first time since these players have been playing together we may just get the best out of all the players yet to sign new contracts. We know we have talented players good enough to win us the league but their mentality always let them down. Said players like the Ox has alot to prove if they want a really lucrative contract here or anywhere else so they will have to push that mental handicap to the side and play with the handbrakes off. Added to that the competition for places and now i realize what Arsene was pointing to when he said ‘hunger index’. Yes it is a huge gamble but imagine the payoff – If wenger’s tactics, team management and luck with injuries is spot on we could be about to see one of if not the most successful year since we finished paying off for the stadium.

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