Will Palace performance prove Arsenal players ARE with Wenger?

Perhaps we should not place too much emphasis on the performance of the Arsenal team in one game, but there has been a definite improvement from the players in the last two games. And if the TV pundits are going to use the abject nature of our showing against West Brom to suggest that it was proof that Arsene Wenger had lost the Arsenal dressing room and the team was not playing for him, we also have to look at what the recent upturn in effort and form means to Arsenal.

We might not have been at our fluent best against Man City last weekend, which is hardly surprising as confidence was low and the pressure was on, but there were clear signs that the team was pulling together and working hard to avoid defeat.

That improvement continued last night, especially after an evenly contested first half. It was almost as if the shackles were off a bit and the players had listened to the instructions of the boss to push on and up the tempo after the restart and they got the perfect results for doing so.

Next up for Arsenal is a trip to Crystal Palace on Monday night, so if the players put in another good performance, whatever the final result, will it prove that the pundits were wrong and that the Gunners are still behind the manager?



  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    The dead wood is going always to be with Wenger, as for Sanchez and Ozil off they will be. Pathetic club.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Truly pathetic! We even have fans who are happy to be behind Tottenham, to be the third best team in London, to be 5th rate and hoping to be 4th rate, to be whacked senseless 2-10 by Bayern and still find reasons to be cheerful because we beat a West Ham team in the horrors themselves.

      1. Ks-Gunner says:

        Some fans have become like religious people who cant be reason with, even when faced with the harsh truths, which is that we have become average at best. We dont share the same history like liverpool, and dont have the money like chelsea and manure to survive from failuare. From now one, get used to be the new spurs in the football world. Heck, we cant be even be compared to them, as they do almost anything on their might to improve and become better to their possibilities.

        No chance in life that we can attract big players from now on. Even if we spend money, good players who have motivation will pass on us, bec we welcome the loser mentality to that degree that we even fight among us to keep it. Sigh. Every player running away in the past years, i call smart today and not traitors.

      2. josh37 says:

        Oh there’s fans who are happy their club won on the weekend?!?
        Pfft. What is this world coming to?

    2. josh37 says:

      Honest question…
      Do you get tired of posting negative BS that has nothing at all to do with the article?

      1. Ks-Gunner says:

        Where do you see the bs in here?

        1. josh37 says:

          A.) that we’re unable to attract big players.
          B.) that you can maintain unrelenting praise on United, Liverpool and Spurs, despite respectively: 3 managers and 100’s and 100’s of millions invested yet still behind us, Liverpool haven’t been a CL club for how long now? Who was the last big player they attracted? And Spurs…? Will finish this season trophyless and failed to get out of their group in spectacularly average fashion. There’s a select group of fans that give other clubs passes for almost rans whereas when we put up similar results it’s ‘mediocre, average, pathetic.’ There’s two clubs in England that can hold their heads high this season… Leicester (for exceeding expectations in the CL) and Chelsea for walking the league.

          1. josh37 says:

            I’m tired of this ‘oh we’re finished as a club’ mentality!! It’s messed up…
            I swear if I saw the actual commenters face to face and they were pimply Emo kids I wouldn’t be surprised…
            I want to see my club in the champions league next season. I want to see them in the best possible league position from here on out, I want the f.a. Cup and I want to see us in the best position to strengthen this summer regardless of who the manager is and whether or not alexis is at the club or not.

          2. Ks-Gunner says:

            Facepalm. I am tllk abou the future Josh. The point is this, other clubs do improve where we do not. Can you make sense of this or no? We are not supposed to creat similiar results as we are supposed to be the bigger club, rememeber.

            This has nothing to do with being emo, but with you not realising that others have catch up on us, and we have become crap. Enjoy it mate. You deserve this.

          3. josh37 says:

            No… you’re speculating. And I’m talking about the present.

  2. JustJoy says:

    And the Glass house board Will continue the biz keeping AW as an ATM.

    I still feel that even if Wenger is Given Bayern or Real or even Chelshit he would have been chasing The same way.. an old Clothe is An Old clothe.

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