Will Patrick Vieira do Arsenal a favour on Monday?

Vieira v Arteta round two! But will an Arsenal legend help us out this time?

Nothing says ‘welcome back from the international break’ than an away trip to Selhurst Park to face an Arsenal legend and former first team player and his current team!

Yes, the time has come for round two of Mikel Arteta versus Patrick Vieira and Crystal Palace versus Arsenal.

Unfortunately though we will be on last in the round of Premier League fixtures this weekend, well we have waited two weeks for a game so another few days won’t matter.

But we go into the remaining games with our first tough test.

Where we know from previous seasons and meetings with the Eagles that a trip down South to Selhurst Park is not always an easy place to go, especially as the way their fans get behind the team from the first to the last whistle, and with the way Vieira has set up the team and made them very competitive and more solid at times this season.

Well, given that they beat Spurs 3-0 at home back in September we will want to make sure that we are the ones with that winning scoreline or similar, so that we don’t face the same fate as our North London rivals.

And given that last time out in the home game the tie ended in a 2-2 draw at the Emirates, where really the game could have gone either way, but we know that it will be tough and both teams have two managers who are passionate about the game and have experience on the pitch, yet both men also seem to have a dressing room who want to play for them and the fans.

As we know nothing less than the three points will be good enough for Arsenal in our fight for a top four place and maybe, just maybe, after Palace look secure yet again in the league this season, Vieira can do us a favour and give us all three points.

I mean with a comfortable win for our boys of course 😁 where our boys ensure they will be bringing those three points back to North London, without really having to exert much energy to tick off yet another win!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Now that hesgoals no longer broadcasts Premier league does anybody know where you can see matches online?

    1. Buy a box TV set. Costs about CAD$120.00 where I’m from.

      Subscription is CAD$10.00 per month.

      It has almost all channels you can think of that broadcast almost all games and events of Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, F1, Golf, NFL, NHL, MLB, Tennis, Boxing etc

      Freebies are hard to get these days.

  2. Even Zaha is better in the air than Soares. Palace just need one long ball to Benteke, Mateta, Edouard or Zaha to make a key chance

    Hopefully our defenders are stronger than Palace’s towering players on the ground

    1. There is no need to over emphasize what Palace can do. No one taught we shall beat Aston Villa at home. Palace with all there tall players could not score a header against us at the Emirate on the ground we are more technical. Arsenal are inform and I am optimistic. Brendford just beat Chelsea today and Man. U almost got beaten by Leceister. Anything could happen if our boys bring their A game.

    1. That 4-1 friendly thrashing that Arsenal gave Brentford a couple of days ago must have motivated them to do the same to Chelsea 🤣🤣

  3. So. The “process” consists of us hoping opposition key players are out injured or sick and opposition managers to set their teams up to take a dive…
    What a process…IJS

    1. No team can ever play complete football otherwise the Man City’s and Liverpools would be getting 114pts in the league with Goals Against of 0.

      If we win against Palace we go 2 points behind 3rd placed Chelsea. We win our game against Chelsea (all games between been equal) we’re third ( it is possible to win at the Bridge, Brentford has shown it plus Chelsea has to juggle 2 UCL in between plus an FA Cup SF against another tricky London side, Palace).

      Just support the NY_Gunner. Is that too difficult to do?

      1. @GunnerSince 2004
        Try comprehending what’s written and leave ya feelins out of it …
        Is that too difficult to do?

        1. NY- Gunner,An unpleasant and vindictive comment to a sensible post by Gunner since 2004. I rarely if ever see any post from you that even tries to suport th club you claim, presumably, to be a fan of. I’M JUST SAYING!!!
          Many of your posts would be perfectly understandable, though only if sent if sent by a troll.

          Why DON;T you try supporting for once???

        2. NY_Gunner my friend, I get that you may not an Arteta fan or a “process” and are yet to buy into the project. I respect your opinion.

          This has nothing to do whatsoever with feelings. It has become unnecessary hatred towards our beloved club. There even one deluded former Man Utd player turned pundit who had the audacity to say if Arteta finishes 4th we should sack him as that is his ceiling. So what happens if he finishes 3rd above Chelsea then? Do we still sack him or do we say “🤔 Wait a minute, we gave this bloke 150mil last season and he got us 3rd place. Why not invest another 150 – 200 mil to put us in a challenging positioning and probably a winning position to take over from when Pep and Klopp leave Man City and Liverpool respectively, when their current teams reach their plateau”

          Like Mesut Ozil’s said on the AFTV interview, don’t hate Arsenal as a club. Rather hate the individuals responsible for certain operations of the club you’re not happy with.

          Thank you Sir/Madam.

          1. GunnerSince2004

            It was the Club he was referring to that has a ceiling of 4th place and not Arteta.

            So when you read it carefully he was even more delusional, than you might thought
            As he thought Arteta is actually better than being at our club

            1. @Gun Smoke
              Seems you can’t fathom “reading is fundamental, but comprehension is key” either…
              Keep it movin, it’s obviously over your head as well.

              1. Haha Nah

                NY Gunner
                It’s a statement pundit Neville made I was referring to.

                He said Arsenal ceiling was 4th and he went on to talk about how we celebrate.

                So in fact it was not Arteta ceiling he was saying is 4th.

                That’s all I was trying to say

            2. Thank you for the clarification.

              Neville’s still talking nonsense though. Since the start of the Premier league in the 1992/93 season up to 2020/21 season:

              1st place finishes = 3
              2nd place finishes = 6
              3rd place finishes = 5
              4th place finishes = 7
              5th place finishes = 3
              6th place finishes = 1
              8th place finishes = 2
              10th place finishes = 1
              12th place finishes = 1

              Total seasons = 29

              Only 24% of our league positions have been 4th place.

              48% of our league positions were better than 4th.

              Food for thought.

          2. Seriously @GunnerSince2004
            Invest 200m
            Let’s buy the Leauge instead

            I think the Arteta project is to put our youth players together and build a stronger Team

            Now we have to spend 150 to 200m every season

            I don’t know why they sack Wenger in the first place

    1. This run of games in no joke, we’ll need our big boy pants on for them.

      Man U
      West Ham

      1. But this is NOTour NEXT run of games. We have a far easier run for three before that kicks in and that will alter perceptions by the time we play your list.

        What MOST matters is out next game, not some further down the line.

        1. Do you think you sound intelligent when stating the obvious?

          What I says was that was a tough run of games, and that remains a simple fact.

  4. I dont think Vieira is out to do any favor to Arsenal nor should we expect that. I only hope our defenders are ready at what Palace will throw at them and our forwards are quick and pacy when they get the opportunity and precise when they hit the target. We have to win the Spuds beat Newcastle 5-1. We have to win.

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