Will Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang finally sign a new Arsenal deal?

Arsenal is a club in transition and Mikel Arteta has done a great job in stabilizing the team since he was made their new manager, however, I expect more changes to happen at the end of this season and one change that most fans are anticipating will happen has to be the future of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese attacker has been Arsenal’s best striker for the past two seasons, but his current deal will expire at the end of next season.

Aubameyang is too valuable for Arsenal to allow to leave the club on a free transfer and there is a high likelihood that the Gunners would want to cash in on him when this season ends.

Arsenal has reportedly offered him a new deal, but he isn’t willing to commit his future to the North London side yet. With the team struggling under Unai Emery at the time I can understand why he wouldn’t want to have agreed on a new deal then.

With age no longer on his side, Aubameyang will have his mind on winning more trophies as a professional player, and that could affect his decision to either extend his current deal with us or not.

If Arsenal succeeds in winning the Europa League or FA Cup, Aubameyang may sign an extension to his current Arsenal deal.

If the Gunners also secure qualification for the Champions League next season, it would be hard for him to justify leaving Arsenal.

However, if Arsenal fails to win a trophy and also fails to qualify for European competition next season, I believe that Aubameyang will leave the Emirates for a more successful European team and he would be justified in doing that.

It basically means that there is unlikely to be a decision made until the summer and then it will depend on whether Arsenal is at a point where it will challenge for major honours next season.

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  1. I actualy think that he may sign anew contract, we need to do three things things this season, 1: take europa league and qualify for ucl next season, 5: finish in 5th position and also take that spot away from united to ucl 3: take FA Cup and arange a trophy london parade to make both auba and laca fel at home

  2. Think you make (common) sense.

    Not really saying anything we won’t know; falling indeed would have anyone thank him and wish him trophies where he can get some and play CL. He deserves it every year for past and future years he has left.

    All this is common sense and no article worth really.

    We in last third of season, cant look at anything else really, then it will be upon club he can reach his targets at.

    In that sense, going for League and CL titles for years he has left, it can’t be Arsenal.

    Think it is all perfect timing, young players to be around top ones benefits their devellopment…

    Wenger set all this up for years and to come!


  3. If we don’t get CL football he will be offski. If we do, if someone came in like Barca or Madrid he will go, it would depend on who was interested in him. He may be hot property to a top club but he may not because of his age. Personally i dont see him at Arsenal next season whatever but its only what i think.

  4. he will be 31yo soon

    he should go when his contract ends next season….

    Nketiah and Martinelli would be ready to replace him in a year later

  5. Hmmm. Football could a times become complicated that it’s thought it can be. Nketiah and Martinelli will takeover centrally for Arsenal in a season’s time is a an ideal thinking but it could happene I will admit.

    But will Aubameyang stay at Arsenal next season? He will still have a contract at the club to respect and honour at the club and stay but if Arsenal will not want to cash in to sell him for a good money offer made to them that they can’t turn down but collect it. More so if Auba wants out. When a top player at a top club is refusing to sign a new deal on the table to extend it means there is a reason or reasons for he is doing so. Could it be money offered to him in the new deal to extend is considered by him not enough or he’s hesitant to put pen to paper to extend is because Arsenal have not won the Premier League title since he’s with them and had not played in the CL. Or is both money and and the lack of winning the PL and playing in the CL related. We’ll see.

  6. Doesn’t matter either way. If he leaves, we’ll get a replacement. The club is doing what we hopefully believe the club should be doing, and which is in the best interests of the club. This might not be what the fans believe to be in the best interests of the club, but then, the fans are the experts, right?

    1. I don’t think we would get a replacement with Laca, Martinelli, and Nketiah there.
      If both him and Laca leave, then yes, because Nketiah is nowhere near the required level yet and Martinelli is also too young to carry the entire burden himself.

      1. if both Laca and Auba leaves the club will sign an experience player to assist in the firepower

        On the other hand if either Nketiah or Martinelli dont get enough games ….they will leave tooo

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