Will pundits turn on Man Utd fans like they did Arsenal fans?

The atmosphere is now toxic at Man Utd, will pundits turn on them like they did Arsenal fans?

When Granit Xhaka had his meltdown in reaction to Arsenal fans the pundits went haywire, they turned on the fans, they went after AFTV (no complaints from me with that though) and they went after the fans in the stadium.

This went way back to the Arsene Wenger days, Arsenal fans became the favourite kicking toy for pundits all over the place.

Well, the Arsenal fans are calm now but the Man Utd fans are not.

These comments from former United star Darren Fletcher confirm that,

“The scenes in the stadium weren’t good,” said Fletcher per the BBC

“The chanting, the atmosphere really turned toxic for the first time.”

Last night I watched the last 30 minutes of the United game and you could clearly hear the crowd displeasure and after the game I went to one of the bigger Man Utd fan tv channels on YouTube, Full Time Red Devils and it reminded me of AFTV when Arsenal took a humbling.

I will admit that they are not yet at the stage that Arsenal fans got to but it is coming, anyone can see that now.

So, it is going to be very interesting to see how all the United supporting media darlings react to United fans going into meltdown, I mean, you now have them using the C word on TV. Imagine their reaction if Arsenal fans did that.

You are about to witness a huge amount of hypocrisy, I predict that the media will not turn on United fans anywhere near how they did Arsenal fans.

United fans will be just as vocal, they will have the same complaints about their manager being out of his depth, the owners, recruitment policy etc, so surely we should see the same vitriolic attack on United fans that we saw so often against Arsenal fans.

Yeah, I know, it is being naive to expect the same treatment.


  1. Ceballos wants to end his loan spell in order to get more first team football elsewhere, and it’s been rumored that Chelsea and Tottenham and Leicester wants him.

    1. If he can show his capabilities at the upcoming FA Cup game, I think Arteta could start him ahead of Ozil in Burnley

      1. agreed but I am not holding my breath. He has had some moments but not many and the injuries certainly haven’t helped. If Arteta thought he was the better option he would be playing him already. Now I think he has to try regardless – maybe he can really create a spark (I hope he does and will be glad to be proven wrong).

        And who knows how much is truth, agent fabrication or just pundits and experts trying to prove their worth.

        Apparently he wants game time to get into national team – he hasn’t showed me Spanish National Team so far.

        I don’t blame him, everybody wants to play and athletes always have extremely high views of their own capabilities – part of what makes them elite. However, not all of them are able to accurately assess their skills 🙂

  2. I hope the media keep adding fuel to the fire at Man United, so we can capitalize on their nervous breakdown

    1. Fair point indeed gotanidea. They slip down the league as we zip past them on the way up. That has a nice ring to it!🤞

  3. Matviyenko’s agent Yuriy Danchenko told Ukrainian media: “My colleagues and I have been constantly in contact with representatives of the Arsenal, and have meetings.

    “The Gunners’ hierarchy have already contacted [Shakhtar], and we hope that these negotiations will succeed.” I pray this is true, I watched the boy played against city and I remember telling my friend a city fan that the boy has load of talent.

    1. I don’t know anything about him, Lenohappy, except he’s young… but as it appears Mikel is impressed, so that’s got to be a good sign!

      1. Sue,It look like a done deal because the boy just like Arsenal instagram page, where’s kev when we need him the most, the report said he will cost 30million.

        1. I just saw on Twitter, we’re considering a bid of 15m… yet they want 25-30m… will we miss out through being tight?!!
          I agree – Where is Kev??!

          1. Apparently he played excellent both times he played city last year in the cl, arteta must of been impressed, looks good from what I saw on YouTube but he is only 5’11 which is concerning…

  4. I will be really disappointed if Ceballos leave, I mean it’s not like we have a better player in that position. We need him especially at this stage.

  5. “they went after AFTV (no complaints from me with that though)”

    Maybe justarsenal.com needs attacking next? They’re doing exactly the same as AFTV are they not? Fans expressing their opinions, that are often very emotional, especially in the aftermath of a game. How is AFTV creating a toxic atmosphere, yet this site isn’t? Should fans not speak the truth anymore? Pretend everything has been going great at Arsenal? The hypocrisy is staggering!

    Too many these days want to live under some kind of facist utopia, well not for me thank you!

    1. Really? please show me one, just one article where we have written for a player to F off or used the C word etc just one out of the tens of thousands of articles we have written in the ten years this site has been live. I, on the other hand, can produce over 100 AFTV videos doing the exact same thing. To compare JustArsenal to AFTV for toxicity is an insult and I am surprised you have gone down that road.

    2. Third man, I with you in your main theme of hypocrisy among fans, BUT this site does NOT allow the profanities regularly seen and heard on ATV. Filthy language – and I mean filthy, not merely vulgar – is rightly out of bounds on here. We can speak plainly and I am the arch example of how to do so, but without the need to use swear words. Some, however, confuse swear words with language that is merely vulgar but otherwise harmless. I am a lifelong student of the English language and write professionally. Vulgar language,when properly and shrewdly used, can make a point quite powerfully enough. Swear words are for uneducated types only, as AFTV proves so well.
      As for what constitutes toxicity, that is an open debate and I have never been accused of being called a snowflake. I do however use that word,, meant disparagingly,against ridiculously easily “shocked” types. I also agree that such types like to live under a type of fascist utopia, to misuse that word “utopia”. Folk who like to deny the privilege of free speech that all free nations enjoy often describe themselves as liberals, but have an opposite view from the true meaning of liberalism. These so called “liberal” fascists are growing and need crushing and opposing. They are acutely, decidedly illiberal,in reality, if they but knew it.

  6. I watched some of it… their fans couldn’t wait to leave, was like a ghost town at the end, minus the tumbleweed 😝
    I loved it, and long may it continue!

  7. Why does it matter to any Gooner what the media does or do not do towards United? They are just one of 19 other opponents in the Prem and as such if we give them too much attention we reveal our jealousy at the sheer worldwide size of that club. I freely admit that I am jealous of that worldwide acclaim and vast support, (even though we are also widely supported around the globe, though less in numbers) and have been so for decades. BUT I WILL AT LEAST BE HONEST AND SAY SO. Apart from which, MAN UNITED AND THEIR CONSTANT MEDIA ATTENTION BORES ME. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN THEM AT ALL.

    1. Agree Jon.They don’t need our attention as they do have a lot already and world wide…I said it in a “vulgar” manner(my english isn’t that good to say it shrewdly!!) therfore Admin deleted my post(is he a liberal??) …I wasn’t abusing anyone;just reminding evryone on here that it’s an Arsenal site….

      1. No, you used the F word but disguised it with two characters between the F and K, we do not allow that on here. You also failed to actually grasp what the article was about. You was not the only one though, it seems the headline and whole article was just too difficult for some to comprehend.

  8. i dont give a flying fig what is going on at manchester united. what goes around`surely comes around.we know what it is like to be going through turmoil more than anybody else.so if united want to implode then i say good luck to them, let us all just sit back , and, enjoy from a distance, lol.i dislike them way more than liverpool,but i do think uniteds loud mouth fans might be taking a breather from crowing , at the moment.

  9. Not an MU fan at all although I really do admire Ferguson and some of their teams have been incredible. Still to see people streaming out and to hear the voices it was pretty nice.

    All fan bases, especially those whose teams have historically been strong, can be a bit extreme when things aren’t going well. The danger may be when the noise stops because it means the team has become irrelevant and the fans have left.

    If this continues at MU it may get really bad as the poor sods just aren’t used to long losing spells in EPL – basterds always win something. So far the anger seems to be directed at Edward and coach is getting a bit of a “old boy” break.

    They have a lot of problems right now – the one thing they have over us is that if they so choose, the vault is a lot bigger than our’s.

  10. You are, once again, missing the point Jon.

    What admin is saying is that he wants to see how the media react to two different clubs and their currently hostile and vocal fanbase.

    It has everything to do with our club, along with the other premier league clubs – manure have been treated with kid gloves ever since fergie used his bully boy tactics..remember the FA “excusing them” from having to play in the fa cup?
    Have we seen liverpool ask, or even been considered by the FA, for such preferential treatment?

    Will we see a programme such as the one on talksp**t that tried to denounce AFTV repeated, in the same ferocious manner, to try and blacken manure supporters and, thus, the club?
    As a self confessed professional gambler”, what odds would you give for this to happen?

    It has nothing to do with world wide support, or the use of anglo saxon words that may offend others…it has to do with fairness and accountability within our media…The Arsenal has never had the support that manure has had and only a foolish person would argue otherwise.

    1. Excellent response and 100% accurate. Shame some others cannot grasp it when it is so evidently clear.

  11. What has this story got to do with Arsenal?
    Running out of Arsenal news and rumours and now scraping the barrel reporting on MU’s troubles.
    The only time I want them mentioned is when they lose to us.

    1. Well, if the very clear headline does not answer your question then there is absolutely nothing I can do to explain it you.

        1. No, just you and the odd eternal moaners. Try reading Ken1945 comment, it may help you actually understand what the article was about.

  12. I will always chuckle (am sure many here won’t need any invitation to join me) when they get their faces in the mud.

    So, good job Admin. Let the media carry on singing the praise of that hateful lot. A leopard cannot change its spot, can it? We need to take full advantage of their misfortune by going on a winning streak though. Media hype means nothing.

    I derive great satisfaction seeing that lot suffer.

    Me and my dark thoughts…

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