Will Schneiderlin’s next game be for Arsenal?

It looks like the Southampton star Morgan Schneiderlin has now played his last game for the South Coast club after injuring himself in the 2-2 draw with Tottenham this weekend, and his manager Ronald Koeman has revealed that it is the player’s decision as to where he wants to go this summer.

“Morgan will be out until the end of the season,” Koeman said in the Express. “He has injured ligaments, left knee and he will be out for four or five weeks, so that means until the end of the season.

“I don’t know if he’s played his last game, or about interest or about bids.

“We like to keep everybody but we know sometimes it’s difficult.

“There aren’t any serious bids for the player. He is happy but it’s up to the player.”

Strangely enough Tottenham were favourites to sign the French international last season, but Schneiderlin himself has made it clear that he wants to be playing in the Champions League next season, and with Arsenal looking for some competition for Francis Coquelin it is highly likely that Schneiderlin will coming to the Emirates.

I have just checked out the betting on the Saints star coming to Arsenal next season, and we are hot odds-on favourites with 888bet, 32Red and Skybet while Betvictor are slightly more reserved at 11/10, so there has obviously been a lot of money staked on him coming to Arsenal. I certainly wouldn’t want to bet against it!

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    1. Somehow, I think Wanyama is a more disciplined DM than Morgan. I prefEr a pairing of WanyaCock (now that’s a brand!!!).

  1. Good news! Apparently the Spanish govt have passed a law so that future La Liga TV deals will be centralised and the wealth will be more evenly distributed. That means the days of Barca/Real’s financial dominance over the rest of Europe from selling their own TV rights will come to an end. The Premier League and Bundesliga distribute TV rights quite equally, so clubs like United, Arsenal, Bayern etc haven’t had the same level of income as they would have if they sold their own rights like Barca/Real.

    Means we’re more likely to win the CL sometime I guess. Yes, Real and Barca are still bigger clubs than us, but they’ll struggle to get the mega money they use for the likes of Bale/Suarez/Neumar signings now. Meanwhile the Prem TV money is by far the highest in Europe. Who knows, we may even be richer than them someday. Once Messi and Ronaldo are gone, Real/Barca may lose some of their pull factor for top players too.

    1. Lose their pull power?most spanish speaking south american players dream of playing for either Barcelona or Real Madrid they even accept lower wages from these clubs than they would get from other clubs in Europe!

    2. Barca and Real in particular will always be two of the financial powerhouses, and their “pull” in no way boils down to Messi and Ronaldo man give that a rest….they’re THE 2 biggest clubs for all of Latin America and most of Europe. This TV money issue will benefit the smaller clubs in Spain for sure, but Real and Barca won’t notice it themselves.

  2. Be a very welcome addition so here’s hoping.

    DM and a RW have to be priorities this summer for me, we’ve lost Ox and our game has literally been lop-sided AF ever since with Rambo getting shoved out wide. Big question mark over Theo and his future too, I’m a fan of his but maybe at 26, off the back of an ACL injury, and murmurs of discontent at him being a winger (still!?) there might be some sense in parting ways.

    Time will tell on that one, I’d rather just add to this team, but he’s clearly been ostracized since his return and the “easing him back in” line ran its course about 6 weeks ago. Hope he stays, but if he does end up leaving he needs a quality replacement.

    Schneiderlin and Sterling would be my ideal additions regardless of outgoings. With Liverpool finishing outside top 4 he seems certain to leave. Would be perfect on the opposite flank to Alexis, think that kid would explode in our system/team. But there’s good options out there Dybala/Lacazette/Pedro/Depay/Fekir/Felipe Anderson etc.

    I trust Arsene on who he picks, I just hope he targets the right parts of the team and we go into next year with a full squad – this year serves as the biggest lesson in having the positions covered (Coq/Gab). But signs are very positive….

    1. should be DM, LW and Striker…

      we have way tooo many players able to play at the RW….Welbeck, Gnabry, Walcott, Sanchez…

      even Bellerin used to play at the RW….

      1. Yea loads of players there Hafiz, which is why central midfielder Rambo has been playing there of late. Do you watch Arsenal at all?

        1. Ramsay would make a good squad player….does Ramsay play LW, DM and striker too?

          1. Ramsey. OMG spell the darn guys properly. how shld i take you seriously if i read “wiltshere” “ramsay” etc

      2. We shud exchange cazrola wid atleticos greizman. We hav ozil wilshere ramsey in CM already, we need a lw ie. Greizmann

        1. That sounds very realistic but I can’t see it happening until next season and who knows maybe Wenger wants Reus for LW

    2. Not sterling. Over hyped and over priced i’m sure. And he smokes crack. No thanks.

  3. Against lower sides RW
    will get space so Wallcot
    and Ox will be fine to run
    at the defence like v Hull.
    But against top sides like
    Chelsea there was no space
    so our fast wingers would have
    been no use so we needed fighters
    and more technical players on the wings.
    I would get another CAM
    especially as Cazorla is 30.

    1. Totally Carzola will soon have no legs and have to be replaced…..and Ozil is not good enough to play ACM…

      we need to sign another ACM

    2. I agree with your first point but I’d prefer a player like Ox who is both good at running with the ball and playing technically rather then a pure technical player on the wing. We suffer from lack of width when players always want to come inside to play shot balls – it’s nice to offer the width as well with someone who can take on a defender. Ox offers both short passing and defender take-ons so he’s the natural choice but agreed that Welbeck or Theo would be wasted against a team with no space to get in behind.

  4. I’d take Shneiderlin over Wanyama anytime. He’s more technical than VW, reads the game better.
    My team for next season;
    Bellerin Paulista Kos Monreal
    Shneiderlin Santi
    Ox Özil Duracell

    Im just being realistic.

  5. Feels like he has been out most of the season with problems? Not another sick note. I don’t no why he won’t play JW with F.C
    He PLyed there for England and was tops. But who knows A lets just get our hands on the fa cup. That is a must coz they will play out of there skins

    1. We didn’t have Coquelin at the time, if you remember the days he was highly rated we had Song doing all the defensive work which allowed him to flourish. Hopefully the same should happen now that he will have less responsibility.

  6. Arsenal Team for 15/16 season:

    Bellerin Kos Gabby Monreal
    Coquelin Kondogbia
    Sanchez Ozil Lacazette

    Rest of squad taking in turns for sub bench and team rotation:
    Sczeney Debuchy BFG Chambers Gibbs Ramsey Cazorla Wilshere Walcott Konoplyanka Welbeck

    Youth team additions:
    Beilik Gnabry Akpom

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