Will Sokratis suit the Arsenal transfer philosophy?

I have been trying to think of a Plato pun but will have to settle for the one in the title. Anyway, Gooners, the Arsenal transfer rumour linking us with the Greece international defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos could soon turn out to hit a snag, after the Gunners were drawn against his current club in the Champions League.

Before the draw, according to The Mirror, Borussia Dortmund had offered the 26-year old central defender to us as we looked to strengthen at the back. And apparently Arsene Wenger was fairly keen on Sokratis, although the Frenchman was trying to get him for around £12 million rather than the £20 million that Dortmund were asking for.

Now the two clubs are going to be fighting it out in the same UCL group, again, I can’t see Jurgen Klopp agreeing to a cut price transfer which will strengthen us and potentially weaken them. And knowing Wenger and his philosophy in the transfer market, can you really see Arsenal paying something like £20 million for a player that could turn out to be a fourth choice centre back? Me neither.

Sokratis is a good player and showed that again for Greece at the World Cup finals this summer, but I don’t think he will be an Arsenal player anytime soon. So who should we be after, if anyone?

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    1. I don’t think he is worth 20mil, will be happy to have him for 12-14 million…we have other options, time is running out wenger better act fast

    1. Sokratis is a CB and sometimes plays in dm position(very less however)…. if you remember he played against us last time in group stages. I think it was Away at BvB stadium. and he was pretty solid… I dont mind him.. will be happy if he joins us. at a good age too

      1. Why hasn’t Wenger signed a CDM yet? FFS! Just hoping that players were waiting to see if we qualified for UCL before signing for us. Taking their time though… Sign someone! Just know we’re going to be waiting until Sunday evening for some news…if any.

  1. That same ol feeling that wenger is just f****** with fans heads again…every idiot comment coming out of his mouth suggests that he believes he has a good enough squad to compete… And he is right because 4th is his and boards objective… Anything beyond is a bonus…. It’s like being in the movie Groundhog Day and to be honest wenger even looks a bit like bill Murray … If this plus a couple of last minute bargain basements is all he is willing to give us then it will be time to hibernate for this winter and hope the man has gone come February …. He is a disgrace to this club as is the yank ….

  2. This is no time to worry about the philosophy…
    We need urgent reinforcement….
    At least a striker and CB …..
    Hopes the Rabiot deal goes through quickly…

  3. When does the transfer window closes? On 1st of the September? Btw Sokratis wouldntbbe that bad of a choice

  4. I bomb atomically Sokratis, philosophies and hypotheses can’t describe how I be dropping these mockeries

    1. @Robin Vanpayslip.
      Hey man! There is a mixture of good feeling and a tensed atmosphere around the club right now. What do you make of it all.
      I mean, can you give us your usual “insider knowledge” of what is going on at the club right now. In other words, what is Wenger up to this time around?! Really need to loooooool!!

      1. Your in luck, Usmanov!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Bould: *Screams*

        Wenger: *comes running in* What happened?

        Bould: There is a huuuuuuuuuuge rat behind the cupboard

        Wenger: No way! *goes to look behind the cupboard*. Dude, that is not a rat. *leans in and picks it up and walks over to Bould*. This is our new cat. Say hello to Transfer Kitty *holds our the cat*

        Bould: Shit its got no fur. Is it terminally ill

        Wenger: Shut up *covers Transfer Kitty’s ears* Don’t say shit like that in front of her. She will get upset

        Bould: But its got no fur at all

        Wenger: Jeez Bould, I thought you of all people would know that lack of hair does not mean you have a terminal illness

        Over in the canteen

        Ozil: *sigh*

        Ramsey: What now?

        Ozil: You have two medals and I only have one *sigh*

        Ramsey: FFS you have a world cup winners medal. You started every game. You created the most chances at the world cup. Why are you complaining?

        Ozil: But no Charity Shield medal *sigh*

        Ramsey: I’m sorry. I was harsh on you. Lets go and play with Transfer Kitty

        As Ramsey and Ozil are walking out Wenger and Bould are walking in

        Ozil: Arsene, can I play with Transfer Kitty. Please please please

        Wenger: Did you finish you porridge

        Ozil: *head drops down* No

        Wenger: Finish your porridge first and then you can play with her.

        Ozil: *runs of in excitement back to his table and begins eating his porridge by the spoonful*

        Bould: Arsene, look its Mourinho

        Wenger: *Turns around and walks up to Mourinho. They do the Jazzy Jeff/Will Smith handshake* Whats up?

        Mourinho: All good in the hood

        Wenger: How old is Costa. Dude looks old enough to be your dad

        Mourinho: Not talking about age after what happened last time

        Wenger: LOL

        Mourinho: Need a new striker

        Wenger: I need 3. You’ve come to the wrong place LOL

        Mourinho: LOL. Costa is injured. Nothing serious but I don’t have anybody reliable to play as back up for injuries and rest

        Wenger: Look its the same everywhere right now. People say shit like Falcao or Cavani on loan but how can you bring him on loan? When he leaves next year you are stuck with the players you have. So you didn’t have faith in them this season but do next season?

        Mourinho: Word. We looked everywhere. After Costa there was nothing so we got Drogba.

        Wenger: That’s the problem right there bro. People keep saying there are so many strikers out there but so what? In England top clubs play one up front because the league is too physical and we need that extra player in the midfield. So yeah there are lots of strikers. But almost all of them will struggle as a lone striker in the EPL. Look at Sanchez

        Mourinho: Word. Most strikers aren’t as aggressive as him but even he will take a few games to settle into the centre.

        Wenger: It is the only way forward. If you want a top striker you are going to have to look for a top attacker with the right physical attributes to convert. Otherwise it is Cavani or Falcao.

        Mourinho: Fed up of hearing about those two. They don’t even play for top clubs. Last time they did something impressive was a loooooooooong time ago. Now they are heros based on reputation. I need someone now. Not an overpriced wannabe that in his prime went to play in the French league.

        Wenger: Shit is heavy right now. That genius Rodgers was so desperate he went out and bought Ballotelli LOL

        Mourinho: LOL. Shit is ****ed up.

        Wenger: I tried again for Higuain. That is the only top one out there but they wont budge.

        Mourinho: He doesn’t like me

        Wenger: LOL.

        Mourinho: I’m off bro. Boss dude is riding me on a new striker. Better go and find one

        Wenger: Peace out

        Ozil: *runs up* Finished my porridge

        Wenger: Lets fo play with Transfer Kitty

          1. £@?£ u man:))

            None at all mate but got few names ready for wenger if he doesnt sign couple of quality signings b4 deadline!

    1. Eric dier, jamelle lascelles, but wenger has let them slip through his grasp.

      I am getting concerned as wenger obviously felt that miquel would step up to be 3rd/4th cb. But only in the last few days does it appear the wenger is accepting that he is not at theblevel required.

      I personally think wenger is going to sign 2 more Players. His preferences have now changed a little as chambers, coquelin and diaby are all proving their level or fitness. This means the pressure to find a Cb and a Dm is easing, but I am sure if wenger can get 1 player like chambers that can play both positions, he will bring him in. Likewise he would like a left winger and a centre forward, but if he can find 1 player that can play both positions that is what he will do.

      My opinion is he will go for rabiot and cerci. But if he can unearth an association trained player he will. That’s why I wouldn’t rule out, welbeck, milner and richards.

  5. So wenger wants a greek defender..one went to rome this one stayig and bvb maybe 3rd time lucky on 31st…

    1. Sorry Hafiz but you are incorrect. Just because you may not be familiar with him does not mean he isn’t a great player. Akin to a majority of your comments, this comment is synonymous with someone who has no idea what they are talking about. He is a quality player and he has all the attributes of a player who would thrive in the premier league. He is quick, strong, good in the air, can read the game well and is versatile. Just because his name isn’t Hummels or Kompany or Squillaci (just kidding) doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough.

    1. Till he helped put west ham out of the cup this week. Honestly schoolboy defending. He is no better than any of our 4 centre backs and I am including miquel in that. I also think hayden and ajayi are as good as winston.

  6. acc 2 spanish media it’s Mendes and Falcao trying to convince Real Madrid to sign him, not the other way round if this deal doesn’t go through then we have a chance falcao prefers Madrid

    + Napoli could sell higuain after failing 2 qualify for cl so
    higuian > PSG & cavani > arsenal ?????????

  7. sokratis would be a good signing but will they sell him + Dortmund are also in for kagawa if that happens then reus ?

  8. Why don’t we just cut out the middle man, marry Dortmund and become Borussia Arsenal. And have dino-bumblebee mascot babies ………..

  9. Would prefer Carvalho since Defensive midfield is where we need to strengthen…
    but the rumor has almost died down..
    Also Rabiot is not so bad at defending… he works hard and is a big physical presence

    1. Yeah Rabiot is a good defender. Since we already have a ton of midfielders that are great in attack, I just think maybe we might need someone who will just sit back (not get caught up in attack ever!) and do the simple things (marking and passing) excellently well. A good (technique and otherwise) footballer whose first instinct is to defend and be safe (even when we are on the attack).

        1. No. He us more like a khedra or a gundagon. Strong both offeneive and defensive. Not a pure dm but big guy who can track back fast . Intelligent passer and technique

  10. After blowing the title chances by signing no body we needed in January, I will be gob smacked if AW doesn’t sign a minimum of 2 more ballers by Monday. I’d expect someone today as the clock is ticking.

  11. To buy, or not to buy,
    that is the question—
    Whether ’tis Nobler
    in the mind to suffer
    The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles.
    Arsene Shakespeare. Aug 29 – 2014.
    Just write some cheques Guvna. 🙂

  12. If we got a cb better than per mert and played chambers dm I wud be happy!
    Plus a striker but like wenger says we have a lots of numbers so some 1 would have to leave. Podolski or cazorla. So before I get thumbed down for saying sell pod or santi wud you not rather have higuain or cavani than them. Or if real get falcao benzema??
    Or even falcao??

  13. We need to buy a top class cb who can start with kos. Chambers 3rd cb and dm cover, Per to the bench, sorry big guy.

  14. According to Skysports: Charlie Nicholas says Arsenal can go “all the way” in the Champions League – but only if they sign two more players in the transfer window.

    Former Arsenal striker Nicholas says the tough nature of the group may prompt Arsene Wenger to go into the transfer market and sign another striker before Monday evening’s deadline.

    Group D

    And he says his former team can get to the final in Berlin on June 6 if they can also add a quality defensive midfielder.

    He told Sky Sports News HQ: “Arsenal have been there for so long now that they tend to know how to take care of business, but the thing with Arsenal is they always seem to start the campaign well and never seem to finish strongly.

    “You can’t have that again because Giroud is going to miss the entire six games. It will be interesting to see if he goes in for another centre-forward”.

    Former players / pundits / fans / rivals / football lovers in general can see our week points. Please Wenger strengthen our team, am sure our German players and the rest of the team would like to win it in Berlin, in the WC winners backyard!!!

  15. How disappointing, the window started off so well and I had so much optimism for this season. We signed Sanchez and we were strongly linked with Khedira, Bender and Carvalho. So I thought wenger had realised that those position were crucial, but a few days to the end of the window I am back to the old end of window deflated feeling. We pump ourselves to the maximum always end up in the same deflated and disappointed mood come the last day of each window. So frustrating.

  16. I now don’t think we are getting a DM. Guys let’s accept that now. It don’t make sense to me how Wenger will sign a DM when Flamini and Arteta still at the club, can’t see any of them leaving in these last fee days of the window. Do you really think wenger can have 3 DMs? Flamini, Arteta and a new DM? It has just sank in now, Flamz and Arteta will remain our DMs. They are so weak and slow that it p*sses me off. Lol. Oh well.

  17. sokratis is a top class defender!! he is young,quick, strong and proven at the highest level. i’m a fan of the german league and i’m 100% convinced that if he comes to emirates he will challenge mert and koss for the first 11.

  18. Snot necessarily. they signed Ginter, have Hummels and Subotic. last season they sold a CB to make way for Sokratis, so why wouldn’t they do the same for Ginter? it’s possible. and it’s possible they could be getting rid of Reus because Kagawa is on the way back. if they don’t get rid of any then they’re going to have one hell of a team again

  19. Wenger says we have numbers who will get us goals. Last season out if the Top 4 clubs we were the weakest in goals scored, and that was with Giroud fit. Now he is injured how the hell are we even going to come close? Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere and Sanchez have got to score no less than 12 goals each. Willian, Andre.S, will get at least 10 goals each. Hazard and Cesc will each get from between 13 – 15 goals. Costa will get at least 25. Silva will get about 8 goals, Yaya 15 goals, Jovetic 20 goals, Dzeko 20 goals, Aguerro 25 goals etc. We need to fix up.

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