Will Southampton use Van Dijk bonanza to take Walcott home?

Theo Walcott may have scored 20 goals for Arsenal last season, but in this campaign he can’t buy a League game from Arsene Wenger and the rumours are that the 28 year old is desperate to move in January to seek first team football to try and get a good enough run to impress the England manager Gareth Southgate ahead of the World Cup Finals in Russia this summer.

Southampton must be amazed that Liverpool didn’t even bother to barter when they quoted £75m for their defender Virgil van Dijk as Klopp is determined to stop leaking silly goals (like Arsenal do as well) and were prepared to pay whatever the Saints demanded, so the South Coast side can now look for a few bargains to help them move back up the table, and local-boy Walcott could be high on the list of bargain buys.

Everton are believed to be interested in Walcott in January, but Walcott and family would prefer to be down South with family and friends so if the Saints would make a move it is believed that Theo would jump at the chance, even if it is only on a six month loan so he has a chance for regular football and a chance to make the England team.

The question is if Wenger would let him go, as he has become a certain starter in the Europa League side and if we get hit by injuries he could even get a chance in the Premier League, but right now there are just too many other forwards in front of him at Arsenal…


  1. McLovin says:

    Who cares man, Wenger will still be here

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Real talk!!!

  2. GB says:

    No, he stays if Ozil and Sanchez leave during this window and no one comes in.

    1. Ronan McNamara says:

      Good business for Arsenal and Southampton, if they make a fair bid.

  3. Me says:

    Arsenal are in decline.
    Selling donkeys like Walcott will not solve anything or make anything worse than it already is.
    Go for it.
    Not matter what happens though.
    No matter how bad things get in 2018.
    No matter how many games we lose and how far we are behind the leaders.
    Wenger will get a spanking new long term contract out of it because he will drag out the “good times” Arsenal had under him fourteen years ago…
    Fourteen years of failure…

    1. chris says:

      Yes … Wenger is physically fit, is terrified of retirement and loves his total domination this big famous club. I will not be surprised if he sees out his current contract and then gets another one (!) That is unless Kreonke works out Wenger cost the Company £100m last summer for not much return.

    2. pires says:

      so you call a player who scored over 100 goals for the club a donkey

      1. pires says:

        you were Me and Chris the ones who were calling for giroud head before watching his stats with club and contry…You don’t have any football brain.

        1. pires says:

          “giroud’s head” sorry

    3. jon fox says:

      I admire the sentiments and share them. Oh how MUCH I share them! Two points though of disagreement. Firstly Walcott is not a donkey, he is a mouse, a very timid, lame , frail and lazy one . Donkeys are known for hard woirk and THAT CAN NEVER BE SAID ABOUT THE WEED. Secondly and far more important, Wenger will be sacked-or asked to resign, technically,- at end of this season, when we finish way behind even fourth place in points. So take heart , the end of Wengers decade long charade is firmly in sight. I urge you , as with all us fans to do your part by constantly calling on social media for his head. Stir up as much trouble for him as you can and play your part in rescuing our club from his dreadful clutches. All that really matters this season is removing Wenger – no point even finishing fourth if it means he stays another year. Surely you see that?

  4. Fab says:

    Welcome Radja Naingolan

  5. jon fox says:

    If the Weed Walcott actually imagines he has even a prayer of making the England squad , then he is as stupid as he is cowardly, weedy,, frail and lazy. But I don’t for one moment think he is stupid, quite the reverse in fact. He has proved his genius over twelve long years by continually conning wage rises and extended contracts while offering virtually nothing in return. Stupid, no! Surely a financial genius AND CON MAN PAR EXCELLENCE.

  6. jon fox says:

    Many great and warm hearted fans on here, and other Arsenal forums, are in despair as they see no way Wenger will be leaving. Some think he will stay til he dies of old age, seemingly. I totally share your view on Wengers awfulness BUT really believe this one is his final season. ALL the evidence, when we apply our heads, not our hearts, spell out our likely final position as 6th and several, possibly 8-10 points behind the fourth club, probably Liverpool. In that scenario , I believe , along with the huge fan pressure to sack him – so keep it coming – the club will FINALLY act and sack him. Or technically and to save all their faces, ask him to resign, which as we all know is just a device to lessen the awful truth for the clubs “reputation” with the “stupid fans”, which is how this arrogant club sees us; evidenced never better than by Sir Chips(Disdainful) Keswick to the shareholders at the AGM. So keep up and increase the social media pressure on the club to act. And if you attend games, chants of Wenger out and banners too are really important. Keeping the ground empty would of course be best but I don’t see that happening , at least not enough.

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