Will strongest ever team spirit get Arsenal to glory?

There is little doubt among Arsenal fans that Arsene Wenger, with the backing of the club’s board, has sharpened up his act in the transfer market this summer, not just by smashing the Arsenal transfer record to sign the French striker Alexandre Lacazette, but in almost every aspect of his dealings.

Beating a number of big European clubs to get Kolasinac on a free, being in with a chance of beating the big guns of Real Madrid and more to the Monaco starlet Kylian Mbappe and making sure that we kept hold of Hector Bellerin and did not allow Alexis Sanchez to a Premier League rival are all clear signs that the boss is hitting back.

Transfers are not the only issue that some disgruntled Gooners and his critics in the football press have had with the Frenchman in recent years though. One of the major factors in so many Arsenal fans feeling it was time for a change of manager was that feeling that every season goes the same way and that a lack of motivation, ruthlessness or winning mentality hurt us at some period.

So for Arsenal to actually stand a chance of winning the EPL title that does need to be sorted out and in an interview on the Arsenal website our England international forward Theo Walcott suggests that the mood in the dressing room has changed for the better just as Wenger has.

He said, “It’s the closest we’ve ever been to be honest,” he told Arsenal.com. “You have players who come in and settle really, really quickly.

“I remember Mohamed [Elneny] coming in last year, not speaking too much English, but he got into it and his English is fantastic now. Nacho [Monreal] was the same when he came and he’s settled in really well. I think he’s English now!

“That’s what it’s about. The manager brings in players early before the tour, which is great because you need to bond with them and know what they’re like, on and off the pitch. It makes them feel at home.”

If the Arsenal fans are seeing that Wenger has changed and that he is going the right way to right the recent problems then surely the players will too, so will all this mean that the coming season will not be the same old story for the Gunners?



  1. If we keep alexis for one more season plus sign either lamar (for csrzola) or mbappe…who knows maybe a fit jack wilshere will be useful? We need to look awesome on paper too and that means quality in depth…..every team looks stronger so must we. #coyg

    1. But what happens if Alexis signs for City/Chelsea in January? They won’t keep that quiet, especially if Arsenal are doing well. It will really destabilise our season, probably more so than the Wenger contract saga. How will the fans react to it? Watching him playing in an Arsenal top, but knowing he’s already agreed to join one of our rivals. If Alexis won’t sign, we have to sell him.

  2. Lets wait until the start of the season and end of the transfer window.

    All is positive thus far : )

  3. Oh please we are all happy but the players should keep quiet already.?? They talk and talk every season.

    “It’s the closest we’ve ever been to be honest,” I’ve heard this before.
    I’m optimistic about the season, but less talk please.
    Wenger is doing real fine so far, and we are all impressed, he’s doing his part now, i do hope these players do their own part when the time comes especially you Theo Walcott ???

  4. Jesuz christ, through will power to glory. Theo Walcott is such a tllk. he never shuts up his mouth. Bro i saw him play in that last game in sydney, and the kids who are earning 1% what he earns played so much better.

    1. I admit Walcott is not the best player in the world but you guys should give him a break, he is very much better than Welbeck…. What is Welbeck doing in Arsenal? Am i the only one that sees how useless that dude can be infront of goal? Gosh!!

      1. no i see it to walcott brings so much goals nd assists in contrary to welbeck who is just an athlete but never ever a forward

  5. If Alexis stays & signs a new contract, and Cazorla is adequately replaced, then it will be a very strong team that can win the league.

    Without a quality replacement for Cazorla, I think it’s not quite there yet. Wilshere isn’t reliable enough, and Ramsey isn’t good enough to play in the middle with Xhaka. Otherwise things are looking good.

    1. Imo what Arsenal fans want from Theo Walcott is less talk and more effort on the training ground and in matches to improve his finishing, pressing, tracking back and tackling!

  6. We have an owner who sees Arsenal as a business, it is all about maximising return on investment. The owners judgement is that aiming for top four and the occasional cup maximises his return on investment. Aiming for the top spot is too expensive. We failed to make top four last season so no big payout from CL and fans are unhappy. Something had to be done and that is what we are seeing.

    I hope I am wrong and this coming season will see us at least fighting for the top spot right to the end of the season. All that has chamged this transfer window is that we have made two big signings early compared to one last year, and we have signed a striker.

  7. Our title chances comes in with the signing of Lemar or Mahrez or one more marquee signing…
    a new CM? Let’s develop from our kids.. I really fancied Niles, Ainsley Maitland

  8. Walcot should leave already even him n giroud knows they are both liabilities so let’s get mahrez and a CM or hope wilsher can stay fit and cazorla as backup..I really don’t want to see wilshere leave for his presence team spirit is uplifting one major thing we lack. He is a leader too

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