Will the 2019/20 Premier League season be completed?

The truth is that right now no one has a clue whether the Premier League season will be completed, not even the Government or football authorities.

Of course, you will get know it alls that think their opinion is far superior to others and they they know as a matter of fact that the season will or not finish. I ignore them, they know no more than any of us, all they have is predictions but their self proclaimed expertise powers their arrogance to such a point that they simply refuse to accept that they know as much as the family pet.

There is no point looking at other leagues for guidance because none of them will lose anything close to the amount of money that Premier League clubs will lose.

Money is a great leveller and it is going to take some doing to persuade the top 20 clubs in England to just wave goodbye to £750 million.

Personally, I have no clue if the season will finish or when football will return, I do have an opinion of course but accept that I could be very wrong but if I had to have a guess then I would say that the league will be completed one way or another.

I foresee significant legal challenges for any club unfairly treated because there is simply too much money at stake, a relegated team or a team missing out of Champions League football or even promotion is going to struggle to just sit back and accept that outcome.

The bottom line is that one should simply wait and listen only to the footballing authorities and ignore self-proclaimed experts.

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  1. I am hearing the German bundesliga might resume by May next month, if it does the premier league will resume by July my own prediction

  2. Firstly, those who givetheir strong opinions and I am prominent among them, are NOT claiming to be “experts” at all. The word “expert” is itself an arguable concept in any case, as can easily be seen when so called experts in a single profession so often disgree vehemently with each other, proving that some MUST be wrong. But neither does that prove that OTHERS are necessarily right. It is a subjective claim WHENEVER the word expert is used.
    Personally, in medical matters and as I have no special knowledge whatever, when the discussion turns to when will football restart, I always use logical thought and reckon on the laws of probability to enable me to make my best GUESS. So a guess, albeit with logical thought attached, is all that any prediction can ever be.

    But here I will say to Martin that I truly BELIEVE he is wrong to say that no one can rule out any play this spring and summer. I BELIEVE not only that we CAN but also that we SHOULD rule it out , RIGHT NOW!
    The discussions that still propose to somehow finish this season this summer are based on fanciful and unrealistic hopes that fly in the face of all evidence of how humans behave.
    There have been serious suggestions of playing games with all players holed up in hotels or stadiums away from their familes and for perhaps 6-8 weeks at a time. The suggestion has been that all will be tested daily and if they are positive then they will not be played .
    But this ignores the natural urge to remain with families and often very with young children and partners, which no one can force any player to forgo, not legally nor morally.

    It also ignores the problem of complete isolation and separation that will concern ANY one player of officially testing positive. It ignores the overload of games in such short time with certain injuries . It ignores the national shortage of Covid tests and its fanciful to think the government will allow football folk to come ahead of key workers and NHS staff.
    My logical friends, it also concerns many other matters, far too long to go into in one post. But it IS abundantly obvious that NO football will be played this summer and if, MARTIN, you believe that having a detailed, logically thought through and explained opinion(as I have done here) makes me think for a single moment that I am an expert, then you are wrong.

    But as all on here do, as with the Ozil debate too, I have a perfect right, as do ALL OF US, to give my logically thought through opinion on here. Otherwise why have a site at all? Is THAT not a logical thought too?

  3. In answer to Jon, logically football should not resume but as much as I agree with his sentiment I have a suspicion that so much money is at stake the games may get completed.

    The effects of this virus will be with us for months and months and months.

    1. Sue P , Then please explain with logical comments exactly HOW you think this is possible. I do NOT! Wanting something to happen and getting it to happen are completely separate matters. I have always wanted to be 6ft 4 ins with a body like Greek God but am stuck with an unremarkable build, thus proving my contention. Logic also trump mere unfounded “suspicion” I would suggest Sue!

      1. Jon
        I don’t really think it is possible, but I think the money men in football will do the utmost to make it happen. I agree with you but that half of one percent makes me think that the old dosh will win the day.
        We wrote earlier about this and I so agree with you. It is that oft discussed subject of greed

        I want you to be right, but have scepticism as my middle name

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