Will the Arsenal fans make a statement tonight?

Arsene cares little about what people think, nothing new though.‏ KM

Well, well. That shameless excuse of an Arsenal manager struck once again with this statement “People have opinions, but it’s only opinions. They are like the weather forecast”. Wow Arsene, do you know that the weather forecast is most of the time correct?

“What makes me angry is to lose the game. That makes me angry and frustrated. The reaction – I know now what to expect. When you always have the same, at the end you don’t give too much importance to that.” What’s the logic behind this statement? Wenger always does the same, so it’s not important if we win or lose? Did he seem angry to you on Sunday? Not to me.

So we face Swansea after Leicester failed to beat West Brom. Imagine if we win tonight. Everyone will say the title is ours. This is the problem with this football club. One win and all will be forgiven. All the humiliation we’ve had to suffer thanks to him. We should have spanked United and be looking at first place tonight.

We will turn up tonight with no motivation again. I’m not sure it’s worth watching the game. Arsenal FC continuously spits in the face of it’s fans and people are just “okay”. Liverpool fans didn’t like the ticket prices and they left a game. United fans didn’t want Moyes and they voiced it out loud.

Will the Emirates crowd make a statement tonight? That mediocrity is not good enough? No, perhaps it is good enough? Perhaps the ticket prices we “don’t have a problem with” are just fine and enough for 4th place. Wenger is a disgrace to Arsenal FC.

Ferguson once said that the manager is the only person that should take the blame for bad results. I just wished that could apply to Arsene. He is finished and tonight he’ll play exactly the same and he’ll achieve exactly the same. It will be a tough game and we’ll be hoping they roll over and lose, but Wenger’s in for another beating.

Nothing will make him ashamed though. Worst of all, the board is already preparing him for next season. I’m amazed. History, 12 years without a league title. The humiliations against Chelsea and United. The board may have forgotten, but I haven’t and if I live long enough to see a day that old deluded man leave, I’ll start to believe that we have a chance to change.

A win tonight would be a giant papering over the cracks. Nothing more.


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  1. i agree totally with the author ! its not the loss its the way !
    wenger always finds a way too cover the bad performance
    its high time team realize that a lot is at stake
    if foxes or s**t spurs wins the title it should b curtains for wenger

    1. Even if ArsenaL somehow manages to win the League at the end of the season…….. Wenger should still call it a day….. HONOURABLY!

      Next season won’t be easy!…..everybody knows this

      1. First of all I understand all the anger and frustration. Tonight we must all back our team up.we win tonight and somehow manage to get a result at spurs and we are right in the race. Wenger can’t leave now, we must wait till end of the season. We still might be able to win the title. All I’m saying is let’s all get behind our team and support them till the last day. Im still staying positive and nervous for tonight’s game.it’s a decider for us

      2. Yes, I support that, even if he wins he should still go,I used to be scared of his departure but now am willing to take that gamble…
        Maybe we should stop seeing Arsenal as big as we see it..
        Maybe wenger and the board knows the actual status of the club and are working according to this status, because we are doing exactly opposite to what the big clubs do….
        For crying out loud,what big clubs leaves itself vulnerable as we have done, by only buying a goalkeeper in the summer, we didn’t even try to LOAN any outfield player.
        Leicester have both Kante and Inler fighting for aposition..while we have flamini and Arteta…Spurs with dembele, Alli, Mason etc..yet we had no need for a player.My confusion is this,Are we really as big as we think we are,Arsenal fans???

        1. Arsenal do things differently. We buy talented youngsters and teach them to play The Arsenal Way before being integrated into the team. The problem is that not as many are turning into stars as once before. But does that mean we should stop trying?

      3. Who do you think Silent Stan will get to replace Wenger?
        Will they have funds and the support of the board to get who-ever they want or will the board be looking at bargain versions still?

      4. So if we win the League – Sack the manager coz he obviously don’t know what he’s doing.
        Do you have any grip on reality at all?

        Next season won’t be easy. Oh really is it usually easy then? Everyone does know that every season is hard, but Wenger and Arsenal win more games than most other teams and that cheers me up. Will anything cheer up some people on this site?

        1. @G-Rude
          Save your bandwidth dude, you’re preaching to the ignorant. No matter what AW does, there are many on here who just do not like him.
          I hope he stays myself…

          1. I hope he stays until he dies. I can just imagine getting a Moyes or a van gaal (shudder!)

  2. Dear admin……… U really have to take a seat and explain to me why u deleted my “Hahahas” in the previous Article

    is it some form of insolent/aggressive word …does it feel rude or are u being biased?

    My apologies if i sounds offensive asking i this….. But i wanna knw why

    1. Okay Im sitting down.
      They are not offensive nor am I being biased (although a lot of people think I am)
      It is simple. I ALWAYS delete repeat comments, whatever they say. half a page of hahas are hardly making a great contribution to the conversation..
      By the way… A lot of your comments seem to be posted twice. Any idea why?

  3. Looks Like u care so much bout the FANS’ statement……than the PLAYERS’ statement of intent on the pitch!

    1. YOU are part of the problem is what he is saying. A supporter is definied as someone who supports the team. I never hear much positivity coming from you in that direction. At least we know that the fans at the game will be cheering them on instead of sitting on the internet moaning like they think they can do a better job than the manager.

  4. Step by Step
    First step Swansea @ home
    2nd step Spurs away

    Anything other than a win for either of them than in the words of Hudson in the movie “Aliens”
    “Game over, Man. Game Over”

    We have put ourselves in a position where we need to start winning every game and even if we win every match there is no guarantee of anything

    So lets start a resurgence with a win tonight
    It will lift everyones spirits

    1. Good news at least Santi came out on twiiter and facebokk to say he will be back in April and those were all runours!!!

        1. Surprised by the piece of news appeared in press, deadlines are going as planned. I will be ready on 1st April. #workinghard

          — Santi Cazorla (@19SCazorla) March 2, 2016

          just goes to show that Wenger isn’t all there!

    2. Tonight is a decider, feeling very stressed out. Then we have spurs away. I hope we win both and lift ourselves back into the race big time

  5. Yes they should make a statement by cheering their Arsenal loud I personally believe in electric atmosphere where it charges up players Else whats the point of going out supporting if you are not heard Unity bring success and always

    1. Fans could stop spending any money and keep it up for a couple years…
      Lets see how long Silent Stan stays when the club starts costing him money instead of making him money…

      Us fans are the reason Arsenal FC make as much money as they do, we have the power to remove any profit driven maniac by not funding them, only together can we make a difference.

      If only 25% of the fans try then nothing will happen and you will be left moaning about not winning the title AGAIN in 2025.

      1. Look a real fan supports the team whatever. A real fan WANTS to watch the games and see our team win most of them. Spurs fans havent seen their team win the League for longer than most of you have been alive. Does that mean they should supporting their team?

        I would love to know how many of you Wenger haters have ever even been to a game, but you are still going to moan about ticket prices.

  6. What a poor opinion.
    Wenger is right about opinions but I put it across in a blunt style;
    “Opinions are like bumholes, everyone has them and they all stink.”

    Basically that line of thought is hitting the truth, opinions are not FACTS and the world would be better if people with little knowledge about a subject learns to keep their opinions to themselves.

    Trial by media can happen a lot more if people don’t keep their opinions to themselves.

    What if media says XXXXX person is guilty of terrorist attacks and then people have the opinion he is guilty… but the courts find him innocent after evaluating the evidence… People still say that the guy is guilty because that is their opinion.

    We can go into history and see how opinion has hindered mankind.

    Galileo tried telling people some facts but people had the opinion that the world was flat… Who was right and who should of kept their opinions to themselves?

    Fact: Wenger has a boss to deal with, get over it! Silent Stan owns the club and we need to stand against the owner and not the puppet.

    Fact: When Wenger 1st came to Arsenal he wanted to invest as he knew that without investment the club wouldn’t move forward.

    Fact: transfers after Gazidis came to Arsenal was of a lesser quality until stadium debt paid off.

    Fact: Wenger would of paid even though we had a stadium debt if given a chance (Evidence: Arshavin)

    You can downthumb me all you want because it is just an opinion, not a fact.
    My opinion is that nothing will change with a new manager, Silent Stan will still want to make profit to increase his wealth and as such allow him to buy more by securing loans against his assets.

    Get new owners in and we could see the old Wenger when he had Dein supoprting him, the Wenger who would get a player asap and not risk letting another club step in and get the player.

    1. Midkemma..
      How many times have the board come out and declare that money is always available to Wenger and they trust his judgement????
      Lemme remind you, Wenger even said we wouldn’t have bought Welbeck if he was not in Rome…what does these mean to you? To me, it means Wenger is in charge of everything at Arsenal, and when I say everything I mean every damn thing!
      Honestly, I quite believe there are many mysteries about Arsenal especially the relationship between Wenger and the boards that we may never understand..
      I even remember Usmanov gave 50m to be spent on players and Wenger and the boards refused it…
      Wenger decides everything bro.he is Arsenal

      1. Did you just say the board refused it, and then you blamed Wenger? Wenger is not on the board.

  7. We should just stop clamouring and depending on Cazorla plsss!!!
    Let’s consider gone for the season, sanchez came back from injury and he is worse than the Ox, what if Cazorla does the same,what will u do then? Wait for Wilshere???
    There are lots of things am fed about under Wenger..
    Even the types of players he signs are always very similar..soft,’fine players’…
    We want technical men that can face any type of opposition/style of play..
    If teams press us high up, we complain they are too physical and aggressive and our defence quickly lacks order and if they park the bus we abuse the team and manager…we want them to just let us have it our way right???
    Swansea will park the bus tonight and hit on the counter I just hope Montero is not available for this one..

  8. Supporting Arsenal is like loving my wife.

    They can completely pi** me off during or after a match like having a normal argument with my wife but the loves grows stronger the next day or after I get over it. Lol

    Looking forward to the game today. Come on Arsenal!!!

  9. I actually don’t know if to watch this game tonight or do sth which i won’t regret, like working on my client’s designs… after that defeat by Man U u21 squad,i don’t trust arsenal with anything…i truly don’t think we can even beat Aston Villa.

    1. Nothing like a bit of pessimism to cheer you up eh?
      Arsenal have won 15 league games and lost 6 so far this season. So you don’t think Arsenal can beat anyone. On what do you base that opinion on? Facts?

      And there was one U21 player in Man United’s starting eleven. He just happens to be very good and scored twice. The rest of the team were expensively acquired stars

  10. I just hope Campbell starts tonight and Walcott is in the stands. Maybe he needs to study the game from the stands and see where he is messing up. If we had strikers galore i’d love Welbz and Giroud upfront together

    1. This is just too much, gunners for life…you can be a bottler..the season is not over yet all you haters.this site just makes me sick. .

      1. I’m a gooner not a gunner sean. Doesn’t mean ive not got a brain and optic system through which I can observe and process what I see.

        1. You can see can you? Can you see and process a look at the League table? Go on have a look. You may even like what you see if you really can see.

          1. I see and we are In th mix but not on top of it like many previously seasons.

            Like I have said a thousand times before I would love if we win the PL b under Wenger I very much doubt it.

            Enjoy the match olivier!

      2. Hey don’t blame the site!
        People are very angry this week. Don’t worry a couple of wins and everything willbe rosy again!
        They are like “the weather forecast” lol

          1. All I’m saying is we get behind our team…and I know you are a gooner. Or else you wouldn’t be here week in week out nagging even when we get results. What I’m saying is the season is not over yet and we might just be able to win it. Just might

            1. With you Sean. Everything is possible although based on experience and the regiment in place I believe it highly improbable.

              COYG! All the same.

  11. Why the f@ck should the focus be on us t fans who pay for their grossly inflated standard of living to be the ones responsible for raising their spirits?

    Should It not be the other way around? After all, I do not get £140k a week or £8million a year for playing a game of football or coaching grown men on how to play/win!


    1. If we win tonight and play well thee will be lots of happy fans, except the ones that are wishing to see them lose to satisfy there ridiculous agenda. The crazy thing is, once we get another manager they will also lose games (more games than wenger) and these losers will be begging for him to be sacked as well. Some people will just never be happy

  12. @NY-GUNNER
    Hi gunner, George from Poughkeepsie, ny. Just wonder if you’ve found any good bagels in old London town?

  13. iv been expecting wins for the last couple of games but at the end.?so a loss is also welcam today coz the unmotivated players are used to bringing it home almost evry dai and force it to be part of us.!

  14. “We will turn up tonight with no motivation again. I’m not sure it’s worth watching the game.” … “He is finished and tonight he’ll play exactly the same and he’ll achieve exactly the same. It will be a tough game and we’ll be hoping they roll over and lose, but Wenger’s in for another beating.”…

    Comments like this just piss me off. Perhaps we can play the game first, and then talk about it? Why make such dumb predictions? I’m sure our guys and manager feel just as bad as we are about losing to ManU on Sunday, and will try and make a statement. And what I do want to add, Konstantin, is that nobody is forcing you to watch the games and even to support the club/players. Go join the plastics over at Chelsea, or City. Or maybe ManU? Club with such a history. How did Moeys, and LvG work out for them, by the way?

    1. Yeh or ranieri at Leicester, or Mourinho at Chelsea, or Benitez at Liverpool or …etc

      Stop being delusional.

      They can be as sorry as they want, but are they effective, driven, strong and skilful?

      That wins leagues and trophies. not apologies and excuses.

  15. I for 1 will be protesting tonight. Infact I hope there are quite a lot of fellow protesters as wenger needs to know we are not happy. Really not happy.

    1. Wont make much diff, crowd at home rarely make noise so am guessing it will be a silent and peaceful protest. Chance of some proper support would be a fine thing.

  16. He means they are like the weather forecast because they change frequently not they are like weather forecast so therefor are all wrong and should be ignored. Easy enough to get one would think?

  17. What idiot penned this article? Obviously not a true Gooner.
    Yeah let’s all protest tonight, help the team lose and hand the title to the sh1t team across the way.
    No, save protests for when we are not trying to win a crucial game and get behind our team, however much they are underperforming at present. Support your team properly or begger off, please, muppet!

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