Will the Arsenal players be knackered by the time they face Man City?

The title may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the fact is that the Arsenal players are being made to work a lot harder than they were used to under Wenger. Le Prof regularly gave his player’s extended rests at the beginning of every season, and seemed more worried about overworking the players and causing injuries than making sure they were all up to speed, but it would appear that Emery has other ideas and intends the Arsenal players to be superfit ahead of our first two games against Man City and Chelsea.

According to Paul Dickov, who actually started his career at Arsenal, Emery is already working them hard in his first week of training. “Unai Emery going in there, first home game at the Emirates, champions going there,” Dickov said.

“They will be right up for it and if you look at his previous clubs at Sevilla and PSG, the one thing he does is get them working really hard.

“I’m already hearing the intensity in pre-season is going to be a lot different for the Arsenal players from what they’ve known.

“It’s just going to be a fantastic game for the first game of the season.

“One thing that’s been pointed at Arsene and his teams over the past five or six years is that mentally they’re a little bit of a soft touch.

“The way Emery works, I don’t think that’s going to happen. He’s already made a signing, a good experienced signing in (Stephan) Lichtsteiner, over 100 caps.

“Defensively first and foremost he will have to sort them out, but I think the whole mentality of the club will change now.”

It should be interesting to see how the players react to the extra intensity after years of being treated with kid gloves. At least the new Boss will see which of them are up for it or not….



  1. I know it’ll be season to be proud of.we will go into top matches not fearing humiliation but pride & confidence to compete….. #Emeryarmy

  2. its the perfect time to be playing city,7 of their first team squad will not be arriving back until after the community shield game against chelsea.it will be a makeshift team with no proper pre season,could be 3 or 4 weeks before they are properly ready

    1. Ha! You wish. Mick there’s no perfect time to play City. They’re always a formidable team anyday anytime. Let’s just hope we’re better

    2. so sad that an arsenal fan will be wishing we play man city when their team is not formidable. i will rather wish and expect that we have a formidable team to compete and play with any team in Europe.

  3. There are seven Man CIty players left in the WC, rather more than Arsenal methinks, so if a “knackered” factor is to be considered I guess City have more to hinder them than the Gooners.

  4. It may take some time before our players get used to giving 100% both in training and in matches. So many years of a weak “90%” mentality don’t go away in a few weeks. But in the long run, it is what we need, if we are to compete against the top teams.

    1. Banega did not “reject” Arsenal; his family is happy in Seville and don’t want to leave, so he re-signed.
      Let’s be honest Banega would not be the first person to put his family before career.

  5. I clicked on your Dickov link and got this article heading.

    “Wenger has Given Arsenal Some Wonderful Times,” says Paul Dickov
    There is nothing in it about training at Arsenal. Its a promotion for a football game disguised as news.

    I am puzzled because apart from the public relationship training pics, all training and coaching is done in private. Am I to believe that someone is leaking all this insider goings on? If so it will be the first time since the Terry Neil days, that this has happened.

    More likely- someone says it – and most of the rest believe.

  6. Darren Burgess and Unai Emery will ensure that the Arsenal players are super fit. If you are physically fit, it is easier to be mentally tough. This may make a difference in close games.

  7. Please Dont Judge Unai On His First Games It Takes Time Our Team Will Need Time I Know We Brought Good Players But Great Teams Work As A Team Win As A Team It Will Take Time For Our Players To Get Use To Each Other

  8. Will Man City be knackered by the time they play Arsenal?
    Dhaaaaaa!!!!!!! Please give us intelligent journalism. Not this nonsense.

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