Will the Battle of Old Trafford be won by Arsenal’s midfield?

Arsenal must exploit United’s midfield

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad travel to Old Trafford on the weekend to face off against Manchester United who have been having a horrible season. United currently sit 8th on the table, equal 54 points with Chelsea, and their European hopes seem to be disappearing.

Meanwhile, we sit top of the league, but with Manchester City having a game in hand, the game on the weekend is another must-win. although United are struggling this season, they always seem to manage to show up against us at their home.

As we all sit and pray that City drop points, a job needs to be done at Old Trafford. Although United are playing shockingly right now, they will do everything they can dampen our title hopes and they also will be fighting to finish as high on the table as they can.

United vs Arsenal has always and will always be a huge match that almost feels like a derby, we spent so many years in the early 2000s chasing each other that there has become a fierce rivalry and both clubs will do anything to win.

United’s big problem lately is their midfield and defence. They’re wide open in the middle and this gives Arsenal a massive advantage because our midfield has been working perfectly. United have a lot of players missing due to injury and their back four is somewhat a makeshift back four as they’ve been forced to use players completely out of their positions.

Their midfield is almost laughable right now, they leave open spaces and constantly look like they’re chasing the ball and the opposition and make it easy for teams to slice through them and attack the defenders, making it easy to overload them and score. If we can get an early goal, I think the game will be quickly done, United seem to drop their heads after they concede and if we can get one early, I think we win.

Arsenal must use this to their advantage, depending on who Arteta decides to start in the middle, United can be easily exploited through the centre of the pitch. Thomas Partey would probably be a great player for this match, alongside Odegaard and Rice.

Partey would give both Rice and Odegaard the freedom to go forward and create problems for United. They’ll be able to move the ball around and play slick football as United look to chase them down.

We are travelling to Manchester and facing a United side who are having one of their worst seasons but we can’t go there and underestimate them either. Old Trafford is never an easy ground to go to and their fans make things as hostile as they can.

We need to stay focused, stick to tactics and hopefully get an early goal.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Midfielders wouldn’t really affect the effectiveness of our ball possession if our CF can’t handle the opposing CBs to make chances for his teammates

    I bet Havertz, Saka and Trossard will be starters again

    1. @Gai, I am sure our midfielders will do their jobs because they have what it takes. What we need is for our CF and attackers to take their chances and be clinical.
      There isn’t any better time to beat ManU than now. In my opinion the atmosphere at old Trafford can’t be more intimidating than Spuds, yet Arsenal won. I guess our players are highly motivated.

  2. I see Arsenal scoring first in this game and then exposing United to counters that we would capitalize on and get the three points.

  3. Anything can happen. But I believe that we will win. We should use pretty much the same team not just for this match but Everton as well

  4. A rage raccurate sumationof out prospects at OLD TRAFFORD.
    After the deserved mountain of scorn they righty “earned” after their total non show at PALACE, theywill certainly be trying.

    But ,TBH. in no possible way can I envisage that lazy midfield and joke so called ” defence ” receiving anything other than a hiding by us.

    United are the most incorrectly named and DISUNITED club and team in our PREM these days.

  5. I am absolutely dreading this game. Doesn’t matter how bad they are, and how great we are, how many they have injured, they always get a result at Old Traffold against us. Usually being a victory.

    Also, I fully expect Rashford to suddenly find his form for this one game!

    1. Lucy, I understand your nervousness

      Man U are an unpredictable Jeckle & Hyde, absolutely awful then spring a surprise, their Palace performance demands a response if they have any self-respect, let alone for the badge

      either way this Arsenal XI in the determined form we are in will find a way

      sleep easy, relax, and let it unfold as this XI are a new breed

      ironically i think our bigger danger is if Man C draw at Fulham which might change and overload our psychology

      but if we keep doing what we are doing (bottlers is so far behind us with this XI) we will fulfil our bit, fingers crossed Man C stumble…even for 15 minutes, one draw and Arsenal are deserved champions

  6. We have the chance to revenge the goals they scored against us (8-2). Arsenal are supposed to wash man u players with warm water on their faces.Arsenal within 10 minutes will have to score to kill man u game.No way man u can beat Arsenal.

    1. how many players do either side have starting on Sunday who started that day? not many, maybe none on our side, the whole revenge thing is stupid media hype non-sense, Arsenal XI are there to win the PL and nothing else

  7. A fast start and early goal could open a landslide of goals for us, that’s how terrible this man u team is right now. But we have to be cautious, just look how they stopped Liverpool.

  8. It really comes down to the player selection Arteta makes, and his tactics.

    I sincerely hope he keeps the same starting 11 for the last 2 matches. That gives us our best chance; meaning Havertz as striker, Partey as DM, and NOT Zinchenko at LB.

    My concern is that he tinkers and plays Zinchenko at LB, or gives Jesus a chance as striker and Havertz in the midfield.

    1. Durand, I understand your concern, but fear not, Arteta is naming exactly the same XI, the only question mark is Tomy fitness at LB, I am with you that hope it is not Zinc

      1. In the absence of Tomiyasu it would be unthinkable of the coach to put Zinny on the field. Kiwior would be better. Zinny can’t handle May Anthony/Grienacho

  9. If we don’t beat the worst man utd team since they were relegated, then we don’t deserve to win the PL.
    I think we will dominate them from the first to the last minute, with Partey showing why he is considered world class alongside Rice.
    Can’t see them penetrating our defence, unless it’s down the LB position – if only Tierney was here!!
    We might even see Timber given a run out later in the game, say when we’re 5-0 up, but I have a feeling MA will save him for a cameo appearance at the Everton game.
    Squeeky bum time 💭😂

    1. I agree can’t see them having any chance against our defense of steel. I also have a feeling we are going to hand them a heavy defeat.

  10. This game against a dysfunctional United squad should be a no brainer three points for Arsenal particularly as we are playing for the title. I don’t see how we can not get the three points unless we shoot ourselves in the foot. Arsenal have the players and motivation to get the job done effectively.

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