Will the criticism of Arsenal ever stop?

Arsenal was mocked at the beginning of this season. The club’s transfer policy was made jest of after the Gunners spent about £150million to Sign 6 Players, Arsenal were told that they prefer quantity over quality. It got worse for the club after the first 3 opening weekends of 2021/22 Season when we dropped into the Relegation zone.

Arsenal also suffered early elimination from the FA Cup and was knocked out by Liverpool in EFL Cup which meant that they won’t win any title this season, but they have something else to be excited about. Arsenal are set to end their exile from the UEFA Champions League and return to the glorified European tournament at the end of this Season.

The Gunners haven’t played in the UEFA Champions League since 2017 and they are on the path to return to the game next season. The Arsenal Squad that was mocked at the beginning of the season have overturned their fortunes and are now in 4th Position on the league table, moving closer to UEFA Champions League one step at a time.

Now here is my problem…

Despite Arsenal form, the club has continued to fall under criticism. Arsenal is no longer being criticised for being bad, they are now facing criticism for being Good and winning games.

In February, Arsenal defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers by 1-0 in a League game. At the end of the game, Wolves’ Midfielder Ruben Neves said Arsenal were celebrating like they won the league.

The Portuguese said: “We saw the way they celebrated the win and that shows the level we are. I didn’t see Arsenal celebrating like this in the past 10 years. it was like they won the league.”

On Saturday, Arsenal defeated Aston Villa at Villa Park thanks to Bukayo Saka’s first half goal. While talking about the outcome of the game, Villa’s Defender Ashley Young opined that Arsenal showed too much enthusiasm for the win, like they had just won the league.

Young said: “We want to make this a tough place to come and I think it is a tough place. You saw the way they celebrated, to be honest it was like they won the league. But it shows they found it tough.”

It’s nothing bad to celebrate your Victory as they come. Of course, winning a game doesn’t mean Arsenal will qualify for the UEFA Champions League but, it certainly brings them closer to it.

There’s nothing that could excite a team more than knowing that they are moving in the right direction. As long as Arsenal keep winning their games, they can keep celebrating like they won the league. Who cares?


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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!


  1. I don’t see Ashley Youngs comment as a criticism at all. He was using reverse psychology to make his own team look hard to beat. Some fans seem to take rivals comments too much to heart and really need to get over it instead of constantly playing the victim card, oh poor us, nobody likes us, mentality.

    1. Ashley Young’s comments do not amount to criticism of our team, he was only making comparisons and two people should remember he gas been an Arsenal fan for a long time. The hatred for Arsenal nevertheless is something that isn’t a secret.

  2. Enthusiasm is highly required to be consistent in a tough sports competition like EPL, especially if the team consists of mostly young players

    The way the players connect with the supporters is incredible and their supports made us win the game at the Villa Park

    That important aspect has been missing from Wolves and Aston Villa, hence their players don’t work as hard as ours

    1. This slagging off of Arsenal by the football media has been going on for years and years, so much so that if I listen to radio or watch TV talk or on line I expect talk of useless Arsenal. That’s how it is.


  3. I think we’re doing well. Grinding results which is the most important thing. I believe we’ve won now 5 away games in a row..? Amazing feat for Arsenal of the last 10 years.

    Our next away game against Palace will be toughest test yet. They are incredibly stubborn home team, and they’ve only lost to Villa, Chelsea, Pool and West Ham at home.

    Need to do our homework and finish the few chances we get.

  4. Actually years ago, like 7-8 years ago Arsenal never used to celebrate like this for mere single PL match day victory…
    But now nowadays we do so May be people are amused by our celebration and they must be feeling that why are we celebrating like this these days after winning just a league match

    1. I can’t understand the problem. You should see the way I celebrate when I win a game of pool!

      1. Me too AdPat, I do feel a little daft after running around the pub with my shirt over my head, singing who are yer, who are yer, though 😊

      2. Beating a Pool and and Beating Villa or wolves are much different scenarios…
        You cannot compare these victories with each other..

            1. Honestly No I didn’t read properly… I saw pool and jumped to conclusion that you were talking about Liverpool…
              Basically busy days

    2. We have the youngest squad in the league, many of them have played together since August. Arsenal as a club have been in a very dark place with lots of internal and external obstacles. Positive energy is a powerful tool and successful together makes you stronger. Honestly I don’t find anything negative about being happy 🔴⚪️

  5. Every little step bringing us back where we belongs is worth celebrating. There’s positive energy more or less all over the place and I love it.

    If a former player can be a successful Arsenal manager it means a lot to me, and makes me wanna celebrate even more #Toxic atmospheres out 🔴⚪️

  6. Celebrating, seems like team bonding to me. Young guys beating opponents through hard work, dodgy decisions and overtly aggressive opponents.
    Crack on! I say.

  7. Young’s comments were inconsequential, but what was important was the statement from Gerald, confirming that the EPL is for tough guys with “metal bones”. He went on to state he has 7 screws in his hip. If you have such an injured player what can he deliver for the national team, less than 50% of what is expected.
    This points to a very big problem in the English game that skillful players like Messi, Neymar, Saka cannot flourish. Hence the reason why England is not winning trophies. Therefore there is need to protect skillful players in the EPL and enhancing the technical side of the game.
    Man city have proved that this is possible but for Saka to survive in the EPL he needs to change the way he plays bse its not safe for him. I remember what happened to Edwardo, Diaby, Reyes etc . Please write more about this issue bse very good players like Gerald, Ronny, Schols, never won anything for England due that reason, their teams had very good backups incase of injury but the national team didn’t have such a previlage

  8. The celebration and most of them are not over the top are necessary……….nothing wrong with some jubilation for a job well done ……it helps mentally with team building ……..and some intimidation to our next opponents………

    1. Spot John, I haven’t seen us run the full length of the pitch to celebrate. And if our celebration is making opposing teams feel hard done! So be it. Remember we’ve been told before we got no cojones!? I’ll actually tell the boys to rip their shirts after the next victory be it a 1-0 or a 4-0 enjoy them

  9. No it won’t stop. I know that already. It’s why I’m shutting it all out, and focused on the team bond and strength.
    If Emery’s team had this same energy and bond, I have no doubt Emery would’ve done extremely well.
    People want us to stay down forever, so when Arteta came in, they didn’t think he’ll have the balls to turn the culture around. So now that he’s doing it, they’re all mad about it, rivals and pundits alike.
    Even Arsenal fans are among.
    Mandem were saying “Once fans get back in the stadium, Arteta will lose his job”.. “When fans return to the stadium, it’ll be so toxic and Arteta won’t last”….
    Well fans been in the stadium all season and all they do is support the team, home and away.
    The most annoying one that you wouldn’t believe is Lee Gunner saying Arsenal shouldn’t make the UCL, that we’ll be the whipping boys of the competition.
    The prïck was against the manager and every player he signed all season and was always looking for something to complain about everything when we win, and after the Villa game that he complained about winning with 1 goal and that we shouldn’t make the UCL. I knew nah, this squad will always have people attacking and criticizing no matter what

  10. Eddie what you forgot to mention, Is the fans in the stadium or not just celebrating, they are doing it more now , and well in support of the gaffer.

    We were losing against Pool, but you couldn’t tell by just listening to the Emirates faithfuls

    It use to be the hard core fans that follow Arsenal all over the world that celebrates like this, now it seems you cant tell the difference.

    Celebration is here to stay I hope, that’s part of the reason I like watching Conte at Chelsea.
    I like watching how animated the gaffer gets on the touch line all these adds up.

    Ì genuinely think we can still celebrate more, I remember Man United was celebrating on an away field one season , The great Alex was celebrating too, when the opposing team turn on the water sprinklers.

    We must not let no small minded person rob us of our celebration, we must do it also deep in three points Lane

  11. I like the energy of the lads and the manager on the side line. In fact some of the media, so called pundits and our very own “fans” have been used to see them flapping hands in the air, hoping, skipping, jumping, rolling, crawling, giggling after losing games or missing goals, so for them this is a culture shock which they cannot get over. Imagine a bottom team player telling “The Arsenal” that we lack cojones? So low we had reached that we were not feared but bullied and mocked , we had a senile person spending more time zipping or unzipping his coat rather than getting involved in the game. So I do not care a pence for their negative energy, win, draw or lose , as long as our lads put in a shift, we will cheer them, and after every victory let us celebrate and may the bonding continue.

  12. I’ve got little problem with what Neves and Young said as I think the context of both was more about how far their respective teams have come (albeit with maybe a bit of salt rubbed in)

    And I would expect to be roundly mocked on this site (deservedly so), if I had a whinge after the City loss that Rodri et al celebrated too much after their second goal. It’s called passion.

    The only thing that bothers me is that some of OUR OWN SUPPORTERS are driving this ridiculous narrative that celebrating a victory over a so-called lesser team is symbolic of how far Arsenal’s standards have fallen.

    Comedy gold if it wasnt so pathetic.

  13. Why do we get so shirty when we get some called for or not called for criticism? There is only one way to answer it and that isnt moaning about what someone says but showing them we are better than that.

  14. I read thre headline and then thoiught , yes ther is far too much criticism by OUR FANS.
    But, DISAPPOINTINGLY, Abuchi had totally missed the REAL point and instead, wasted a promising headline by pointlessly concentrating on opponents criticising Arsenal.

    THAT, my naive friend is water off a ducks back and to be expected, by all clubs!
    You really OUGHT to have concentrated on the unfair and foolish constant criticism of our club and manager by some on here.
    But you chose not to do so. Sigh!

  15. I see no criticism in Neves’ or Young’s comments at all. All that they were saying is that their respective teams have made good progress and even a team like Arsenal found it tough to beat them.

  16. When Jürgen Klopp celebrated with
    the fist pumping in air against his side’s 1 nil over the hammers where was this hullabaloo 😁

  17. We just call what it is, being a bad loser. But honestly, it made me glad to see us getting under our opponent’s skins and consistently too. We didn’t do anything wrong, players celebrate when they win games at home. Especially when it’s the youngest squad in the league of a club that’s been in hardship and under pressure for a long period. They see themselves doing the team proud and hear the crowd cheer them on and they feel happy. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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