Will the critics now get off Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette backs?

Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette both got on the scoresheet against Newcastle United in 4-0 win.

Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette are so proud of themselves for their efforts that they have taken to social media to express their satisfaction and to also have a dig at their “haters”

In fairness to Ozil, that jibe at the haters was on Lacazettes Instagram account but the picture was of both the German and Frenchman so no doubt he shared the same sentiment.

Nothing wrong with one expressing their relief when they have done their job, but haters?

Now, I am sure they did not mean every single Arsenal fan that pays to watch them in the stadium, pays TV subscriptions to watch them, buys the kit and any other Arsenal merchandise that dared to question them for taking millions from the club and not doing what was expected of them.

No doubt that haters comments were aimed at the media. Well, if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt that is.

But back to the question of this article “Will the critics now get off Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette backs?”

In my opinion, Yes, when they are doing their jobs but if they do not, then no. Fairly simple really.

If anyone feels that goals and assists in one single game are enough to wash away all the poor performances that have gone before then they can think again.

Ozil played brilliantly yesterday, he was sublime and masterful and fully deserved the nine I rated him, it would be hateful and spiteful not to acknowledge that and every genuine Arsenal fan will recognise what he contributed against the Geordies.

If the German continues with that level of performance then you can take it to the bank I will be his strongest defender and upcoming articles will reflect that. However, if we get the usual Ozil back then that will be reflected upon and written about, that is how it works.

Same with Lacazette, he was on just a few minutes and made an impact and no one with normal human emotions could not have ignored the look on his face when he scored and not feel huge relief for the guy, I certainly did.

If Laca continues scoring at a decent rate then, of course, he deserves a regular first-team spot and the loudest possible support but if he does not, then the “haters” have every right to demand he be dropped and Gabriel Martinelli or Eddie Nketiah be drafted in.

Yesterday was a brilliant day to be an Arsenal fan and long may that continue, hopefully, Ozil and Lacazette will make us all proud on a consistent basis.

No one wants to be a critic of any Arsenal player but no one enjoys seeing the team fail to win 19 out of 26 games either.

Arsenal fans are a very forgiving bunch, look at the treatment both Mustafi and Xhaka have had in the past and now look at how they are applauded.

If the lads do well the critics will shut up, if they do poorly then they will be criticised. It is not rocket science.


  1. If Ozil continues to play well then I’ll be very happy. That’s all I ever wanted. I was very pleased by the way he played against Newcastle.

    But if he goes back to how he’s played for the last 3 years then yes I will criticise him. One good match isn’t good enough

    No player is above criticism

  2. thats the problem with some arsenal fans is when ozil puts in a good performance for us in 1 out of 6/7 games they start to act like hes the goat. yesterday we wasn’t playing against liverpool or city it was against a team we always beat at home, plus he was very lucky with the goal.

    1. It was great to see improvement from Ozil and for lacca to score. Now we meed consistentcy from both and that is something we haven’t seen. Both of there respective records are poor for Arsenal. Ozil isn’t creating enough and scoring enough and lacca needs to score more often as well. We play better when they do their jobs and we play worse when they dont. To think our player with the most assists is an 18 year old left back who has hardly played until recently say a lot. Ozil has been poor and lacca has been poor, they both need to show a lot more going forward.

    2. Same with Pepe’s performance. It was great, but how many games did that take? Ozil finally had a good game, probably since Leicester LAST SEASON. That’s very very poor. I hope he finds consistently but he’s been here long enough that we know he wont. Fact remains he still needs selling.

  3. OT:I don’t know if it is true but reports in France said Guendouzy was omitted from the squad after an argument with arteta on the training ground in Dubai and a physical clash with the coaching staff back at the hotel??

        1. As there’s quite a lot to go through now, Siamois, I click on the red square top left corner, then click on All news… then scroll from there, bob’s your uncle 👍

  4. Off Özil’s back, yes, but Laca? Not quite yet. He has some way to go before I would give him the nod.

  5. See ehn, no matter what a player does, a fan that doesn’t like him will never approve of him.
    Xhaka has been one of our best players since Arteta came, some people still want him gone.

    Imagine Gotanidea saying that apart from Pepe’s goal and two assists, he didn’t offer much going forward, that’s the height.

  6. They are world class, if tac tic & formation wrong, they not effective,.

    Right formation starts by playing one DM, allowing other 2 to play forward.

    Ceballos was key in middle for our attacking formation’s tac tic. It was right one but Ceballos was too focus defending in first half, lean our game in our half and draw usual results.

    Play him was meant to be more offensive than a Torreira, and when he readjust in playing forward in second half, all game and team leaned that way, as planned with such formation.

    Arteta did a perfect job in reajusting him in second half. It is a thin line between defend too much or just what’s needed when a number 8.

  7. I hope laca starts the europa league game.I want to see him playing with confidence👌

    If manutd win today we will be just 7 points off chelsea.I am not sure about the “5th place=champions league” thing but i hear that the ban is upheld.If so we still have a big chance

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