Will the Europa League affect Arsenal signing big stars?

As Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in two decades, the biggest worry of most Arsenal fans would have been that the lack of Champions League football will reduce the Gunners’ drawing power in the transfer market, considering that the more coveted players on the market are likely to look for a club that plays in Europe’s elite club competition, but club legend David Seaman does not think so.

As quoted by the Evening Standard, the former Arsenal keeper said: “I don’t think it [lack of Champions League] will [affect transfer business] because it’s just a one off. We’ve been in it for 20 years and players will look at that and think ‘OK it might just be the one season they’re not in the Champions League. Hopefully it doesn’t bother them [potential signings] too much. Once you pay a player enough money that’s the main attraction.”

While I understand the Englishman’s opinion considering that Manchester United have constantly been signing much-coveted players despite a lack of Champions League football over the years, I have to say that the case is very different with respect to Arsenal. Perhaps the most decisive factor is that Arsenal simply cannot afford to offer astronomical wages to lure players to the club.

With the club struggling to keep its best players in Ozil and Sanchez, who’s wage demands are understood to be around the £300k-a-week mark, the club certainly cannot afford to lure new talent with wages in that range. In my opinion, the North London side’s biggest achievement this summer will be if they are able to keep the duo this summer. For me, that will be the ultimate test of the ambition that the club claim to have.

But what really winds me up about Seaman’s thoughts is that he seems very confident that Arsenal missing out on a place in the Champions League is a ‘one off’ occurence. Truth be told, if Arsenal fail to retain its best players and fail in the transfer market yet again, Arsenal missing out on Champions League football is very likely to be a regular occurence rather than a ‘one-off’ like David seems to believe.



  1. Seriously I don’t want a 100 mil mbappe that’s ridiculous…. A joke, the kid has done nothing that big tag.
    I would prefer that Henry B guy….He is just as talented and 80mill less.

  2. If we show ambition in the transfer market the fans, players & anyone wanting the best for Arsenal will be buzzing for next season as the League is our main target along with Europa League of we get to knockout stages! Dont say anything just do….

    Go all out early to sign Lukaku or Lacazzete along with Lemar or Mahrez. Sell few deadwoods then buy a massive DM then show this to Alexis & say “this is what we have for the title, we good to go? 300k on the table now Alexis?”…. then worry about Ozil he can be replaced though he can be convimced as nobody else wants him!

    1. I agree, the only way to get Sanchez to sign is to show intent. Spending serious money on some talented players will show him that there is hope in Arsenal yet.

      If we are going to buy three players only then they better be top class, and I mean record shattering top class.

      Mbappe would show serious intent, so would Lukaku, so would a world class defender or a DM like Naingolan.

      At this point, Arsene and the board need not only make serious transfers but they also need to convince players and fans that they intend to challenge for titles.

    1. plonker!.. if you are going to insult Wenger do that on foobtall managerial ability not his on piste skills.. or learn to type and check your spelling first

  3. Players are leaving for China, India, Indonesia instead of playing in the champions league, so your answer here is NO it wont affect. as long as you pay them right

  4. Arsenal shouldn’t sell Sczesny. If a massive club like juventus rates him as good, how about Arsenal. We seem to over blame the dude for everything when we forget that we had a weak defence then and no DM, I bet u Buffon will still concede goals with the same backline. He is a great goalkeeper even if we know that he made some mistakes too but so did Cech made some mistakes in d just concluded season before he had a great end to d season. He deserves to come back and compete with Cech, no need to sell. We fans a are really not also good enough to rate some players too.

  5. When arsenal had been qualifying for the UCL, how many of such players were we able to bring in. It is just the same thing now

  6. I agree, now that Alexis is in my opinion the best and most complete player in England, keeping him will be a real statement. It will help ease allot of pain/fears if we can keep him. Top clubs hold onto their best players. I know people say how no player is bigger than the club, but he leaving for whatever reason makes it look that way. There is no valid reason/excuse why we can’t keep hold of Alexis, what he can get somewhere else he should be able to find at this club. If it’s a case of wanting better teammates around him, there is no good reason why we can’t. I can only hope that when Arsene said we have to sell some players, that he is thinking we have some squad players here that we don’t really need, and that money will help pay Alexis’s wages. It would be the best thing those squad players ever done for Arsenal. Other teams and fans will be sick if we can keep hold of Alexis. He’s a champion, match winner, they’ll know AFC have a real player to build a team around.

  7. Wengers always been the one who prevented Arsenal buying more than 1 class player in a transfer window. In which window did we actually go and buy two top players, I mean really good. You can argue it was last season with Xhaka and Mustafi combined fee of £70m, thats it.

  8. i do not care which trophy it is, all should be challenged for, we have to take that mentality, with the youngster in the under 21 and 23, we have a fairly huge and decent squad

  9. Will Europa league affect? Nah! We had UCL for over 10 years and we saw who we kept signing.. so it’s all the same as long as somebody is still the same when everyone else changes

  10. First Of All,Before Buying anyone we should really sought out the injury issue.Just what the hell this is Bad Luck,Training Methods,Pitch Players Themselves????Just what is it???

    Season after season we suffer from same syndrome,if we really want to win league aur european championships…We need To sought This issue,I mean look at chelsea this season just look at Leicester City previous season…Yes it is important that you have squad depth…But if the players keep getting injured like this then that will also be of little good…

    Coming to the original question,The answer is NOOOOOOOO..Cmon guys we are Arsenal.I dont think there should be any sought of issue regarding this…

    The players I want arsenal to sign…I really thing we are just 3 quality signings away from world beaters and i really Mean it…

    First we have to clear the dead wood…Giroud has to leave,I have nothing against him but his style is just not suited for us..He can score 30 goals a season but still i don’t think that we can win league with him…When he scores only he scores,but Arsenal as a team doesn’t look dangerous,I really prefer a dynamic kind striker like welback,Who can make runs from behind the Striker…

    My Three Signings Would be..

    1) Alvaro Morata(CF) – Clearly Madrid didn’t need him and at this time whole europe is running after Mbappe.He is a player with huge potential..

    2) Bonnuci(CB) – He made it perfectly clear previous season that he would leave if they wouldnt able to win champions league…Well unfortunately they just lost it…I know it might be little hard for convince him but i thing we should go all out for him,he, koscielny and Mustafi would be just perfect…

    3) A player who could play on right wing,there are lots of option out there I would like James Rodriguez or Reus…

    We really should go all out this season…if we buy these 3 players..it will cost us about 200m…but i think this is the way we shoul go…and dont buy any mediocre players…And plz clear the deadwood…

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