Will the Kop effect be Arsenal’s undoing at Liverpool?

We have all seen Liverpool’s amazing form at Anfield this season, where they have won every game except one draw against Man City, but maybe Arsenal could be the one to stop Liverpool’s unbeaten run today? Jurgen Klopp knows that the Gunners gave his team a very tough match at the Emirates, but he is hoping that the Kop effect can spur Liverpool on to win today.

Klopp is well aware of the test ahead for his team as well as the fans, and he told the official Reds Website: “There is nothing about this fixture that isn’t fascinating to a person who has real love for football. So, we are blessed to be part of it and our goal is to do our very best to make it an occasion our supporters can remember with joy. We have now completed 19 of the 38 Premier League fixtures, but for us, on this day, the season is about one fixture and one fixture only: this one against Arsenal.

“Anfield has delivered for us, so far, by following the same game plan as the players. Our supporters come with the mindset they need to give their all to help the team for the specific game. Anfield – like the team – has, so far, only focused on the game we play on the specific day.

“Today it would be great if we could sign off 2018 by following the formula that has helped us so well until now. Team and supporters, giving their all for each other the 90-plus minutes; being smart, being passionate, looking to help bring energy and focus to each other.”

We have often heard the Arsenal away fans make immense amounts of noise at some of the grounds they visit, but today they will have their biggest test so far this season competing with the Kop. But if the team ups their game and silences the home fans, maybe our away support will have a chance to compete!

Come on the away fans!!!

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  1. ramterta says:

    not sure if I am hopeful of this game or not.
    I won’t be watching just following the live commentary on BBC sport.
    if I refresh it and see that Liverpool have a shot on target which is a goal at the opening minutes I will just move on to other thingsand wait for the final result

  2. Nayr says:

    our problem is the defence.

    the attack is doing it’s job,we are second for most goals scored after man city.

    bench leno and play cech,abandon playing out from the back just for today.

    time for long ball football.

    it’s the only way to win at anfield.

    i reckon with old man petr and aubameyang on song,we can nick a 1-0 win.

  3. ramterta says:

    maybe we should be okay with losing if Tottenham win today

  4. avenger says:

    Never surrender never give up Arsenal 11 all hearts will prevail
    Auba and Laca yesssssss let go Arsenal!!!!

  5. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Don’t care what people say about Ozil but how do you get Auba in the game without one creative midfielder.

  6. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Can’t afford to touch Salah, you know he’s going down

  7. shahriar says:

    F this s##% defence

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