Will the REAL Arsenal please stand up

I firmly believe that the main reason for all the anger and calls for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal or spend some effing money after the first day loss to West Ham, was because it came as such a surprise. Even though we all knew that the Hammers were a good few weeks further along in their preparations for the season, none of us really thought we would lose.

Even worse was the manner of the defeat, with almost every Arsenal player looking like a rabbit in the headlights. That was not the real Arsenal in my opinion and the players did quickly put it behind them with a much improved performance at Selhurst Park on Monday.

After the end of last season, including the brilliant 4-0 demolition of Aston Villa in the FA cup final, and then our pre-season which saw us record a first win over a Jose Mourinho team, we have come to expect a lot, and rightly so.

So as long as the right Gunners team turns up at the Emirates stadium on Monday, I am confident that we can get a good result. So I am hoping that the first day loss was merely a blip caused by complacency or the pressure of expectation. Hopefully the players have now got that out of their system, but will the real Arsenal please stand up against Liverpool, do you think?

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      1. Arsenal are the only club I know whose fans give excuses for the greedy board , not to spend money .
        I am now thing that some people are paid to write PR posts for the kroenke
        Unless I was watching another match . Crystal palace could easily have won or drawn that game .
        At no time during the match did we totally dominate a regular yoyo club .
        Yes ,you win some ugly but a technical observer of arsenal would agree that we are simply lacking quality in certain area of the pitch .
        It has nothing to do with being leggy or what not .
        The Squad is simply not good enough .

  1. Breaking news!
    Cohesion is on track to complete first part of ongoing two-week Arsenal medical.
    Move over Pedro Rodriguez and Otamendi. ☺
    We are almost getting our man. You’ll see. 2 more weeks of medicals and you’ll see.


        1. Funny enough all guns blazing kinda has the same writing style and tone as @AlexisDun85, are you the same person lad?

          Will only believe this once its Arsenal.com, not even Sky or BBC as there is still potential he might do a Pedro!

          1. Nope. If i was i wouldnt come here to post stuff. I would have 6500 people read everything i tweet.

      1. this agent is actually alex morgan, 27 year old roofer from essex.
        he is behind on his rent…an has not paid his gas bill

        hes about as connected to football as hafiz is to his bank manager

      2. You are scheduled for banning eitherway…… ADMIN had you warned this Morning! ……………. We dn’t care bout who your source is:……Good thing, Ur ranting will be Over

      3. lol @Agent_alexis simply changed his twitter handle to @AlexisDun85…… we already knew your source amigo. and just like Arsene, I’m playing the waiting game…..i’ll wait and see.

      4. @allGuns, why are u doing this to yourself??? Have u not heard??? We’ve been advised to go play golf.

  2. ok this agent alexis character says we have benzema, bayern are considering selling us mario gotze and we are in for a dm.
    might aswell add 1999 ronaldinho to that list

    absolute horseSH*T

    there goes another twitter ‘agent’

    1. cmon muff hes got a number deals correct. Nobody could have predicted to chelsea move for pedro like he did. Look at his track record. He changed his name as well. It is not impossible for us to land gotze, wenger has always like the guy.

      1. Where do we put him? Goetze is a player i know Wenger loves, bec he can do the things Wenger asks from Ramsey and which he cant do, but such a move simple makes no sense.

        1. Such a move makes perfect sense, no more Cazorla on the wing, a replacement for Rosicky, and a player talented enough to wear the no7 shirt. He can play false 9, on the wing, as a no10 and in CM, he’s perfect of Arsenal. And he recently named Jack Wilshere in his Nike XI which kinda hints at where he wants to go next.

      2. I’d love to believe both rumours but my gut tells me that Wenger has always liked the club’s money staying put a whole lot more

    2. yeah he is really puling out all the stops this week with transfer rumors, the best i have heard in a while to be honest with you. lol like you said he saying we are pretty much done on the benz deal, but we are waiting on the big magical deal of reus to real madrid is the only hold up atm, and that Munich are apparently messing us about by making us wait to see if our bid has been accepted. and lastly that we have bid 22.7millions for kryowiak also and that it will be accepted. i tell you what if this all did turn out to happen, we would surely be pushing hard for the league title this season. benz gotze and kryowiak that mental amount of players, but would make us lethal and wenger would no doubt be worshiped forever more(like the pope) his statue would be made of pure gold no expense spared lol

  3. We got Ozil from Madrid, Alexis from Barcelona, it’s not impossible to get any of the players in recent rumours like Benzema, Gotze, Cavani

    1. They were surplus to requirements at their teams, stop making it seem as if we lured them away from their clubs. They are excellent signings but they wouldn’t be here if their teams still wanted them.

      1. Gotze might not be happy at Bayern, Cavani might want a more central role, you never know who might become available at a moments notice.
        There is no player that can move unless their team is willing to let them go. Or the price becomes insane. Look at Stone Chelsea will have to pay 40m to get him, at that point Everton would sell.

      2. What exactly is your point? Most players have been benched at some point, so they’re then surplus to requirements? Can’t say I agree.

        Equally if it’s that they let them go, then perhaps their loss is simply our gain. Putting any kind of negative spin on acquisitions like Sanchez, Ozil etc is just ridiculous.

        Ultimately Wenger was cute enough to know that two world class players could be got….and he got them.

        As for ‘if they were wanted they’d still be there’, well I think It’s pretty clear every player, in just about every team has his price…and I seem to remember a great deal of post transfer comments from Real and Barca players, about what a mistake it was. Stop bitching.

        1. Did you not read my comment or are you just cut and pasting a response? Nowhere did I put either transfer in a negative light and contrary to what you think I do not use the term “surplus to requirements” as some sort of synonym for “not good enough”, I use the term to mean exactly what it should meaning excess to what they need, not to imply they can not or would not be essential parts of other clubs, please do not make assumptions in regards to what I post.

          The above poster said it is not impossible to sign Gotze, Benzema or Cavani, he is correct, but tothink that that possibility is bolstered because of Arsenal’s supposed ability to lure any of the aforementioned from their respective clubs if either other party does not wish is foolish.

          Benzema is Madrid’s first choice striker and Madrid have no reason to sell him, if you think Arsenal are a more appealing target to Benzema in that circumstance, you’re entitled to your opinion but I do not agree. The same sentiments I echo for Cavani or Gotze. My above comment has nothing to do with the benefit of players deemed excess by their respective clubs but the feasibility of a transfer of such.

      3. Do you want to describe the perfect transfer scenario where “panic”, “opportunism”, “reject”, “surplus to requirement” are not part of the equation. You think Ozil and Alexis simply fell in to Wenger’s lap because their clubs didn’t want them? Getting ridiculous on here – not only do we demand transfers but they also have to “picture perfect” and dripping with ambition, with no hint of opportunism and completed on a date that is not too early to smack of desperation nor too late to suggest panic – and ideally we have to take a world class player from a club that doesn’t want them to leave.

        Guys on here were circle jerking about Mourinho last year getting Fabregas – oooo the ambition, oooo the grand plan. A transfer that stank of opportunism and rejection from top to bottom. You think Pedro is the culmination of a masterplan? You think Sterling to City was not purely down to circumstance? If we got Benzema it would be because he is deemed surplus to requirements and a statement by RM that they would manage without him.

        1. What is it with you and directing your qualms with other people at my responses despite the fact that I do not agree with them? How hard is it to direct coherent, articulated responses at the people who actually warrant them instead of your repetitive generalizations about other people’s posts?

          The above poster gave the impression that a transfer of the aforementioned players is an easily feasible prospect citing Gotze, Cavani and Benzema as examples when that isn’t the case. Why you cite Pedro or Fabregas to me when I am neither a Chelsea supporter or gave any comment on Chelsea’s ability to lure players is beyond me, Fabregas and Pedro were opportunistic transfers, but that’s not a point I debated or disagreed with.

          The crux of my point s that it is unwise for Arsenal to have waited this late in the window to move for players in a position that should have been filled long ago. If you have any reservations on the about the aforementioned statement, I’m happy to discuss that.

          If you are going to lump me in with various others you have disagreements with, please do not post a reply to me with the expectation of a response. I’m not interested in it.

          1. Come on, lighten up tg12 and get over yourself. You’re in the wrong place to start getting all precious and to make demands about who posts what, where and to whom. You appear inordinately touchy about anyone daring to respond to you.

    2. You are absolutely right. We don’t know who is deemed expendable in any of these other big clubs because they don’t invite us to their meetings.

      Big clubs sell all the time and we cannot possibly know who they are willing to sell. Any Arsenal fan who tells you they know is just plain wrong. They don’t know. None of us know.

  4. Should have started to spend money before the prices went loco. No Good Arsenal, no good. Benzema is an ubgrade to Giroud, but boy, with that kind of money i would rather see us spend it somewhere else.

    Chelsea made everything into 30m+ City is now making everything 50mil+ Facking plastic teams.

    If we spend again on a player 50mil, then be sure that this be the last time for a while that we will do so.

    1. 50 mill could have got us kondogbia, a cb and a poacher .
      no household names, just necessity

      im not benzemas biggest fan.
      200 k on a diamond encrusted football- what a TW*T

      i will be in a minority here but iv never hid the fact i dislike him an what he represents

          1. I think EC is a better striker than KB but KB a better all round footballer who would probably suit our system more.

      1. I am so full with bs and negativity from Arsenal that i can see fans fum about Benzema and Wenger for spending that kind of money on him in the future.

        No Kondogbia bec fans and Wenger himselfs made Coquelin into a 40mil player. He was like many where claiming better then Matic and co. Deluded monkeys. Its always the same with us.

        Same goes with Ramsey. Giroud 100k+, Same goes with Walcott who i would never givee 100k let alone 140k. With that money i would get Draxler or Griezman instead, or have a go on Pedro, and everything would be cool.

        I cant see us compete with the big boys, they are to strong, their spending is becoming multo loco.

      2. share your view on the “Not so big a benzema fan” …. Given a choice between him and Cavani, i knw who i’d go for……… Dammit! Just get somebody!

      3. As if they actually spent on the team before.
        Makes no difference whether it is 10 , 40 or 100 million .
        They do not spend anyway.

  5. Since everyone is so confident abt Big Benz signing。。。

    Why not place huge bets on his signing?

    It should be a sure win

    1. We won’t be getting cavani or benzema and I think deep down WE all know that ! . We can sit here and argue the toss about which one we would prefer but we ALL should just settle and realise that A thinks Walcott, Giroud and Wellshite are the guys to lead the line. He’s said it and said it and said it. Wenger may be a big fan of Benzema but we all know his thoughts on big money players and morally he may well be right, but as far as the politics of the modern game ate concerned , Wenger is out of touch regardless of if you like Benzema or not he’s better than what we have currently and any improvement would be welcome but I fear all this is a moot point. I hope I’m wrong I really do but I don’t see it.

      1. At last , someone who has not drank the kool- aid.
        Suarez – 2yrs ago
        Mata – 4 years ago
        Higuain- 3 years ago
        Hazard : 5 yrs ago .
        Almost played half of last season without a striker

        Arsenal’s board are playing you for mugs by floating rumours about players .
        They are tactically running down the transfer window .
        Wenger said as much . ” window should close when the season starts .
        For them , Cech was a world class name to be presented to the fans as a big marque signing .
        10 million pounds spent so as to save on 50 million actually needed.
        Their mission was not spend as little as possible .

  6. I’ll only believe it when I see a new player in the red and white shirt.This was made worse when the media were told that we had a fortune in the bank

    1. i believe we would have all found out how much cash we were holding in reserve in about a month or twos time when the club release’s its full yearly accounts to may. it woud have given a fair indication of how much money we would have been holding, over the summer and if wenger didn’t spend any of it, it would be his funeral i would suspect. the emirates crowds would be howling for his resignation all winter long. but if that’s the way he wants it he will get it that way.

  7. @AlexisDun85 on twitter seems to be getting the transfer news correctly. He called for the pedro deal, Otamendi and lots more. He also said Benzema will be a gunner soon….

    Dude just gave mi hopes again…Oh men, What we face as an Arsenal Fan.

    He said Reus will be moving to Real Madrid…. I don’t know anymore… Lets watch and see

  8. I am fine with Arsenal keeping all their transfers secretive, only if they end on a positive note…..!!!

  9. So the champs of the EPL have just paid for I think a player that could rip the hearts out of the challenges. But they have 4 players in now and we have an over paid keeper who in the last 2 games don’t sell it to me. Chelsea were what 12-15 points clear and yet he still makes them a better team and all AW has done is sell or let out on loan? Everyone that knows anything about football keeps saying we need a DM CF and a utility player but no still nothing but everything at arsenal has gone up in price. It’s just shit

    1. You just can’t totally hate Maureen, he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t give a f##k about any player; captain or not, he’d bench u real good if u are not doing well.

      1. Agree KAF but benching Terry was just petulance and yet another “hey look at me” moment from Moanhinho. It was no cunning tactical masterplan – if it was it didn’t work.



  11. Why can’t we ever conclude a deal as quickly as other teams? Ours seem to drag on till it becomes as boring as our Manager, Arsene Wenger!
    Look at Chelsea and Man City in the past 2 days! A player is mentioned one day, bang, he’s gone the next day to either of those teams! But not with Arsene, who could wait up to a year for the price to fall within his reach. Awful bargain hunter!!!

  12. You do have to wonder what the fcuk Lord H was thinking when he said we had 200m to spend and could get just about any player.

    1. @Gooner 100
      Lord H was pissed out of his head on crystal champaign paid for but us silky feckers your season ticket pays for about two bottles of that gear that’s what happens there.

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