Will the REAL Arsenal PLEASE stand up?

To be fair to Arsenal, we have recovered somewhat from a shaky start to the season and are now playing better football. Most of the time at least, but there are still real concerns about our consistency. And with a great chance for the Gunners to go further in the elite Champions League tournament than we have for years and prove to the fans and the football world that we are on the way back to the top, it is time for the real Arsenal to stand up and be counted.

What we are looking for at the Emirates tonight against Monaco is the sort of performance we saw from the Gunners against Middlesborough in the FA cup just over a week ago. We went into that game knowing that the Championship side was very strong defensively and were full of confidence as they were on a great run of results.

Arsenal were at it from the first minute, never gave Boro a chance to find their feet and made sure that our superior quality shone through. And that was in a pressure situation for us so it was all the more pleasing. Arsenal have produced plenty of good performances and results this season and even added a big new string to our bow with the ability to play well in a big away game that we showed at Man City.

A few of our best games of the season have been in the Champions League as well, like the comfortable 2-0 home win over Borussia Dortmund and the absolute mauling we gave Galatasaray in Turkey. But there was also the one were we let Anderlecht draw after going 3-0 up and they should have beaten us in Belgium as well. So which Arsenal is going to turn up tonight?

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  1. we have the makings of a title winning side here. couple additions in summer an were good.
    concerns over age – per an kos , santi and rosicky,sure we can get 1 more season out of them if we rotate. but i do expect this season to be more of transition-still fine tuning players positions an roles etc so there might be poor games, but if we win-we win
    that title admin gave me one thought:
    Y’all act like you never seen a white person before
    Jaws all on the floor like Pam and Tommy just burst in the door
    forgot the rest lol

  2. The players are going to be pumped up for this game…I would have prefered Gabriel in this game though. Not because he is better than mertz at the moment (although I know he will be better overtime) but because with Gabriel, we can better implement the pressing tactics we used at middleborough more efficiently because both cbs will be quicker. We need to press monaco and make them uncomfortable. Then if monaco lose the ball, we can kill off their chances with our ever improving counter attack. My team will be

    bellerin gab kolsieny monreal
    welbeck ozil carzola Alexis

    1. Recently I did post a comment on why it would be good, if not better, to have Gabs start instead of Per and I highlighted all that you’ve said.

      However, let’s see how things go tonight…


  3. Unfortunately the “real Arsenal” from game to game is a Jeckyl and Hyde team. Across a season we tend to get to roughly the same place every time – we just achieve it by slightly different routes each season.

  4. Slightly off topic here, I’ve been reading a lot that Arsenal are after Dybala from Palermo and I personally hope we get him at a reasonable price of course. I know people are saying we don’t need another striker but I think we do, not as an addition but as a replacement. For me it would have to be Podolski and I’m sorry if I offend any of his fans out there but the guy does our club no justice either when he was with us and even now on loan at Inter. He’s on high wages and now his value will surely drop which I think we should have sold him right after Germany won the World Cup to maximize the profit. As far as Dybala is concerned I’ve actually took the time to watch him play for Palermo on more than one occasions (not YouTube) and we would be the perfect match for him especially for a young player under Wenger. Just saying

  5. I think we should be able win this 2 legged tie.

    But we are a distance away from the likes of Real, Barcelona and Bayern, even I think Atletico Madrid would beat us. Those teams are high intensity teams, football has moved on from the way we play, high intensity is the new thing and we are not trying to get with the times. Earlier in the season Dortmund pressed us and made us look like mugs.

    Liverpool, Spuds, Chelski, Southampton, Crystal palace etc did that to us and we did not look comfortable…

    I think we should embrace the new high intensity game. The no possession and lack of pressing and hurrying the opposition is making me uneasy.

  6. Gibbs is class. Not sure why doesn’t start? We need to step up and go forward with possession. We should win. Should!

  7. The pundits who are covering the match on our subcontinent is so sh*t. The language is a barrier but that is not a reason to brass and lazy punditry. They haven’t even done any homework.

    If I had time, i would sue them.

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