Will the return of injured stars from other teams make Arsenal’s season tougher?

The Premier League is set to return this month with Arsenal taking on Manchester City in their rescheduled game as one of the first fixtures.

Mikel Arteta’s team remains unbeaten in domestic competitions this year and they would look to maintain that when the league and FA Cup restarts.

However, just as Arsenal is preparing for a fine end of the season, other teams challenging us for a European place are also preparing.

The Gunners have enjoyed some good fortune from the break in the sense that every one of our players who has been out injured, except Calum Chambers is back from injury, but this is true of other teams as well.

Some factors would affect most if not all teams negatively, like a lack of match practice.

However, some factors might affect teams differently like a return of their star players from injuries.

To be fair, Arsenal didn’t suffer from injuries to their top stars before the suspension of the season, but our direct competitors like Manchester United and Tottenham lost important players like Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane.

As the team returns with fully-fit squads, something tells me that we might just have our work cut out for us now.

I do trust Mikel Arteta to get us through this season and possibly win the FA Cup, however, our challenge for a European place via the league just got tougher.

This brings the question of the integrity of the game back into focus, it really is unfair that we will be facing a Tottenham team with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min when they would not have been available for the original date and yet we are not allowed to field William Saliba.

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  1. Mogunna says:

    Most likely and logically, makes it worst for us…

    1. Shakir says:

      I think there are 2 sides to look at,pros and cons.

      We will also be having some of our players back and MA is getting much required time with the team

    2. Sue says:

      Would’ve been nice to face the spuds without Kane and that Tom Daley impersonator Son, but not to worry! Make it even more sweeter taking those 3 points 😂

  2. Shakir says:

    How can i delete my comment if i make a mistake?

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Just ask, which comment?

      1. Shakir says:

        I was just asking,everybody makes mistake…..
        I think you need to bring that feature to the site, atleast to edit a response

        Just a suggestion

        1. Admin Martin says:

          It really would not work as some would go back and edit their comments and that would then throw the whole debate out.

          1. Admin Pat says:

            My argument is that a Spud could come on and comment that he loves the Gunners and they will win the title, then after the comment is approved they could edit it to say the complete opposite!
            so, Shakir, not a chance of that ever happening…

  3. Loose Cannon says:

    Well, other teams do not make it difficult for us, we make it difficult for ourselves, viz. strikers miss sitters and open goals, CDM (or the leaning tower in the middle of the park) is too slow to turn around and when he does, assures a free kick in dangerous positions for our rivals, defense (or what is left of it) will ensure they gift a penalty or a corner kick or a throw in near the box, our friendly Ozil does not have “quality around him to perform” and there is always Leno to do some drama if there has not been any in the outfield.So I will be watching and cheering for Arsenal, knowing deep within me the outcome of the match before kick off. A draw seems like a win, and a win seems like a cup victory to party all night.

    1. Sue says:

      Let’s hope we’re able to kill a game off too… as that has been so bloody frustrating!!
      And sometimes to me, a draw seems like a loss! However, believe it or not, I am really looking forward to watching our team again…. can’t wait in fact!! 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Works both ways.. we have Torreira and Tierney back.. and with all the extra training they’ll have put in, they should be raring to go 2 weeks today!!

    1. Sue says:

      Plus teams have been given the go-ahead to take part in friendlies ahead of the resumption…

  5. Roachie says:

    Spurs will have a stronger squad but this game will have to be played on a neutral ground so that may give us an advantage.

    1. jon fox says:

      That is not yet decided. It may or may not be moved!

  6. jon fox says:

    Any side that has all its players fit and available is at an advantage if the opponent has fewer available, But that is true, quite irrespective of this virus, if you think about it. After all these weeks resting there are. of course, more uninjured players available across the Prem than in March and again that is obvious.

    Last part deleted for adding no contribution to the article

  7. gunnerforlife says:

    If all other teams will have their players fit and rearing to go so will we. specially we will have Tierney fit and I want to see him give his best for Arsenal which he still has not got the opportunity to do so. I also want to see Cedric Soares hit the ground running because by the look of it, he seems to be a good player. Also, beating the Spuds with their full strength team will be even more sweet.

  8. towny254 says:

    Those players who were injured before should be on the bench it is not fair on those teams that are fighting relegation

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