Will these four new arrivals take Arsenal to the next level next season?

The summer transfer window is here. All Arsenal fans want to know is who joins this summer and puts the squad in a position to fight for and win the 2023–24 Premier League title.

It has been suggested that Marc Guehi, Ivan Fresneda, Mohammed Kudus, and Declan Rice are the four players Arteta wishes to add to his team before next season.

Arteta is looking to bolster his midfield with two new midfielders. Despite the fact that other clubs, such as Bayern Munich and Manchester United, have entered the race, Declan Rice’s swoop will be prioritised in the hope that he will join. After that, either Mason Mount or Mohammed Kudus will be signed. Mount is reportedly on his way to Manchester United, leaving Arsenal with a £40 million option to buy Ajax’s Kudus.

In terms of defence, there is a need for another alternative at right back as well as a trustworthy backup for William Saliba, as Rob Holding is not up to the role. Crystal Palace’s Marc Guehi is reportedly being pursued as a trustworthy backup.

Edmund Tapsoba is unlikely to depart Bayer Leverkusen in the same transfer window that Evan Ndicka leaves on a free transfer. There is a need for another right back, most likely to allow White to compete for a position at centre back or simply to lighten his load. Tomiyasu is yet another option, but that doesn’t change the fact that another right-back is being considered. Real Valladolid’s Ivan Frasneda, who was also eyed in the winter transfer window, is seen as the best option, though Joao Cancelo has also been linked.

Football London argues that these are the players Arteta would want to work with next season. On why the four, they quoted Fabrizio Romano, who said, “From what I understand, they will sign two midfielders this summer. They dream of Declan Rice plus one more. And also, new fullback, new centre back. So Arsenal want to sign important players for next season.”

If they all join, will they take Arsenal to the next level?

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Here is their first analysis of the summer, where Alfie and Rob discuss and predict every single possible Arsenal incoming and outgoing this summer, including fees and potential destinations for outgoings.

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  1. I would have thought a left back would have been essential with the imminent departure of Tierney and surely a central striker is needed rather than another centre back.In saying that I am assuming Saliba will stay and Tomi will recover.I am all for buying Rice and Fresneda who is a natural RB and a real talent.

    1. @Grandad: KT leaving is not a sure thing just yet but I agree if he were to leave, we’ll need a replacement.

    2. We must sign a left back whether K.Tleaves or not.Zinchenko should go back to the central midfield. We need a L.B,C.B,R.B,D.M,CAM, a winger and a C.F(all these should be quality upgrades on what we have and also be experienced players because we have enough young talent already)

  2. Not quite to the next level but certainly strengthen the team.

    Vlohovic , Tapsoba with a field of Rice would, but you can see the power that be are thinking, political and PR power seems to be taken seriously as Rice is figuring prominently in all the wish list touted.
    With Smith Rowe set to remain that should settle it for the PR/ Political side.

    But Arsenal got to do more in order of strengthening the spine throughout the team, as teams like Aston Villa will makes up what they lack on the field to make up for, or compensates for in the dug out by Unai Emery himself.

    1. We should look at players like A.Mitrovic,Gundogan, Tielemans,Zaha,Onana,Fresneda,Cancello, Yery Mina and Rice.All this player’s will add us the needed depth and experience that we lacked this season. Most of them are free agents and the rest bar D.Rice are affordable.
      Most of our players on loan plus Rob Holding, Elneny should be sold.
      E.Nketiah,F.Vieira &ESR should be loaned to gain more playing minutes.

      1. Cliff I share most of the view below from Evgunner.

        My only concerns about Zaha use to be about his legs until Evgunner reminds me about a particular part about his pass I found ugly.

  3. Cliff Cliff Cliff – with respect imo some of the guys you mention would possibly be a nightmare for us.
    ZAHA – I have posted about him many times so I won’t bore you with repetition of the many reasons he would be unsavoury (unless you wish me to go into precise detail).
    YERY MINA – is almost always injured. Big, tall, strong looking guy like that, yet nearly always out of action therefore unreliable.
    MITROVIC – decent enough when he’s not doing stupid things (like unnecessarily getting himself banned. Oh yes, and the guy just can not take a penalty (a trait which Wilfred also has))
    TlELEMANS – always looks knackered to me and couldn’t even get a regular place in the Leicester team as he is so out of form.
    CANCELO & RICE – now you’re talking, both would be great assets.
    ONANA – not sure really.
    FRESNADA – I know nothing about him.
    Cliff please don’t take this post as a criticism of your choices, it really isn’t. It’s only my humble opinion. But I would love to get your own take as to why you favour the guys you’ve recommended as I am always willing to learn !

    1. EvGunner I aggre with you to some extend especially on Zaha and Mina.Even if we were to sign them I would use them as cover for starting eleven hoping that with lesser demand for long playing time their injury problems would be alleviated.
      On Mitrovic,bar his temperament he is a typical Epl C.F just like Haaland,kane &Toney .If we can manage his adrenaline rush,we may be getting a beast in there.
      Lastly Tielemans was not in his aspect this season.Partly because he wanted out but never got the move.I tend to believe that in a proper environment a player can work on their form and still come good,J.Grealish is an example.
      My thinking was largely guided by the availability and affordability of this player’s who have Epl experience and can help our young squad.We tend not to spend much on transfers and we end up losing on quality players whenever a competitor comes in.
      However your analysis is good and it may help when making the final judgement at recruitment.

      1. Hi Cliff – of course you are right about virtually everything you say and I now understand where you are coming from.
        You know there is a player in Wilf Zaha, but how irritating is he. All that falling over and histrionics.
        The guy had bags of talent but he didn’t channel it properly. Basically an over-indulgent show off who loves attention however he can get it.
        I don’t like young people to waste the talent which they should be grateful for having.
        Grealish and Maddison are also the type that I am not particularly fond of. Show ponies who will often let you down when the going gets tough. That may seem like a controversial thing to say about Grealish but he is fortunate to be playing at City surrounded by good players imo.
        Mitrovic can be very decent when his tail is up, though I prefer less temperamental players who can be more trusted.
        Don’t get me wrong though, there have been great “temperamental” players who COULD be trusted on a football pitch (well most of the time). George Best, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff. I know that comparison is a bit unfair isn’t it.
        Although Gunners went off Alexi Sanchez, he represents everything I’m looking for in a player. He got the job done, no histrionics just a will to win, warrior attitude and lots of talent.

  4. I hope to see a DM. B2B, CF and a backup RB or LB depending on what Tierney does.

    1. Jesus is not the striker to take us to the next level, so I would like an upgrade; Jesus can play on wings

    2. Dire need of midfield additions, my preference is Caicedo for his versatility, something Rice does not have. Zinchenko moved to Xhaka’s spot, and another like Kudus (40 million is affordable) or Zumendi. Sorry but I would pass on Rice for anything close to 90 million; money is better spent elsewhere.

    3. Frasneda would be a great addition if possible at fullback.

    4. Rather see Tomi as a CB to compete with Saliba and Gabriel with Kiwior as 4th choice; we can get a backup LB far cheaper than rumors about Guehi and a hefty transfer fee.

    For me the DM, B2B, and CF would be the gamechangers to take us to the next level, and the necessary moves to make.

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