Will these two EVER play for Arsenal again?

Arsene Wenger said in his press conference ahead of the Arsenal v Sunderland game that he was not in transfer mode yet. In fact he said it quite a few times as the press people were determined to badger some sort of comment about Raheem Sterling or Petr Cech out of the Frenchman.

As well as deciding who to bring in to the club though, Wenger has some big decisions to make on who will leave and there are two very good players that could well be on their way out, mainly because of their age and the increasingly strong competition for places in midfield.

What I wonder is whether us fans will get to see either Mikel Arteta or Tomas Rosicky playing for Arsenal ever again. There is just one Premier League game and one FA cup final left this season before Wenger has to make the call.

Rosicky is 34-years old now and despite still being able to show his brilliance at times, he is out of contract and with Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, and the Oz already fighting for places, it does seem unlikely that he will get another year. If so I would love to see our little Mozart get one more chance to dazzle and delight us with his super skills as he nearly made the breakthrough coming on tonight.

Arteta’s situation is more complicated as he is younger and there is not as much competition for his place, not to mention the fact that he is club captain. However, the transfer of a top quality all round central midfielder like Schneiderlin would put his position in the team at great risk even more than the form of Coquelin has done.

Arteta is fit again but has not been included in the match day squads so does this tell you that he will be off as well?

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  1. Since securing top four, we are ending the season as one of the most out of form teams in the league with 6 points/15.

    1. This is why I always say Arsene has issues. Rosicky is class, why not use him if he’s fit? Age??? What’s age got to do with form??? Forget age, if a player is good, use him.

      1. Wenger should test Rosicky in a free AMF role with Ramsey and Coquelin behind him. You will see Rosicky will unlock defences with his turns and fast runs. To get the best out of Rosicky you have to play him in a risk free position. Otherwise he could be a defensive liability with his risky outside of the boot passes.

        1. Today, Arsene took Ozil off. What happened thEreafter??? WE IMPROVED in aTtack, drastically. Ozil is good, but he’s not GOD and shouldn’t be untouchable.

          By the way, if there are guys at Arsenal with stamina, guys who can defend and mark relentlessly and fearlessly, Rozza is one of them.

        2. You TR7 fan-boys kill me. The best out of Rosicky is 19 league goals in 8 seasons. Ozil 17 assists in 57 appearances over two truncated seasons. Santi 31 assists in 120 appearances. Rosicky 13 assists in last 158 appearances. If Rosicky is the answer then it is a pretty dumb question.

          1. Ozil was very ineffective in that no10 role,he doesn’t get in between the lines,hes a good passer but he doesn’t go past players at will and hes very 1 footed,he doesn’t score enough goals to be a no10 in a League or CL winning team,i think we need either Cazorla or maybe Sanchez or even Chamberlain in that role in seasons to come,Ozil will have to play wide coming in the way Messi did for Barca this season

            1. I’ll give you one-footed and doesn’t score enough but Ox doesn’t score at all and Alexis is even more one-footed so not sure on the logic there. In any event the likes of Fabreags/Oscar/Isco/Coutinho/Iniesta/Pjanic don’t score regularly. Top of my head can only think of Rodriguez and Silva who just about hit double digits but only just. And, like you, I am not so fussed and upset as some on here if Ozil plays slightly wider – jeeez if Messi can be shunted out wide to accommodate someone else then I suppose anyone can.

  2. They don’t call them “Cats” for nothing. They simply used one of their nine lives against us.

      1. Pick between an inform Santi and an in form Ozil, I’d go with Santi.

        Yes, Ozil makes assists, but Santi scores and assists. It’s a pity that our dear Santi can’t even shoot on target anymore. As for Ozil, shooting has never been his thing.

        1. I got thump down on several post. But santi is years ahead of ozil. That doesnot make ozil a flop. Like wenger said if Coq was bought for 40 million most of us won’t commplain. Ozil was expensive and very expensive but there is just no way he is better than cazorla or ramsy for example. Just no way. Cazorla is highly underated. I wish we bought him way earlier when he was at villareal. Robert pires use to talk about how good he was. But we went like 3 years later for him.

    1. Even if we lose to West Brom and United beat Hull, we’d be level on points, and we have a +7 goal difference advantage. It would have to be a combination of West Brom battering us and United destroying Hull for them to overtake us. Highly unlikely. We’ve been playing poorly, but so have United.

      1. I know it’s very unlikely that United will overtake us, almost mathematically impossible. What if we had lost at Old Trafford????????????? OMG!!!

  3. We should give them at least the last 10 minutes in the fa cup final, to show our appreciation of them being loyal servants to the gunners cause! Coyg!

    1. Assuming it doesn’t go to extra time as it did against Reading, Wigan and Hull.

  4. Thought Thomas signed
    till March 2014?
    A 9 season veteran who like
    so many Arsenal players
    had an injury prone career.
    A high risk direct player
    who refused to play side to side football.
    Could do thing others could only dream of.

  5. Arteta senior pro
    wants to stay.
    Totally loyal to Wenger.
    Ideal 3rd DM and mentor.
    Said to be manager material but may return to Spain.
    Club should offer him 12 month contract at least.

      1. It’s concerning that you’re very sure about something that’s incorrect look it up

  6. I think we could be looking at 6/7 leaving scz arteta flamini podolski Walcott Rosicky and sanogo imo this is the right move for us to become real title contenders upgrade on these players and were there I want to see Cech Kondogbia lacazette and sterling . What a spine that would be Cech gab kos Kondogbia ozil lacazette

  7. Fighting for places? Against Sunderland Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil and Sanchez played together in Midfield. Arteta signed a new deal a few weeks ago, Rosicky has been offered a new deal but not signed it.

    The story would more realistically ask if Walcott will play abother game.

    If we sign Sterling, expect Walcott to be out. He still hasn;t signed da ting either.

    1. I don’t think arteta has signed I think he said himself he wanted to prove himself after this injury before he did

  8. Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta they are ageing pensioners

    they do not have the legs anymore….

    they have served well..but its time for a change…..

  9. Absolutely laffable when people on here try say g Ramsey is better then oil
    Just ask the best managers in world or even players I’d luv to hear who they prefer. Truth be told Giroud, sanchez n santa pass 3 games have been awful they need a rest but that won’t happen this manager to stubborn, Ramsey n jack theo are bang average players only in the eyes of the British media are they hyped over simple as. Ozil may not be a tackler but the boys world class end of

  10. Schneiderlin will only play well if he has a pure DM playing along side him doing all the defensive work…..

    this would mean Ramsay has to warm the bench….Carzola rot in the reserves and Wilshere has to leave…..

  11. i dont see what all the big fuss about ozil is
    i honestly think fabregas would have been so much better
    ozil is too indirect,coasting around like a butterfly
    dont get me wron g i like him but he offers little defending and shows lack of enthusiam.
    as for giroud we need another striker asap to compete with him ,someone faster and stronger a real hitman
    and concerning the Schneiderlin matter he is good at southampton because of wanyama .kondogbia would be better .
    and for the major problem which is arsene wenger
    this man doesnt even veiw his opposition let alone construct a tactical plan for them wenger’s football ideas are extinct and in all honesty we have a decnt squad ,he have seen ferguson do better with less
    so maybe wenger should bow out for some change
    because now all other clubs have to do is veiw the swansea game and step up on it and they will cause arsenal problems .
    never thought i will say it buut im not confident of the fa cup final

  12. The Mozart is 34yrs of age so what ? Is age a handicap for playing football now ? Watch Andrea Pirlo dazzle for The Black Lady in the UCL final, how old is he again ?????

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