Will these two injury issues be key for Arsenal and Liverpool?

At times this season, and pretty crucial times as well, Arsene Wenger has been left with almost no options for the centre of the Arsenal midfield, Cazorla is out for the season after playing a big role in our good early form and there have also been injury problems for Coquelin, Ramsey and Elneny, while the summer signing Granit Xhaka has missed a fair few games himself for disciplinary reasons.

Some people might try to say that a club with a squad as big as Arsenal have should be able to cope or that every side has it’s own problems to deal with but I would point to the relatively injury free seasons that last season’s Premier League champions Leicester City were blessed with and the fact that the runaway leaders this time have also had almost no injury issues to cope with.

So I make no apologies for being glad to see the Daily Mail reporting that our next opponents Liverpool, who are one of the five big sides embroiled in the fight for the final three Champions League places, have been hit with their own injury problems in central midfield.

Their captain Jordan Henderson did not travel to Leicester and is also a big doubt to be fit for our trip to Anfield at the weekend. With the paper also reporting that the Arsenal star Mohamed Elneny has stepped up his own recovery and should be back soon, will these two separate injury issues help Arsenal to stay ahead of Jurgen Klopp’s team and claim another top four finish.

Which two clubs do you think will miss out?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Leicester 3 Liverpool 1.
    Just goes to show how a managerial change brings out the best in players, Yet, at the same time it shows what little effort they gave for their previous Boss.?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      It also shows to me that the players didn’t want to play well for Ranieri
      This is a bad attitude. They get paid to play their best all the time
      I am convinced the Players got Ranieri fired

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Definitely something there.
        Maybe Ranieri stopped their little treats, pizza, days outs etc and he was a bit more stricter on them this season, compared to last season?
        Or maybe their two star players realised that they made a big mistake by not forcing a move during last summers window and rebelled against Ranieri for letting him sweet talking them into staying lol
        Anyways, it’s done and dusted now,and their fans won’t be moaning all the while they Keep beating teams like Liverpool.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    2)Man City

    Oh… And Utd win the Europa league and take out place in the champions league ?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I agree that Spuds will finish ahead of us
      They are a better team unit then us this season
      I think they will finish 2nd

      However, its possible we could finish ahead of City
      Liverpool look 6th to me

      Also, I think Ibrahimovic will push United ahead of Liverpool and maybe even US
      I think we could finish outside the Top 4

      I think the Top 6 could be any of these:
      1. Chelsea
      2. Spuds
      3. Arsenal/City/United
      4. United/City/Arsenal
      5. City/Arsenal/United
      6. Liverpool

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Well Leicester just made Liverpool look very ordinary, but what odds that Arsenal make them look like world beaters?

    I hope Elneny will be fit, because I would go with him, and the Ox in the middle. They both can press, whereas Xhaka is slow, and has been poor. I love Coquelin, but I would also drop him as he’s been very poor this season.

    Against Liverpool, I’d like to see:

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Elneny Ox
    Perez Iwobi Welbeck

    Walcott and Ozil, have to be dropped because they often go completely missing in big games, so it’s like we’re playing with a man down, or two, when they’ve both started. Coquelin and Xhaka have both been poor, so need to be dropped. Ospina look a little iffy against Sutton, but performed well in Germany despite conceding five. Cech has been a let down ever since since his arrival, so Ospina deserves a chance. I would also be tempted to drop Iwobi, but lack of options prevents this. But I think he’s more suited centrally anyway, and will probably perform better in that role just behind Sanchez.

    Obviously none of these changes will happen, because Wenger hates changing something that isn’t working, but it would be interesting to see what that lineup could do.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Perez and Welbeck are both better at LW so I would either put Alexis on right, Lucas/Welbeck on Left and Giroud/Lucas up front OR Walcott on right, Lucas/Welbeck on Left and Alexis up front

  4. Nebsy says:

    Both Arsenal and Liverpool will lose out on the UCL spot. Horrible form for both clubs and when you look at other clubs challenging for the top four, there is just no fairy tale that will bring the two clubs to the top four.

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