Will this 21 year-old be Emery’s first Arsenal signing?

Arsenal are supposedly eyeing a move to sign Trabzonspor attacking midfielder Yusuf Yazici, and are monitoring him closely at present.

Our scouts are claimed to have been keeping close tabs on him whilst on international duty with Turkey, overlooking his side’s win and draw against Iran and Tunisia respectively.

The 21 year-old is ranked in UEFA’s top 50 young prospects, and will be on the watchlist of a number of clubs across Europe.

The midfielder scored 10 goals in his 33 appearances for his club this term, and has already emerged as a regular for his country Turkey, and would be a great addition to our talents.

His club are said to have placed a £17.5 Million asking price on the youngsters head, which in today’s climate of spending you would have to say is a value option to add to your ranks, although his club’s president is claimed to want him to stay for another season.

Speaking recently, agent Erkut Sogut confirmed that there had been significant interest from England.

“He was born in born in 1997, he was selected among UEFA’s 50 most promising players. He is ahead of Cengiz Under, half of Europe is interested in Yusuf,” he said.

“He is the most promising youngster in Turkey, he scored 10 goals in the league this season.

“His technique is brilliant, we have offers from Italy, from the Premier League, from Germany and Spain.”

It sounds as if we may have a task at hand to win the race for his signature, but there is no doubt that he holds some special talents and could be a shrewd signing if we could pull it through.

Is a young prospect what is most needed in our squad?  Is the price too low to turn down?

Pat J

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  1. Phil says:

    I am all for signing young talent with an eye on the future.Unfortunately we have a far more urgent need to fill a few holes that have caused us too many problems and cost us too many points over the past few seasons.We NEED a CDM and CB as a priority.A GK to start as a No1 if Cech is considered past it would be a bonus.And a Winger with pace would be a dream.
    We have an aging first team so young players will need introducing at some point but we are in the here and now not tomorrow

    1. Andrew E says:

      Spot on!!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  2. GB says:

    Sorry off topic but good game on now in Madrid. 2-1 at present. Petit and Pires could do a job for us now!
    To be fair though, RM are all over us.

    1. Sue says:

      Thought Eboue did well when he came on. Le Sulk should scored

      1. Sue says:

        Should have scored!

        1. Declan says:

          Yes Sue Eboue was brilliant and Anelka still had the legs on everyone else. Boa Morte played well too.

          1. Declan says:

            And bring back Almunia.

          2. Sue says:

            Was a good game. Luis took his goal well. Looking forward to the return match. Rosicky’s farewell game next week ?

  3. Oswald Carbonaro ( bonaroca ) says:

    Bonaroca:- It seems that Arsenal are going completely continental,which boasts of having much young talent. I have to admit that Arsenal did the right thing to replace Mr Wenger by Mr Emery, who after winning much trophies with two well known Clubs, and who is considered to have built his previous teams with young talent. Mr Wenger’s problem was that he did not keep in contact with the present modern footballing system but stuck to a system he introduced when he joined Arsenal. Admittedly, Arsenal need to upgrade the defence but I would have thought Mr Emery has enough talent in the midfield and forwards.
    I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1946,when Arsenal were in trouble. But the manager solved the problem by getting two old experienced players in Joe Mercer and Ronnie Rooke,since then Arsenal never looked back. I have to admit, the game has changed, but must English clubs go chancing young players from all over the world. No wonder England will never reach the required European standards if they continue abandoning the local talent.

    1. Rashid80 says:

      Wow, ill assume thats the year you were born in. That makes you 72. And ill add another 10 years if that wasn’t your birth year. So you’re probably 72~82 years old. Wow man hope you’re in good health. Im 43 and I already have a lot of medical difficulties and suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease. Wish you a longer and healthier life mate

  4. Barren says:

    1.we need 2 cb sell mustafi.
    2.nzonzi yes I think that kid from sampdoria is replacing jorginho.
    3.dembele plz Lord Jesus Christ
    4.we can challenge the top teams with the following.

    1. Fab says:

      Sign Gelson Martins the kid from Lisbon before the WC, he is a star. I think him and Mbappe will contend for the world player of the year in a very near future

  5. gotanidea says:

    So apparently Arsenal would go back to their old principle, buying unknown, young, cheap or fringe players

    They saw their old method worked well for Leicester City, so maybe Aubameyang would be Arsenal’s last big purchase?

  6. Grandad says:

    Spot on Pbil.

  7. Nelson says:

    Arsenal need to sign good player,for next season to fight for the title,we the local and international fans of arsenal we need addition of players new faces,new coach work hard

  8. Sheet Head says:

    From articles here, the web and Kev, we already have like 10 “first signings”!!!
    I think we need to accept that the media is utterly clueless on arsenal dealings. Remember how Arteta was to be the new coach??? ? ? ?

  9. Durand says:

    All the waiting lowering expectations. How about ANY signing?
    This window seems eerily similar to windows of transfers past.

    1. Everyone and their grandmother knows positions Arsenal need; CDM, CB, GK, backup RB. Winger would be nice.
    2. Arsenal linked to anyone upright with a heartbeat
    3. Other clubs identify targets while Arsenal call committee meeting to see who will be designated to pull the finger out.
    4. We play pauper, meanwhile Liverpool making both Manchester clubs look slow and thrifty.
    5. Before we had one guy doddle and take forever, now we have 3 to doddle and take forever.
    6. Transfer analysis paralysis.
    7. We manager transfers like my Nan at rummage sale. Always lowball offer, and squeeze a nickle til it bleeds.

    1. Phil says:

      Sorry Durand but at this stage I can’t agree with you.Any transfer these days is not sorted overnight.I bet Sven and Raul have the targets for the key areas identified and are working on them behind the scenes.Its frustrating I know but we just have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.If say our targets are involved in World Cup preparations then no national side manager worth his salt will want interruptions at the moment and certainly not while the tournament is taking place so this may be holding up one or two potential negotiations at the moment.Other Targets not involved in Russia are most likely on holiday so this is when agents and advisors are involved.Lets reserve judgement at this time and trust the new recruitment team to get it right

      1. Durand says:

        No problem Phil, disagreements happen. Let me give some context to my frustrations.

        Quite obvious need for CDM; for several years in fact. We should have had numerous targets identified, scouted, and offers ready for clubs and agents.
        Rather than prepared, we get crickets.

        Most clubs finishing business before World Cup to avoid skyrocketing prices. Not Arsenal, oh no no no. They will talk nonsense like waiting for “dominoes to fall” while Liverpool snap up best CDM domino for reasonable price today.

        So far it’s “we’re in the market,” and “if any players available we’ll improve the squad,” “players in national squad already.”

        However other clubs needing top players aren’t waiting on metaphorical dominoes to fall like mana from heaven.

        AFC behave like transfer window virgins

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Please have faith in Arsenal’s new trinity of Anui, Sven and Raul working quietly behind the scenes.
          The media have to produce their stories from rumours. They couldn’t even get the new manager right, let alone all the signings which were supposed to happen in previous windows and didn’t.

          1. Enagic says:

            Agree man when you come to new structure we have a dream team compare to during Wenger’s era we just had people in place but they were not up for the job – we used to talk about transfers for almost 3 months and still no body came in! In other aspects that was entirely Wenger’s fault for pretending he was gonna bring in players to play Arsenal fans mind but at the same time he believed what we had was better than any top 4

    2. Trudeau says:

      The start to this window is eerily similar to those gone past. If there had not been a change in managers this site would be up on arms right now. Overall though I think it’s positive that most Gooners seem prepared to give the new set-up a bit of time before sharpening the pitchforks!

    3. Durand says:

      Methinks Emery was Arsenal’s big signing this year.

      Bargin bin CB shopping; hells bells I’d rather save the £18 million and play Chambers.

      Apparently purchasing a goalie IS rocket science.
      Has Leno turned us down? Has Gazidis made the decision to decide whether to contact Leno’s agent?

      Bush league stuff really. If it wasn’t for the mismanagement we would have no management at all.

      This is what happens when you wash knickers first then shit your pants.

      1. Enagic says:

        Chambers is not ready and good enough for Arsenal 1st team like Petit said we have so many young players we need to bring in mature and experienced players like Socratis and Stephan Lichtsteiner

  10. King henry says:

    I personally think that whoever we sign this summer will all be 2nd rate signings.. let me give u some examples..

    GK.. we are in desperate need of a new keeper.. Ospina is not 1st team quality.. Sell him
    Cech is past it but would prove good back up and provide experience to our younger GK’s.. keep

    Now surely we should be in for a keeper with experience but can be our 1st choice for next 10 years..
    Dream signing.. oblak 88m
    End up with.. Leno 22m

    CB.. now we all know per is retiring.. kos is pretty much done boys.. his legs have gone and his Achilles is knackered.. mustafi is not a bad defender as most think.. with the right sort of guidance, cut out the errors and focus on being a die hard defender he maybe worth keeping.. that leaves us holding, chambers, and young Greek kid (who looks like he can handle himself btw)
    We need 2 signings in this position

    Dream signings.. manolas and gimenez
    End up with.. sokratis and the young Turkish kid

    DM we have needed for at least 7-8 years if not longer.. Alex song was the only one I can remember after Gilberto.. since then they have either been players played out of position or not good enough.. I don’t feel that xhaka would play a more natural role with someone sitting behind him and Ramsey providing the box to box and energy.. AMN, Wilshire and Elneny for rotation

    Dream signing.. nzonzi or ndidi
    End up with.. no one or some youngster

    Winger.. I hope we sign a upgrade on welbeck or iwobi.. if we could sell both great.. then sign a high profile “treat” for us fans

    Dream signing Lemar or reus (he a bit injury prone but would be a awesome signing) let’s hope old milisat or however u spell it.. gets his Dortmund connections active in signing him rather than that sokratis guy lol!!
    End up with.. no one!!

    Oh we can only dream..


    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Given the detailed report Unai Emery reportedly submitted on all Arsenal players’ strengths and weaknesses to win the job, I am sure he has identified who he wants to retain and the type of players he wants to strengthen the squad. Emery has always had a strong DM in his teams, so be sure this will be a priority. Sven and Raul have preceeded Unai into the club, so surely they have been scouting players to improve Arsenal; Aubameyang, Mhikataryan and Mavropanos being acquisitions thus far.
      All will be revealed, so that we can be positive again, even if the transfers made win’t necessarily equate to one’s we would have made.

  11. ruelando says:

    All teams most buy young players in the hope that they have strike gold, whether for present use or down the line. Its unfortunate for arsenal that most of our promising youths seem to end up injury prone or have to find themselves at another club.

    Media is really crap and because they know Arsenal fans are hungry for any news on who we are bringing in, the papers and sites are filled with the many individuals link to arsenal by any means. We will just have to wait and see

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