Will this £32M target open door for Alexis to leave Arsenal?

Alexis Sanchez has been linked with the Arsenal exit door for over 12 months now, and may finally get his wish to move clubs.

It has been made perfectly clear that he wants to playing Champions League football this season, and with a team worthy of winning it, but our club have so far rejected any offers for his signature, but may be set to change their minds.

Arsene Wenger is a known long-term admirer of Julian Draxler, who has just been given a green light to seek a new club, and the £32 Million asking price is more than reasonable for a player of his ability.

Draxler’s capture will not come easy, with Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool also claimed to be interested, but we should definitely move quickly to ensure we talk to him before our rivals get stuck in.

The German has lost his place in Unai Emery’s first-team plans after the arrival of Neymar from Barcelona, and PSG are believed to be looking to balance their books by offloading some unwanted players, with Draxler the first victim of the blockbuster €222 Million deal.

Wenger has already admitted this week that despite trying to trim his squad down, there is room for an ‘exceptional talent’ to join the side, and Draxler has been on the Frenchman’s radar since 2014 at least.

Would Draxler’s arrival allow one of Alexis Sanchez or Ozil to leave the club? Would the German join us despite not having Champions League football for the current campaign?

Pat J

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    1. Agreed… no point in discussing this if no offer has even been made !

      Aside from that Wenger has stated Sanchez is not leaving so I would imagine he would only buy someone in a position that does not compete with Sanchez…. Iwobi Welbeck etc are already there.
      Draxler is also very injury-prone !

    2. OT: Hate to break it to you guys but draxler is merely on arsenals radar just like every other clubs watch list. We are looking at van dijk as well and we have contacted soton. I don’t think we will sign more than one more player. Chamberlain might be off though.. Club can never win in the transfer window. Best case we stay as is with one new signing. Worst case goodbye to alexis and ox.

      1. You shut your mouth liar! You said Lemar was going to join us weeks ago..he never did. You should be banned for spreading your garbage here.

        1. Liar is a bit extreme

          Look some kids want to be liked so make out they are in the know, as long as there are gullible desperados to soak up their bullshit they will spread it.

          It keeps the uneducated amused. Let’s reliable resource posts no more crap than other blogger, yet we all still read in the name of Arsenal Football Club.

    3. I would certainly have Draxler for £32m than Lemar for £55m. Watching Metz v Monaco atm and I am not inspired.

  1. Draxler is the signing Arsenal need to ensure we are contenders for the title this season . Too often we fail to win matches during the latter part of the season as the team suffer a lack of creativity and mental fatigue . Draxler can challenge Ozil for the playmaker position as well as being excellent on the wing . He is no afraid to shoot at goal unlike Ozil and he is far braver so he won’t shy away fron a challenge .

    1. A DM/CM is far more important than Draxler if we have genuine aspirations of winning the league. Although I would also prefer him to Ozil.

      1. I agree that adding steel to our spine in midfield is critical but sadly Wenger will never sign a powerful midfield destroyer that we all crave . Victor Wanyama was available for 17million pounds yet he chose to stick with Coquelin we all know what happened to Arturo Vidal so sadly we must contend with puppies in the middle of the park

  2. Draxler will be an awesome signing IF we get him.
    Thanks Gabriell Paulista for the good times…especially for taking on Costa. Though it cost you a red card and a loss for Arsenal. All the best in your future career.

    1. Lol, his finest hour

      Sent off in a defeat. What a testimony!!!

      Even the club struggled to pick out his best match out of 64 appearances. Oh yeah the stand out player in the fa cup semi final against man city! really?

      The fact is his best attribute is he could eat an apple through a letter box.

  3. Marco Asensio is the real gem all is goals are quality he doesn’t do tap in’s,he is way better than the overhyped mbappe I would happily swap him with Sanchez plus cash he is young and a great talent

  4. …question is will draxler want to play europa league football which is very much our reality tho not necessarily his… Hope he comes but i wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.

  5. Ozil is not going anywhere.
    Alexis will be gone by the end of next week.
    Draxler will be nearer £60 million not £32 million. But I think we will sign a defender and Draxler will go to Liverpool.

  6. Two weeks until the end of the transfer window and the squad isnt good enough to even compete for the title again, i swear he doesnt even wanna compete anymore#dejavu

    1. Until one of the rich guys talked about/involved take over, Arsenal will continue to be a “business-based” club. Top 4 goal and profit driven. Plain and simple, my friends . . . .

  7. Player exchange Sanchez = draxler+Money is very possible…
    PSG needs sanchez services … and arsenal doesn’t want to lose for free, so maybe it can happen ….

  8. This just in!
    Arsenal considering to possibly think about maybe potentially discuss the option to likely perhaps look at the option to discuss a half-hearted unrealistic a low-ball not-so-serious offer to PSG for Draxler!!!

    Exciting times at Arsenal!!

  9. If Alexis Won’t Sign A New Deal Then I Think Draxler Should Be Brought To Play Alongside Alexis Untill He Leaves Next Summer. Draxler Would’ve Adapted By Then.

  10. Draxler would be a great addition, but not to replace Sanchez….get him in our squad, let him understudy sanchez, so when he leaves for free next year Draxler can move to the LWF position. get seri to play alongside xhaka or better still play Draxler in that position while xhaka sit deep. Draxler can also play in Ozil’s position when injured or suspended. but i don’t see wenger getting Draxler, Seri and a defender in this window again, the maximum he can get is 2 considering he has gotten Lacazette and Kolasinac already, either one of Draxler or Seri and a defender or him even getting only one. But Draxler would be a massive boost to our title challenge alonside Sanchez, Ozil, Xhaka, Lacazette etc.

  11. We have a tendency to act too slow in the transfer market. This year both on the buy and the sell side we seem too slow. But if you look at our net spend in is not huge probably somewhere in the range of 25-29 million. So we should have some powder dry.

    Personally, I believe Seri could have made the biggest contribution to our club but Lemar would have been great as well. However, our hesitation means that we now have to deal with the likes of Barca, Man U and Liverpool all of which are more comfortable than we are with spending money and making decisions. Liverpool, in particular, will quite possibly receive upwards of 100 million for
    Coutinho, so they will be ready to put some of those funds to work.

    We also waited too long on making a proper Lemar offer and after some big deals including Neymar, they predictably raised their asking price. It didn’t help that our first offer for Lemar insulted Monaco who is quite sensitive about low ball offers.

    So, personally, I don’t think we will land Draxler because we are too slow and at this point, there will be too many other clubs competing for the last remaining excellent players (Lemar, Seri, Draxler etc.)

  12. Draxler has talent but he is a drama queen.
    Look at his moves so far and look at how he has acted in them.
    Think he wouldn’t act like that for us?

    No thank you from me, I used to be a fan of him but I do not want another Alexis attitude issue.

    Lemar wants to play for us, get him, his passion will help him.

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