Will this Bundesliga transfer complete the Arsenal jigsaw?

With the way things have been going for Arsenal since the turn of the year, it might finally be acceptable for the Arsenal fans to hear Arsene Wenger saying that the summer transfer business might be a bit quiet for the Gunners as there are no players available to sign for the right price that would actually improve the starting XI.

I do not expect this to happen though, as the Frenchman really seems to have the scent of the Premier League title driving him on again. And even if he feels that his first choice side now is good enough to become the champions of England, Wenger will be all too aware of how an injury problem or two could derail our challenge.

That is why I expect the Frenchman to be looking for quality players this summer that will fit quickly and easily into the Arsenal team. Versatility will also be high on the manager’s list of abilities and so the Arsenal transfer rumour in The Mirror, which they apparently have fresh from Germany, linking us with a summer transfer move for Ilkay Gundogan, seems very plausible.

The Borussia Dortmund and Germany star does not have long left on his contract and has intimated that he is ready to move to the Premier League. So he will not cost too much and with the ability to play anywhere in midfield, the 24-year old could well be one of the missing pieces Wenger is looking for to complete the Arsenal jigsaw puzzle. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Players like Diaby, Arteta, Poldi, Sanago, Ryo, Gnabry, Walcott, Wilshere hardly or never play and should be sold…..NO Contribution this season….

    Rosicky and Flamini…mimimal contribution

    they are just collecting wages and did not contribute anything to the current season…..we can do without them….

  2. I agree Hafiz.
    The squad is top heavy
    with dead wood.
    Campbell Ryo Sanogo are useless. Sell/release Asp.
    Flamini Podolski are over the hill Sell/release Asp.
    Rosicky is 34 and Arteta 33. Sell Asp.
    Diaby is an in jury wreck. Release Asp
    Wilshere will be an injury wreck. Sell for 30 mill now.

    Get rid of 9 cr#p and buy 3 quality.
    1. B2B .
    2 DM.
    3 CAM.

  3. This will get voted down like a muthaf**ker but Wack Wiltshire needs to go.
    It isn’t happening, not good enough, stats confirm it, he is a liability to the team plain and simple, lose the rose coloured glasses guys and get real.

    1. If your basing your decision solely on facts then you should stick to fifa.

      Wilshere has loads and loads of natural ability he can be an excellent b2b midfielder and the competition with Ramsey will only motivate them to get better. I can’t stand when people keep saying he needs to go, if he can fix his injuries and play consistently he can fulfill the potential we all know he has.

      And I’m sure you were an advocate for selling Ramsey too

      1. If Wenger ever listened to most fans on this website then there would be no Ramsey, no Coquelin, no Monreal, no Koscielny, no Gibbs and no Ozil.

        1. nor Giroud, Cazorla, Walcott, Welbeck, Bellerin. I think our squad would be Rosicky on his tod.

      2. Wilshire devides opinions for me he is an understudy to Ramsey at cm who drive forward. The way Santi plays cm should make him the first choice now.

        He has great link up play with giroud,good through balls,passing,dribbling key pass and set pieces, he is good at drawing the foul.

        Poor in the air( coqulan shows hight isn’t an excuse)
        Can’t finish
        Poor crossing
        Poor at tackling and discipline

        I wouldn’t mind loaning him for 6months like we did with Ramsey if he isn’t up to scratch in pre season

    2. Base on Ramsey and Coquelin story, I can understand why Arsene keep Jack on his pocket. If Jack improve to his full grown quality, we will be regret if it’s not at Arsenal.

      1. I genuinely think Jack should be kept, but made to watch, or even loaned out (here come the thumbs down) until he toughens up and earns his place in a midfield that has really gelled.

        I really don’t see who he will displace at the moment, the only argument I can see is that Cazorla may need a break, but he has been out heart and sole, and his communication with Ramsey, Ozil and (Especially) Coquelin has been amazing. I don’t disagree with moving deadwood on, except I think only Arteta, Diaby, Podolski, Flamini, and ryo can be considered deadwood. And If they all go we need a new CDM as cover for le Coq at a minimum.

    3. @Save Arsenal. U are the one that needs to go. I don’t know what some of you deslike in Jack rambo Giroud etc. No matter how they play you want them out for some reason. The guy we are even linked too was out for about 15 months of injury. Its just funny how u can say jack out because of him.

  4. why not spend a little more and get more Bundesliga transfers

    IN: Reus, Draxler, Gundogan, Bender, Kramer

    OUT: Wilshere, Walcott, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby

    5 in 5 out!!!

    1. greedy, greedy…
      why not just two in two out?
      Hafiz name me one successful team EVER who has added more than three first-team players in one window??

      1. Agree, but we should probably let 5 go out; Arteta Flamini, Diaby, Podolski and Ryo, and bring 2 in; CDM cover and maybe B2B.

  5. The squad can compete for PL next season. No doubt about it. But Chelsea, City and United will spend heavily in the summer. So we need to spend also in order to match them.
    One or two Marquee signing will do no harm even though we don’t need. We did not need Ozil when we bought him, we did not need Sanchez when we bought him. But look at their impact now
    If players like Gonzalo Hugiune is available, then why not.
    Check and Morgan Schliderine is a must

          1. actually, jefrey kongdobia is must better that morgan scherderlin. he is more mobile, more resolute and packs a good shot. and yes, he also has presence.

            1. I agree with Hafiz. Kondogbia had been towards the top of my DM list since the youth WC a few years ago. Id take either one of them though.

  6. Arsene might looking for Cazorla successor after the lil’ Spaniard expressed his hope to comeback to la liga. We all would love to see Santi retirement at Arsenal, but it’ll be a little chance to be happen. So, we’ve to prepare for it. Coincident or not, Santi’s new role in the center with le Coq, is Ilkay’s routine job with Sven Bender at Dortmund. Hard worker, versatile, skill full, and distance shooter. They are the same type. Ilkay class is close to Santi.
    He’s definitely strong candidate to be Santi’s successor.

    1. If we get a Santi replacement which we do not need as he is retiring in segunda league in Spain by the time he is 34-35, my options would be Firminho or Fehkir.

      1. Santi should be first choice cm

        So we may not need iker as we have Ramsey and Wiltshire to back him up.

        If anything rosicky,diaby and flamini could go and we get

        However iker can play both of those role so he could be a great addition after all.

    2. If we nabbed Gundogan i’d personally be ecstatic!!
      But the comparison to Santi i find odd… Ramsey’s a brilliant B2B and i personally think it depends on the opposition and tactics employed as to where Wenger wants press the hardest…

      We already have two in our squad with enough potential and capabilities to be Santi’s successor. Jack and Dan Crowley!

    3. Thumbs down if you like but I believe Wilshere will replace Cazorla eventually. He plays best in a deeper role but needs protection from a player like Coquelin.

  7. Anything Ilkay Gundogan can do, Santi, Rosicky, Jack, Ramsey, hell even Diabi can do as well or even better.

    We need a DM to complement La Coq in midfield. Morgan preferably.

    We do not need another 5 foot 5 injury prone midfielder

  8. Wilshare, Walcott, Mertesacker, Rosicky, Schzney and even Diaby are not for sale to me at any prize.

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