Will Tielemans performance v Arsenal affect his chances of a summer move? (Opinion)

Arsenal took on Leicester City today at the Emirates in what turned out to be a one-sided encounter, partly down to Youri Tielemans performance.

The Belgian is usually a player who is very-much involved in proceedings for the Foxes, a player who not only puts in a defensive shift but is strongly involved at both ends of the field, but today he was merely a shadow of a man.

His performance could well be down to his ongoing intention to leave the King Power Stadium, a thought possibly even more distracting after holding talks with our club earlier in 2022, and him watching on as we run riot may have only furthered his intentions for pastures new.

The problem is he didn’t showcase his talents today, in front of one of the main clubs linked with his signature, and while that could well water down our interest, it could also make the transfer more likely.

If his level today was a huge statement to Leicester of his intentions, then they could well be forced to consider allowing him to leave for a lower fee, and his performance certainly warrants one.

I would certainly still love for him to be at our club come the end of the transfer window, and paying £25 Million or less would be a massive bargain in my eyes, despite what we saw first hand today.

All I’m taking is that he just doesn’t want to be there anymore, and after seeing his side fail to bring in any new first-team players, highlighting their lack of ambition, would only make things worse for him most likely.

Do you believe he is more or less likely to arrive after today?


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  1. Both Tielemans and Fofana seemed affected by their uncertain futures.
    Will Tuchel/Chelsea change their minds about Fofana after watching him today?

    1. Not really, because they are overhyped. We don’t need Tiele, we got Sambi AND Charlie Patino coming through. They both 100x more talented. Tf we need him for?

  2. £10 million or less and he would be a decent squad player, nothing more. Just watched the game and didn’t realise he was playing.

    1. Please please do not buy Tiellamns, poor performances, knocked off the ball easily. If he’s that good why has nobody else gone for him ???

  3. Not every player can perform well against a team they know they could be joining in few days or weeks time. It’s a mental thing I believe

  4. I don’t think he’ll come after the coaches saw Xhaka’s consistency and we haven’t even watched Vieira play yet. Partey/ Elneny/ Lokonga are competing for the CDM role and they can play as mezzalas as well, so signing Tielemans for those roles will be unnecessary

    Arsenal had better sign a new left-footed CB since Mari is gone. Magalhaes’ passes through the left side are very important and a right-footed CB will never be able to do it as effective as him, so we need someone else to compete with him

    We’ve got Auston Trusty, but I’m not sure whether he’s ready for EPL and can be recalled or not. We can also sign an alternative CF, because we would likely not be able to score from open play in some matches

  5. Hope not, they can keep him 👍🏼
    Never wanted him from the first time he got linked with us.
    Maybe you guys should actually watch him play for 90 minutes before making decisions based on his highlights compilations and highlights of goals.
    I’ve always said it from day 1, you guys think Xhaka is slow defensively? Tielemans is worse. Viera can fight the Xhaka 8 spot. It has nothing to do with his performance today, it’s never been a secret that I don’t want him with us.
    Rather get a right winger and a Partey backup than support paying 25M for this average player with fan hype 👍🏼
    There’s a reason Arsenal ain’t in a rush to make any offer for him, and I hope we don’t.
    My opinion though

    1. I agree with the trusty untrustiness, have you watched Turner play yet? He gives me the heeby jeebies

  6. I’ve said it before. While at Anderlecht Tielemans was on fire. Once he left, it seems he’s become ordinary…IJS

  7. Their fans claimed that it’s a downgrade for him going to Arsenal.
    Thank heavens I never rated him even before this game.

  8. What about Fabian Ruiz from Napoli?

    Spanish International, free agent next summer, left-footed, tall, good at shooting, great passer.

    Could be cheaper than Tielemans.

  9. For me I don’t think we really need Teileman today’s performance not withstanding. We need a winger while Pepe move on.

  10. “MORE OR LESS LIKELY TO ARIVE, AFTER TODAY”? Ive long been convinced we do not want him. Very early on, I thought we MIGHT. But as the weeks went by and the Prem has begun and he still did not arrice, I reasoned that we do NOT want him. But we all know how rumours still survive, even when they are false and/or also dead!
    To be clear, I do think we are stilk seeking top players and may well bring one more in this month. But NOT Tielemans!!
    IF WE WERE interested in him , then by now we would have landed him. WE HAVE NOT AND SO DO NOT WISH TOO.

  11. Humans will always be humans. Because Teileman today’s performance wasn’t good, Arsenal suddenly doesn’t need him where as, most of you called for his signing.

    If we had signed him as most people here called for, this is how you would have started typing shit about how wrong Arteta was for signing him.

    Thank God Arteta had a plan and a process in mind.

  12. Thank you Brentford for beating the noisy utd…. They should also feel what we passed through last season…..

  13. Tielemans did not turn up today, he’s a better player than his parents form suggests.

    Caught ball watching he’s obviously distracted, Its in this position that Tielemans played in that is our greatest area of needs.
    Xhaka looks ten time a cut above Tielemans today.

    We should only sign a midfielder that would instantly improve our team

  14. Tielemans is a good player….Maddison is better Lucas Paquetá is better yet but Milinkovic Savic is better than all of them. We need another midfield player desperately as we have 4 competitions a lot of games and will get injuries for sure.

  15. What a naive and pointless article. Teams spend months and months planning for players, one game will change nothing, it isnt as simplistic as some try to say. If we dont get Tielemans, it will have nothing to do with today and likewise, if we do, he will be better than today. We are interested in Tielemans, we agreed terms through a third party, wether we get him will depend on circumstances that have nothing to do with today at all.

    1. We are grooming Azeez and Akinola in the u21s.

      As for Tielemans, i see no need to rush to sign him. He will probably be a 25m bench warmer, may as well wait 10 months and sign him for nothing. I would personally prefer to give more game time to SmithRowe, Vieira, Lokonga, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, M.Smith, Olayinka, Azeez, Akinola, Salah-Eddine, Cirjan, Cottrell. People saying we need more midfielders are so wrong, there is 12 players that can play in midfield that are currently not in the starting x1

      People saying we need midfielders

      1. We need top qualitee MF’s. Cottrell not good enough, Olayinka same, Smith same, Azeez need loan, the rest not good enough yet. Elneny OK.

        Bruno Guimaraes was the one for us! Cost us top 4. I don’t get it, we went for Locatelli, next, then Bruno is the closest to that profile, yet we butchered it. Spent too much time on Vlahovic who didn’t wanna come. Absolutely gutted this guy went to toons. We had the chance 2x to get him, one for £16m, the other for £40m. Very very bad choice. We were never even in for Caicedo, which is an absolute travesty. We need to wake tf up if not we will pay £50m+ for every player we need.

  16. No tielemans….remember what I said before in an article ….arsenal building a beast of a squad,but we don’t need tielemans…Vinod always right 😎

  17. Never been fully convinced by tielemans but we need a b2b midfielder with strong defensive skills … have done for years … the idea that xhaka can play that role as arteta seems to think beggars belief … so far have not been really pressed by 2 teams that are in transition and even then we came under unnecessary stress at times for lack of midfield control and poise … time to remedy this and for me a big priority over attacking additions .. which can be remedied in jan if necessary

  18. Tielemans is a good player who would add depth to the squad. It is difficult to see who he would displace in the first team at this point. Defensively, he has not been as sound as would be expected of a top level midfielder but he has potential to improve. He is more likely to be a goal threat than the likes of Xhaka however.

  19. I really really hope we don’t sign Tielemans. We need something special for that left cm and ideally better than xhaka both defensively and offensively. Now the issue is that leaves us with Savic or Paqueta as only viable options. Tielemans is nowhere near xhaka and would more likely end up competing with Odegard who is the weak link of the midfield 3.

  20. I hope we don’t sign Tielemans, never liked him. We have Viera who is young and can play as deep play maker. Tieleman will bring nothing to the team.

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