Will Timber’s injury force Tierney to remain at Arsenal this season?

Kieran Tierney seemed poised to depart from Arsenal, with both Newcastle United and Real Sociedad expressing interest in acquiring his services.

The defender’s decline at Arsenal has been remarkably sudden, as several players have overtaken him in the pecking order within a short span of time.

This change in his status has limited his playing time, prompting Arsenal to consider allowing him to leave the Emirates for the right transfer fee.

However, the unexpected injury to Jurrien Timber, who played as the club’s left-back in the season opener against Nottingham Forest, presents a significant setback for the Gunners. This injury could potentially disrupt Arsenal’s plans to sell Tierney.

As reported by The Northern Echo, Timber’s injury could impact the trajectory of Tierney’s future at the club. The injury to Timber might make Arsenal more hesitant to part ways with Tierney, especially considering the uncertainty surrounding Timber’s return timeline. This could potentially alter Arsenal’s transfer decisions, particularly given the stage of the transfer window.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Keeping Tierney in the squad because of Timber’s injury does not make sense because we also have Nuno Tavares, who could be a backup for that role.

We have to accept a good offer for his signature if one comes in. 

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  1. At least Tierney can defend. Less of a midfielder. Tavares was criticised for his defending whilst on loan. He then stopped scoring goals too. Why do you think they didn’t take up the buy option? Get your facts right!

    1. Tavares can be coached into a better player. That’s the duty of the coaches, isn’t it? To bring out the best in players. That’s what the likes of Guardiola and Di Zerbi do.
      Arsenal must have seen potentials in Tavares when they bought him. They should develop them instead of auctioning him away.

      1. Coaches aren’t magicians – it’s always a two way street. Players have to be coachable, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  2. I think I’ve read it all now – Tierney out because we have Tavares!!

    I realize we all have our own opinions, but REALLY?!?!

    1. Hi Ken
      Good to have conversations back after PL break.
      Like you said, ‘Really’.
      I sometimes read the comments as we all need a good laugh as I am sure many are having at some of our comments.

      I read somewhere that a good laugh is the equivalent of swimming in terms of lung capacity improvements.

      1. Singing is better still IGL. It also improves mood and sometimes memory too which is well documented. With those in dementia, I see people who stare into space but their lips move with the songs when I sing to them.
        Thrilling , albeit only briefly.

        Though swimming and laughing ARE BOTH also good and that is widely recognised too.

        1. @ Jon Fox
          You are probably right about singing. Unfortunately not for me as my singing has the ability to evacuate the room.
          So I have to rely on laughs and delay dementia for as long as possible.

  3. Even if KT leaves we have nothing to worry about.zinchenko,kiwior,tomiyasu and of course the out injured timber who are all capable of putting a solid display playing LB.Too many kicks in our dresser you see.

  4. Arteta said KT is as in his plans for this season, and I don’t see that changing. Tavares definitely isn’t, don’t know where that’s come from. JT and AZ being out would give KT a good chance on impressing MA agin. He has been working on inversion!

  5. i fear for the worst coz of our injury records in that left back line , first tiearney, zinchenko, and now timber

    1. Maybe we should avoid signing defenders having names starting with ‘T’: Tierney, Timber,Tavares, Takehiro Tomiyasu(double)hahaha😁

  6. Tavares is disaster when defending. And losing Timber is a blow to our defence. I think it’s a no brainer who is better in defence, Tierney or Tavares.

  7. Injured in the first half of league football for the new club… Welcome to English Premiere League, Mr Timber!

  8. The fact that our Manager does not recognise the calibre of KT is sad.The fact that he seems intent on playing players out of position “for tactical reasons ” is bordering on the ridiculous.The foundations of a great team is set through the spine of the defence, and historically, successful sides do not chop and change this vital area.Neither Zinchenko, nor Tomi can match Tierney at left back, and as for lobbying for Tavares, you must be joking!

    1. Grandad
      I agree with you about Zinchenko or Tavares and MA’s tinkering fully.
      But I feel Tomi is better than Tierney in terms of physicality. That said, both of them must stay as they can also fill in @ CB positions thus giving rest to Gabriel and Saliba.

      1. I think tomi’s simply a better defender than Tierney at LB. Tierney’s probably marginally better stepping into midfield, but I’d still prefer Tomi over him for most games/defensive roles

        1. You don’t seem to realize that Tomi, like Timber, is a right back or centre back, and that prior to moving to Arsenal, neither of them had been used on the left as they simply cannot cross a ball with their left foot.Defensively, they can do a job at LB, but going forward, they offer little.On the other hand Zinchenko offers a lot going forward from his inverted LB role, but, unfortunately he is poor defensively.Only one of our left backs is accomplished in defence and going forward, and yet our Manager, for some reason known only to him, is intent on moving him on..I have to say that I hope KT finds a new Club soon as he is not being treated with the respect he deserves by his current Lord and Master.

          1. I do realise the difference, but I’d argue you’re not correct about timber, as I think he can offer a lot in attack from his nominal LB starting position (more than KT imo because he has a wider range of abilities), if the tactical setup allowed for it.
            I’d also argue that *in our team*, tierney’s attacking qualities are not overly useful as we have martinelli running to the byline and our attacking players aren’t great with high crosses.
            If he could show an ability to hit the forwards with his passing from deeper positions, he’d be great, but i don’t think that’s a real area of strength for him.
            Tierney’s in a horrible position because we don’t actually need a LB – we need players who can cover the LB spot defensively but do their best work from cm or cb positions.
            I agree he should move on for his own sake, and I’d 100% wish him well because I love his attitude to the game, and I think he can go far with the right team, but i don’t blame the manager for wanting to play a style of football that doesn’t suit Tierney, especially considering it’s been working very well for the most part without him – it’s just one of those things. I’m sure he’d say “that’s football” if you asked him.

    2. Grandad, like it or not MA and his tactical positional changes are here to stay. The game has moved on, even since we were not much younger. Whether or not it will improve our conceded column remains to be seen.

      I am hopeful. personally.

  9. Nobody is talking about our attacker which should be priority now, we need a goal poacher which we don’t have the scout should look for all nooks and crannydor agood striker, I don’t see reason why not going for Osimeh at least to compliment the signing of Rice for Arteta, no to any excuse of short of goal poacher deprive is of winning tephies or perform optimally

  10. The lines have been drawn in the sand, players know they are not needed or wanted. Tierney was not in Artetas plans before the Timber injury because Timber and his replacement Tomiasu are right sided players not left and played ahead of our left back Tierney. Tierney and his agents will be way down the road trying to get him out. Even Kivior is ahead or Tierney at left back. Arteta doesn’t rate him and he knows it.

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