Will transfer raid on EPL rivals seal title for Arsenal?

Hopefully this one Arsenal transfer will lead on to a few more before the January transfer window closes in less than two weeks. That does seem to be the whole point of the Gunners raiding our Premier League rivals Leicester City in the first place.

The man that will soon be joining Arsene Wenger and his backroom staff at Arsenal is Ben Wrigglesworth, the head of technical scouting at Leicester. He has played a big part in the excellent recent recruitment of the Foxes which has allowed first Nigel Pearson and now Claudio Ranieri to make big waves in football and punch above their weight.

Wrigglesworth had a big hand in getting players like the excellent Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante to the King Power Stadium and getting them into the Premier League, keeping them there and surprising everyone this season by challenging for the title.

Despite Arsenal’s finances being better these days we are still not going to match the spending power of EPL rivals like Man City, Chelsea and Man United so having a top quality scouting talent to help Wenger find some hidden gems could be a massive boost for our chances of major trophy success in the future.

But will he be able to do anything in time to help Arsenal win this season’s Premier League title?

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    1. Apart from the two African teenagers, who are waiting for work permits, there’s no other incoming during this transfer window, we could still see one or two departing though,
      With Debuchy being the main one.

  1. he could be very handy in helping us secure the services of young l/b ben chilwell in the future if we can persuade him to play to us, as mr wrigglesworth will have seen him first hand, and can inform wenger of his skills and availability on the market, apart from that he seems to have a good eye for under the radar talent abroad that is very arsenal, and even more the wenger way indeed. could be a step in the right direction, apparently as he is highly rated in the scouting world.

  2. To me, the whole hype about Wrigglesworth’s signing is complete nonsense! You should remember you are dealing with stubborn Arsene Wenger. It’s one thing to have a good scout it’s another thing altogether to implement their recommendations. We have had no shortage of scouts spread around the football world, but Wenger rarely takes their advice, because he would rather get a cheap average player than a top quality player you can pay more for. Remember the ones who got away — Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Drogba, etc. Give me a break!

    1. Exactly!
      Even our scouts have come out and said that wenger is too Indecisive!

      Wrigglesworth is an appropriate name for Wenger’s transfer activities… I like it! ?

      1. Every club and every manager will have a list of the ones who got away, each one of those names you threw up will have handfuls of managers who can say they got away. As usual we have a mr hindsight on the website.

        For us to get Messi there would have been bundles of red tape whereas Barca there is none. Drogba arrived at chelsea when we had strikers and where not going to offer the wages che offered. Also nobody and I mean nobody could have known how these players careers would turn out. Before anyone says but surely Messi looked the real deal, well he was a midfielder when starting out.

        1. Hahaha.. Maybe so, but no club or manager will ever come close to Wenger’s list of “the ones I nearly signed” for Arsenal… The list is as long as ET’S arm ( including his extended finger)

          1. You forget that no club who can afford world class players went through the financial struggle we did. It’s likely the agent would’ve forced the player to move to another club like Nasri and Clichy because we didn’t have the money to compete in the league let alone offer decent wages to a player.

      2. JobsWORTH Wenger doesn’t need any help to WRIGGLE out of this season’s transfer window’s!

        Ben Wrigglesworth will probably come into play during the summer months.

  3. Wenger has final say on all arsenal related business, not even the board meddle in his affairs. Scouts/Head of scouts can only make recommendations but if a manager hesitates or wants to bargain for the absolute best possible deals, stipulations, etc etc in a contract then we might get 20% of the players mr Wrigglesworth recommends.

    My point is, don’t get your hopes up

  4. If Wenger is serious about winning the league; Go out and Buy a defender and a proper striker. Pay the money and get it done! Betting on welbeck and Bfg is not a good bet in my books.

  5. I hope we can win the PL and will praise Wenger if we do

    But if we don’t win, the missed opportunities this summer (not getting a single outfielder) and January (if we don’t sign anymore players) will be a major reason

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