Will Unai Emery go with a positive or negative midfield against Bournemouth?

Will Unai Emery be negative or positive against with his midfield against Bournemouth?

For some reason Unai Emery loves to put out a negative midfield in the Premier League, we have all seen his tendency to go with three defensive midfielders. Will he be just as negative against Bournemouth?

Emery usual does the negative midfield line-up away from home or against the top-six so you would hope he would be more adventurous against Bournemouth. I am not so sure he will though.

I fully expect him to go with Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi and Granit Xhaka. Which means no creativity from the likes of Joe Willock or Dani Ceballos.

You just know that Xhaka plays, he is almost guaranteed a start under the Spaniard and Guendouzi appears to be his other go-to man. That leaves just one midfield spot up for grabs and I just do not see Emery looking anywhere else than Torreira.

This is an issue because it does snuff out creativity from the midfield to the forwards, Torreira, Xhaka and Guendouzi just do not have the vision of Ceballos or even Willock.

If there is a time to be positive it is surely when you are at home against a midtable team but Emery has that hesitation about him and I do not see it changing for this game.

It is significant the difference between the Arsenal Europa League line-ups and Premier League line-ups. One is very positive, one is not and I think the results tell you which is the better option.

Just seems it will take time for Emery to realise that playing three DM’s is not the way to go.


      1. Agree, a class act on and off the field, a top professional. Ozil’s similar, never hear about him whingeing to the press or having a go at his manager who says he doesn’t deserve to play. Not a classy remark about your own player, AW would have kept it ‘in house’. Maybe that’s why he didn’t last long at PSG?

    1. I miss Rambo. Did you see his q and a (its on the beeb)? Still talks highly of arsenal, even after a really difficult situation regarding his contract, unlike someone of our other ex players. Top class.

      1. Nitsram, so you cant move that pictures of ramsey from the wall? Grow up and try to understand how much Willock and Ceballos are better then him even at the young age – better then yours ramsey will ever be.

          1. Thats one of the worst Wenger mistakes selling him to Bayern… and for peanuts!
            Although It s easier for us cos we have other young guns brightly emerging.

      2. dont miss him much, Willock is more exciting, good for both, Rambo moves to champions league team, We give Willock game time and save on wages.As you mentioned, I too appreciate his kind words for us, after all we took care of him through his injuries.Unai will opt for a defensive and slow tempo game with the Bermuda triangle.Pity Leno!

  1. Only Emery knows what he will do but I would put this lineup:
    Chambers Luiz Holding Tierney
    Willock Ceballos Guendouzi
    Pepe Auba
    (subs: Sokratis, Martinelli, Saka, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Ozil, Martinez)

  2. The midfield is largely irrelevant.
    Games are decided at either end of the field.
    The quality of the strikers, GK and CB decide games.
    Arsenal has a potent offense especially Aubameyang
    but at the same time Arsenal is pitifully weak at CB.
    Being weak at DM as well makes Arsenal very vulnerable in defense.
    So we continue to rely on the offense to bail the defense out.
    Arsenal games are always very watchable because goal opportunities
    happen on a regular basis at both ends of the field.
    OT Need Liverpool to beat Leicester so if we win we go third.

  3. The central midfield against United was NEGATIVE
    (Torreira, Xhaka, Gueńdouzi)
    3 more defensive players

    The central midfield against Standard was POSITIVE
    (Torreira, Ceballos, Wilock)

    I’d be happy with any of following:

    1. Torreira, Ceballos, Wilock
    2. Guendouzi, Ceballos, Wilock
    3. Torreira, Ceballos, Guendouzi

    As for right and left midfielders I’d be happy with either
    Pepe and Martinelli
    Pepe and Saka

  4. I think Torreira might hit the bench and we’ll start with the same midfield that started against Aston Villa. A double pivot of Guendouzi and Xhaka, with Ceballos ahead of them. I’d go with martinelli on the left though, that will to drive defenders onto their weaker foot all the time when on the wing makes him a joy to watch. I enjoyed Saka against united, but I think Martinelli can deliver more damage than him.

    Chambers Holding Luiz Kola

    Xhaka. Guendouzi
    Pepe. Auba. Martinelli

  5. I think Arsenal are on a 6 match unbeaten run in all competitions since they last lost 3-1 at away to Liverpool in the PL.

    It all depend how it’s being viewed. To some outsiders it could be viewed as a negative midfield if Emery start Xhaka, Torreria and Guandouzi in the midfield tomorrow at the Ems in the PL. But to some insiders at Arsenal including Emery himself, it will be viewed as a positive Arsenal midfield in particular if Xhaka start the match against Bournemouth. Because he is the Gunner most Gooners want Emery axe from starting. But it won’t happen tomorrow against Bournemouth. For, Emery will certainly start him. And maybe he won’t start 3 DMFs but 2 in the match.

    My predicted Arsenal 4-2-3-1 starting XI and 7 on the bench Gunners at home against Bournemouth tomorrow are below.

    Chambers Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac;
    Torreria Xhaka;
    Pepe Ozil Saka;

    Martinez AMN Tierney Guendouzi Willock Nelson Martinelli.

    But just look at my bench as I’ve no centreback covering on it. Emery to give the over rested Ozil a starting spot against Bournemouth and keep his favoured to start youngsters on the bench who must be game playing fatigued after playing at home against Standard Liege in the Europa League Cup matchday 02 last Thursday night.

  6. I agree with Joe. Martinelli to start he’s more dangerous goal threat. Holding Chambers centre backs. AMN/Bellerin & Kolasniac/Tierney FBs.
    Midfield play Luiz &Torreriera
    Pepe Auba.
    Good offence & defence & balance.

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