Will Vardy be Arsenal’s Van Persie? Or another Walcott?

If we sign Vardy is this a sign of things that change around Arsenal?‏ by KM

Hello fine Arsenal fans! It is an unusually interesting transfer window regarding our club! We have signed Granit Xhaka and if you believe the papers Jamie Vardy is having a party at Arsenal! Now I know lots of people have probably said enough about his impact and the formation he’ll fit in so I’ll go at it from another angle.

Vardy turns 30 in January, he played amateur football a few years ago and now he’s champion of England with Leicester, broke the longest goalscoring streak and is well having a party alright! He’s obviously not one for the future, but he’s the kind of signing Fergie would’ve made to win the league. Reminds me of the situation with Van Persie.

I am interested as to what has provoked this from Arsene? Is it the fact Pep and Mourinho – two managers against whom Arsene has a terrible record are coming in? Is it the increasing blame he gets from the fans? Has he realized that what we have is not good enough? I feel like the ingredients lie in a little bit of everything.

Vardy is not the typical Arsenal player. His game is based around space and Leicester’s title winning team was based around counter-attacking football, but as I’ve said, we’re slowly moving away from possession based to more of a dynamic style, in other words, we’re catching up with modern football.

Vardy up front on his own for me will be something like the Theo experiment we tried that didn’t really work over a long period. If we put him up with Giroud or Welbeck or Sanchez up front we’ll be looking at the 4-4-2 he played at Leicester, which would mean shifting our formation, that’s been standing still for the past 10 years.

Despite Giroud letting some words slip about how Vardy wants to join us, until it’s on Arsenal.com you can never be sure, but it’s interesting. Add Vardy to Xhaka, put a new winger and a CB in and we’re looking like business. Will it happen though?

Those two are a promising start, especially with the cat that the Euros will skyrocket players prices for a few good performances, which is so not a real measure when you play in a tournament where you could be the standout player in a small team and you play with players you meet up a few times in the year.

Still, if, and only if, Vardy sings the signs are looking good, but we had a promising start last year as well with Cech and then we slept through the rest of the window. We cannot afford this again. Goundogan has joined Peps revolution at City and Ibrahimovic might join United.

We’re in for a hell of a season, hopefully we’ll be prepared!


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  1. He will be good, he will be RVP. Is this going to be our transfer window.

    Xhaka – 30M
    Vardy – 20M
    Mahrez/Mkhitaryan – 20M
    Rodiguez – 19M
    Koulibaly – 22M

    Outlay 111M

    Walcott: 22M
    Gibbs: 12M
    Campbell: 10M
    Debuchy: 4M
    Sanogo: 1M
    Silva: 1M
    Money from sales: 50M

    Total outlay: 61M

    Not bad I would say.

    1. Mahrez/Mkhitaryan for 20mil? Are you on crack? Mahrez, from what I hear, has a ridiculous release clause in his contract, my guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60mil. Realistic price is probably somewhere half of that, but I don’t think Lester will be willing to let both him and Vardy join us. And Mkhitaryan… well, he’s probably worth somewhere around 60-70mil, and there’s no way Wenger will spend that kind of money on a single player.

      1. Mkhitaryan’s contract is ending in 2017. Bayern will snatch him up like they always do.
        20m around €28m should be enough. But i would focus more on a worldclass CB.

      2. Mkhitaryan is on final year of his contract, that’s the reason he’s cheap.

        Mahrez was not the same player when they bought him for £400k, and that’s why his release clause relatively cheap.

  2. Um please, who knows the ETA from Kingpower stadium to London colney?

    Ridiculous!….just ridiculous

  3. he ll be a clone of both players’ positives.. Walcott’s pace and interchanging of position with Alexis, ability to drag CBs outta position… and RVP’s clinicality in front of goal.

    1. Walcott’s pace? ? Hahaha, stop right there! ?

      If Vardy was one of our 22 year old home growns and he just stepped into our first team, in the same physique that he is in now! … The first thing that the ‘know it alls’ would have said was… . “He needs to bulk up!” ??

      1. Vardy is deceptively strong, a brave scrapper. That’s probably why he wins so many penalties, he is very tough with CBs, but when they pay him back in kind, it looks like they are flattening him. Vardy doesn’t get bullied, you can’t say that about many of the 22 year olds in need of bulking. Ozil needed to bulk up, but Vardy is a different animal. Fight club “skinny guy’s fight to the burger” ..but only if they’re willing.

      1. Whats happened to these people? ?
        I doubt that even Barnet would get this excited about signing Vardy. ?

        1. If Vardy was a Croatian name, or Chilean Argentinian, you guy’s would be ecstatic in getting the player of last season. I would love if admin showed some quotes of yours on J Vardy last season, when you used to list Aguero Kane and Vardy’s stats against Girouds.

          1. Now you are talking 100% ?!
            And the thumbing up that you got, just goes to show how biased and delusional some are on here! ? I have never rated Vardy… Or Kane lol. So go point somewhere else, mate.

  4. Every summer, we suffer almost the same fate……High expectations

    Seasons ago, it was Higuain in London

    next was Benzema and all the BS by emanuele guilianelli, Jienny Lizarazo etc

    then it happened again with Vidal…. All the BS of sanchez talking him over during the copa america etc etc

    somewhere between, it was “suarez and the story of the extra pound”

    Its summer again…… It’s Vardy this time….. This time it’s not going down well with all the fans…… The fanbase is split for several reasons towards signing him

    expectations?…..i’m keeping a very very low one this time

    with all the twist and turns…. Tides can change very very fast..

    it doesn’t usually end well…..does it?……will it this time?

  5. Not sure Vardy is going to happen is it? Mystery medicals that don’t happen….we will know before he leaves for the Euros….definately before he gets on the flight by 11.30 Am today……

    So far nothing….nothing at all.

  6. Well… There was no medical or nothing said at noon today! Vardy was on the plane heading to France, with the rest of the England Squad!

    Apparently, he wants more time to think about it, hopefully it has something to do with Leicester’s counter offer!

    ( They probably offered him a new contract, doubled his £70,000 a week, along with a bumper signing on fee and a solid gold crackpipe, with’ Vardy’ written in diamonds)

  7. I’m getting bored with this ‘will he, will he not’ speculation…can’t he make up his mind??? or better yet, he shld sai when he’ll announce, so we know if we plan next season with him.

    1. I think even if joining Arsenal has always been his biggest goal, he would still have to make this decision look like it is a very difficult one to make. Giroud was a muppet for saying he heard he’s keen on the move, especially so soon after the rumour popping up, he should have just kept his gob shut. I think he’s coming, he knows it’s now or never.

  8. Is any of Uk Gooner’s having a go at The sun’s Dreamteam Euro’s competition?

    If anyone is interested in joining a mini league, heres the pin number : 8531073.

    1. Come on, you wannabe manager’s this is more fun than fifa! ? You can pick one team for free and then pitt it against the Fatboy, in the above mini league! ?

  9. If he is still thinking about it then my guess is he isn’t coming.

    Always such drama with Arsenal transfers with 90 percent of them not happening.

    Probably just press talk anyway.

    1. Arsenal have activated Vardy’s release clause!
      And have offered him 120,000 aweek, on a four year contract.

      Leicester have since put in a counter offer to persuade Vardy to stay. …. that’s where it is at, right now.

      The obvious reasons for Vardy to move, was money motivation! … his 29 and this could be his last opportunity to get a big fat signing on fee, aswell as doubling his current wages!

      Did you know that Fleetwood town are in line to pick up over 6 million, if Leicester sell Vardy? …. Leicester will have to pay his old club that fee, from the 20 million.

      1. So if that’s the case what real incentive does he have to join us? If Leics better or match our offer he won’t come for sure.

        The delay here and him thinking about it is pointing to him not coming is my gut feeling on this.

        It is what it is though I guess.

        1. Wtf!… we missed out on Suarez because of a lousy pound and you guys are crying over some Overrated jumped up crackhead? ? ? that was probably buzzing out of his nut, whilst on the pitch. ??

          That probably explains that expression on his face! ?

  10. Vardy to Arsenal is no longer guaranteed….

    I must confess I already had my mind on this one,even dreaming about it…

    It will be painfuk if he decides to stay put…..

    1. And I, will be as happy! as a pig in ?!! ??

      Now lets go and get a real striker that will give value to his transfer fee….. Jansenn or Milik or even both!

      1. @ Fatboy…

        You are so devoted to this your agenda against Vardy that one will think Janssen and Milik are established strikers that will also hit the grround running…

        I understand your point from the beginning but can’t we get Vardy and one of Milik or Janssen too…

        Vardy is a clinical, stronger and efficient Walcott you know…..he is what we have always wanted Walcott to be(at least by last season’s standards)…..

      2. Fatboy…

        To sum it up nicely…ala Mourinho…what you have is a;


        1. Nah mate, I don’t do campaigns, so it’s okay to read the same comments from the same fan’s, who are excited about Vardy but it’s a campaign when I don’t share the same views? ? ? I know that Vardy won’t be the same player next season! .. I have seen these scenarios many a times. ?
          I don’t rate Vardy like the majority on here do and it is funny how the majority of Gooner’s away from this forum are not so convinced about this signing.

  11. First of all Wenger had no intention of winning anything and rather relied on the performance of Van persie and secondly the team was either motivated to win anything nor was it really going in any direction so van persie left to win with Man utd, here the story is completely different wherein Vardy has won the league and given Leicester’s reasonable effort to change his mind along with a valid reason to stay you can’t expect him to have the same impact with the club. Morata and Higuain have the quality to do something yet so the decision has to be immediate.

    1. Your forgetting that vardy is settled and loved at the club,
      His on good terms with the Manager and the Owner! ?

      If Leicester have counter offered him more money plus a bumper signing on fee, in a new contract, of course he is more than likely to stay!

      At his age, the move to Arsenal or any other club would have been purely for the Big Money involved.

      And personally I hope that he stays, because we Arsenal fan’s deserve a better striker signing than Vardy!

  12. Vardy will be happy to have Ozil And Alexis Behind him when attacking and vice versa

    Ozil will be upset with How Theo and Giroud performed in not helping him break Henry’s assist record andnot winning the Pl.
    Alexis will have less pressure on him to score

  13. We’re all talking like its a done deal but many years of bullsh!t and lies tell me that its NOT done until its on Arsenal.com
    As it was supposed to be tied up before Vardy flew out to europe with the england team and as far as we know its not then all bets are off until we’re told otherwise.
    Vardy is a great striker but how well he’ll do next season is anyones quess and as everybody on here has slated the idea of Morata I think we’ll have to keep an open mind IF we get Vardy.
    I felt like the author when we were in for Higuian and all the papares said it was done, also when we offered the desultory 40 million and a pound fiasco for Suarez so let reserve our judgement until we really know we have him.
    I still feel that theres many a slip twixt cup and lip

  14. Will he or won’t he? Who knows. Nobody can answer that questions. The mighty Ibrahimovic flopped in barca but excelled in AC Millan and PSG. The only reason I have a good feeling about this is that Vardy will be playing in the same league and will be surrounded by very creative players that will feed him decent balls non stop. Why won’t he be a success at Arsenal? But then again, everything is life is a gamble but Vardy is a gamble worth taking.

    1. For Ibra a bad season is 21 goals like at Barca, and that’s considered flopping. Everywhere else he has been an absolute monster. (And his Barca season still surpasses his first season at Milan in terms of goals.)

  15. Last night I had a dream! Wenger was telling me that he is building an invincibles squad.
    Xhaka, Vardy, Mkhitaryan, Koulibaly, Rodriguez, hmmm I sure believe this to be true.

  16. Looks to me that the Vardy transaction might be getting away from us. We definitely didn’t manage to pull him across yet, opening the door to other suitors. Was really hoping for an announcement today.

    It is hard to understand what happened.

  17. PS: Is there anyone who believes Wenger would offer a 29 year old striker a 4 year contract?

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