Will Walcott return give Arsenal a new formation?

How does Wenger go about getting the best out of Walcott and Sanchez? by SE

The prospect of having Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez – two goal-scoring wingers – play for Arsenal shouldn’t be too long from becoming a reality. Walcott has been back in full training for quite some time now, but making the transition from plain training into playing a high-voltage game can be significantly different, and it is primarily due to that reason why Walcott might not see enough action in Arsenal colours for the next couple of weeks at least. However, as and when he makes the starting XI for Arsenal, how does Wenger go about accommodating the Englishman and Sanchez?

Sanchez, during his Barcelona days, played as the wide striker in a 3-man frontline that the Catalans favor. At Arsenal, however, the Chilean has largely found himself playing as an out-and-out winger, and although he has created 13 goal scoring chances until now, hasn’t given the North Londoners that cutting edge he and his team would have wanted. With Walcott returning, the prosaic tactic would be to keep playing him on the Left-Hand-Side, and deploying the 25-year old Englishman as the Right-Winger. However, if I was Wenger, I just wouldn’t want to be too predictable and leave two of my best players, apart from Ozil, out wide.

Chamberlain has been in sparkling form, and should be rewarded for his good showings. In addition, the 21-year old Englishman has got pace, doesn’t bother tracking back and, above all, gives Arsenal something different. Welbeck, with his height and aerial ability, could be better utilized if someone can swing crosses into the box and find the former Manchester United man. Chamberlain, when he plays, could be deployed as the Right-Winger, told to stay in touch with the byline and swing crosses for Welbeck to attack. Walcott can play in Sanchez’s position on the Left-Hand-Side, cutting inward of his opposing fullback, and give Arsenal a wide range of options with his ability to shoot from distance, while remaining a constant threat in the final third of pitch along with Sanchez and Welbeck – who should be played through the middle. Sanchez played in a 2-man frontline for Chile at the World Cup, and it was his goal scoring exploits for the South Americans that eventually cajoled Wenger into bringing him to the Emirates. So there’s no reason why the Chilean shouldn’t partner Welbeck and render Arsenal a better goal scoring threat.

Final Thought
I am all for the 4-4-1-1 system, and making sure that Welbeck doesn’t remain isolated while playing as the solitary man upfront. Sanchez, in my opinion, should play alongside or just off Welbeck, with Walcott and Chamberlain playing on the respective left and Right-Hand-Sides of the two men – Sanchez and Welbeck – in the middle. What it will do is, give Arsenal better flexibility, which they couldn’t find with Ozil playing on the wings and, by playing Chamberlain as the winger who delivers dangerous crosses into the box, Welbeck’s aerial ability can come in handy for the Gunners.

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  1. If all are fit, which is almost impossible knowing our team:
    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbo
    Diaby Rambo
    Theo Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: OG , Chambers, Ospina, Ox, Carzola, Wilshere

    2nd team and cup games (not much steel at the back) but here goes:
    Bellarin Chambers Hyden Monereal
    Flamini Wilshere
    Ox Carzola Campbell
    Subs: Sanogo, TR7, Arteta, Marttinez, Gnarby, Mert

    1. when all fit lol… when was the last time all our players were available for selection?
      i’d like to see a 4-3-3 played
      Bellerin Kos Mert Gibbs
      Flamini Wilshire
      Walcott Sanchez

      1. Never and its the reason why my team selection is based on almost all our squad members mate.

        We can never have a full squad at a given time, but if we did or if the players listed are all fit, that would be my team.

    2. What has Ozil done to start ahead of Cazorla and Wilshere? Wilshere has been our best midfielder so far this season. Do you pick your lineup based on name or what? :-/

      1. With due respect Twig,

        Jack can run all he wants in a game but if that doesn’t materialize to a goal scoring opportunity or have a positive role on the team then some bench time would help him learn.

        Ozil played in the middle with a free role allows our team to move faster and acqually creates more chances if you closely follow the game. Am not Ozil’s biggest fan neither am I jack’s but I love them equally and my team selection is based on MY PERSONAL OPION which might be right or wrong, besides Wenger gets 8mil to pick the team anyway and not me so don’t worry.

        Select yours too mate.

        1. Ozil has had three man of the match quality performances out of his six league game. He had two really poor games aswell and against Chelsea he played on whilst having a crack in his knee. He hasn’t been easy on the eye but acccording to squawka he has been the top performer

      2. Twig you are kidding aren’t you?
        How has Jack been our best midfielder?
        He is the definition of a busy fool, running around all day with no product at the end!

        If a good midfielder means running into walls of defenders and falling over holding your ankle or being dispossessed like primary school kid having his lunch money taken then OK he is the best.

        Why are some fans dazzled by an unproductive player that runs around and blind to the affect that OZIL has on a game, has no one looked at the stats for chances created and his involvement in almost every goal we have scored if not in assists in the build up?
        Did no one read the excerpt from Pep’s book where he instructed his players to take Ozil out of the game because he was the main threat in midfield? Are you telling me you know better than Pep?
        He can tie up players who have been told to mark him at all costs allowing the other players more opportunities.

        007’s team is sound and if Diaby isn’t fit then Chambers should take that deep midfield defender role on, he could grow into that and be our DM, kid is strong and confident.
        If Diaby is fit then we have to look at Chambers for Mert, he is slower this year than last and all of the PL managers know it, now Kos is injured which is part down to Wenger’s incompetence inn the transfer market and part Mert’s slowness leaving him with too much work to do.

  2. Even when we got the full squad, our beloved overdue manager also don’t know how to rotate or make substitute.

    How can a manager that bought us the invincible become a worst manager that said by the pundit and fans world wide? Is he that bad? If not why most of them say so? As a fan should we just blindly support him?

    1. Happy to see Walcott back. Game changer for us & always turns up on big occasions. Vastly under-rated imo.
      My favourite player alongwith Ramsey.

  3. Alexis, Walcott and Ox will not all play at the same time unless Welbeck gets injured. Playing Alexis upfront with Welbeck and having Walxott and Ox on the wings means they will find it hard to find space, it’s nice to play with on FIFA but doesn’t really work in real life. Your alternative of Sanchez behind Welbeck will also not work because there will be no architect, if there was then we would be seriously light defensively. Without a NO. 10 who can float around and thread balls through these pacey players will not shine.

    I would really like to see this at Hull:

    Hector mert Nacho Gibbs
    Flam wilsh
    Ox. Caz. Alexis

    This team has a really nice balance to it, look at the sheer pace on the wings! I think this will be our most effective team with current availability.

  4. I Hope Wenger doesn’t mess with Walcotts position. I’m getting sick and tired of his meddling and bungling.

    Just because Wenger turned Henry from a winger to a successful striker doesn’t mean he can turn Ozil from a CAM to a successful winger. Ozil plays winger for Germany simply because their midfield is packed with talent. Or turning Wilshere into a DM.

    Just keep Walcott as a forward. Keep Ozil and Cazorla as a CAM.

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