Will we ever stop linking Bellerin with Barcelona?

The supposed long standing Barcelona target Hector Bellerin has been linked with a return to his hometown continually despite signing a very long term contract just 18 months ago, and yet again he has ended all speculation regarding his future and told Arsenal he is staying at the Emirates.

Since bursting onto the scene with the Gunners in 2015, the Spain international defender has been heavily been linked with a move back to the Spanish giants, with reports they believe Bellerin to be a suitable long-term option for Barca’s right-back berth.

The Italian giants Juventus and Premier League rivals Manchester United have also been linked with possible deals, with speculation on his future never quite dying down.

But despite all the speculation regarding his future and the criticism he picked up for some of his performances last season, he has given the club a big boost by rubbishing speculation that he is ready to pack his bags and head back home to Spain.

“It is crazy that people ask me these questions all the time,” he was quoted on the Sky Sports website.

“A few years ago I signed a very long-term contract. I have never said that I have wanted to be anywhere else.

“I am very happy in London. I am very happy at this club.

“The club have made me who I am and gave me the chance to be the footballer I am today. So I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

So can we now stop linking Hector with a return to his old club at last?

Emery has done some wonderful transfer business this summer, with Bernd Leno, Sokratis and Lucas Torreira the stand-out signings for the Spaniard, although Guendouzi has also been very impressive this week and Lichtsteiner looked great at the World cup too

But there is no point bringing in new faces to the squad, as they simply cant adapt to the pace, intensity and physicality the Premier League provides.

So keeping hold of the clubs biggest players will be the best transfer business of the summer for Arsenal, as it gives stability to a club that is going through a big time change.

And it also gives Bellerin the chance to prove his worth to the Gunners fans, having let himself and the club down during the final months of Arsene Wenger.



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I expect Bellerin to pick form gradually, I don’t think we’ll see him at his best soon. He’ll slowly build it under Emery. Though the friendly matches were all interesting, I’m buzzing and just wishing I could fast forward the days to our opening match.
    I want to face Man City, It’ll be a lot different, and we’ll see how the boys will introduce themselves. I’m seeing Man City giving us a tough time, but seeing us get past Chelsea. If we should beat City then win Chelsea, I’ll so much love it, and we’ll have to build the momentum from there.
    I love the fact that Emery is always on the touchline directing the boys… Unlike someone’s grandfather who’d have stayed stuck on the bench clenching his fists and battling with the water bottle??

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      “We want to give him and our players the position they feel most comfortable in on the pitch,” he said of the German.
      “He started today at No 10 with Matteo and Mohamed behind him. The first one would go up and then find him between the lines, or sometimes Mkhitaryan.
      “When we do have the ball, we can press with the striker and a No 10 almost like a 4-4-2 in a press. It depends because Mesut can play on the right and go inside, driving in to open up space for the right back.”

      Geez!! This is a coach who’s not gonna experiment players in different roles, this is a coach doing the right thing. Hopefully we’ll see more improvements

  2. Gifted says:

    Bellerin loves Arsenal and I think he played well today. Not so flashy but boy did his defensive duties very well. Having said thatz I still think we need a winger desperately as most of the times our boys play a lot through the middle which makes us predictable..I hear Minslat is looking to secure Dembele on a loan deal and if he came, I think we would win tear teams apart…Imagine a front three of Dembele, Auba and Laca

  3. barryglik says:

    Sky is reporting that
    Hector Bellerin is being traded
    to Brentford for a reported 2 mill fee
    with the news that Emanuel Eboue
    is being lined up for a return to Arsenal.

  4. Tas says:

    I don’t like to rubbishy any of our players but why would Barca sighn him now days his only had a half a good season two years ago, barryblik’s Brentford move is more likely ?

    1. Tas says:

      barryglik* Sorry ?

  5. herb says:

    what does everyone see in bellerin that some of us dont see?? Because along with Ramsey and Xhaka, he has no skill-set needed at a club like Arsenal. I said it before, we should have signed Serge Aurier because him and Walker are annoyingly the best rightbacks in the world, love it or hate it.
    And this business of talking about wingers, i wanted us to sign LUCAS MOURA but wenger was adamant, just like how i want pochetino to continue with his fullishness of starting this Dele ali crap boy ahead of him. Now the only person close to what we need as a winger is COEMAN – and Bayern wont let him go; but of cause people will throw around Martial, Dembele and Co. who are NOT any close to COEMAN.

  6. Andrew E says:

    He may be linked to Barca but they won’t buy him, he’s not good enough. He is another one that has had every chance to progress but hasn’t. He is nowhere near as good as Sagna and light years away from Lee Dixon. If funds were available he would have been replaced (and not by Lichtsteiner who is only a stop gap) so, in my opinion, he has until January to prove his critics wrong.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      You said it Andrew: Lee Dixon – a proper defender, against who all full backs should be measured. Do that with Bellerin and you’ll find he’s well short of that standard at the moment.

      1. jon fox says:

        Rather like comparing a mouse to a lion . Dixon being as brave and fearsome as any lion.

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