Will we see Mesut Ozil in an Arsenal shirt again?

Mesut Ozil Arsenal future in doubt after being dropped from squad against Bournemouth.

On the face of it, you would have to say that it is all over for Mesut Ozil at Arsenal but it is not as simple as that.

The German playmaker has clearly fallen out of favour with Unai Emery. It is now hard to see a road back for the 30-year-old. However, Arsenal is still in four competitions and so there will be opportunities for Ozil if he is prepared to take them.

It looks like Emery has lost trust in Ozil and does not feel he can rely on him when the ball is lost. There is one simple solution, Ozil has to start to play the way the Spaniard demands if he wants a way back.

It is hard to see Ozil leaving in January, who can afford his wage? There was not a long line-up for his services in the summer was there?

The chances are that Ozil will remain at Arsenal at least until the summer and most probably for longer. It is madness to allow a player of his capabilities to just rot away in the reserves. That is why there is still a chance of reconciliation between the former German international and Emery.

There is no short term solution here. Ozil will have to knuckle down, Emery will not change and it is up to the player to adapt.

So, in answer to the question posed, no. I do not think we have seen the last of Ozil in an Arsenal shirt. But Ozil will have to do all the running if he wants to get back in the managers good books.


  1. So if there is this falling out between Ozil andEmery, just Why was he named as one of the five “Captains” in the squad.Although that in itself sums up the total uncertainty this Manager has with his squad, it makes you wonder just what the player has to do to get a game. Has he performed badly in his two 70 minute cameo performances to date? I don’t believe so. Has Ceballos shown that other than the Burnley game he is a better option than Ozil as a CAM? Again I don’t believe he has ( although he is a player who “ could” be a great buy if it can happen ).
    It’s the muddled thought process Emery brings to this Club.He has no clue how to knit together a tight defence and a potent attack.
    And he seems happy to have Ozil as his fall guy.Anyone who was satisfied with that lacklustre performance against an average Bournemouth side has very low standards of expectations.Emery was found out at PSG and gone in two seasons.It will be the same at Arsenal

    1. I still support Özil ….Arsenal squad is lucky to be stay at third on the table because other top six teams have their own problems too. Özil can only play well if he allow to roam freely..If you instruct him to defend,then you better sell him because you do not understand Özil !

      1. It has nothing to do with luck,these clubs created their own problems which means managers, players,board are doing a worse job than us,simple as that! listening to most people we are the worse team and in crisis,well look at others teams because it is a competition involving another 19 teams so that’s why we have to look at what’s happening at your club first but can’t ignore what is happening with others teams! so obvious!

    2. I think there is more to Ozil’s case than meet the eyes of fans.
      Firstly it was unexpected fitness issues. Now it’s about if he wants to play to the coaches way. I find difficult to accept that someone at Ozil’s professional level would remain at the club after the summer while he is not capable of following the coach’s tactics. That’s not the case.

      And Emery on the other side won’t be suitable for blames of not wanting to use available and ready players when you consider the opportunity he has given to our youths so far.

    3. There are similarities between Ozick and Emery at Arsenal and Neymar and Emery at PSG
      Both were big names and salaries,I wonder if Unai has a problem managing this type of situation.
      Does he see them as a threat to his authority?
      Man management is a skill in itself.
      In this new Arsenal team I think oil has a place in midfield personally.

    4. Thanks Phil. But to be honest I don’t know how much of service (or disservice) Emery is doing himself, Ozil and the club. Himself: his football is rubbish, the team lacks creativity, it lacks excitement, the fans don’t believe, fans are divided, he has turned us into a second grade team. Ozil: he doesn’t play but gets all the benefits, he has achieved a lot in football so Emery can not break him, he has trophies to show for his efforts. Club: shirt sales affect sponsorship, Ozil gets his full salary (until he decides otherwise), and Arsenal are losing their football image and identity. In the long run the board will feel the impact. Someone will win and something or someone will lose. Either way it is not a battle worth fighting. So I will say Emery is not wise!!!!!

      1. “second grade team” sitting third in the EPL; Arsenal’s supposed status doesn’t say much for the other 19 clubs and their managers/coaches?

    5. Ozil divides opinion like no-other player currently at Arsenal.I agree he has not played sufficiently for anyone to really judge his current form. What I believe is that Mezut is going nowhere and the sooner Emery integrates him back in the squad the better.It is absolute supidity to leave a player such as Ozil sitting on the bench or not considered at all. In Dr Sogut, Ozil has one of the best agents in the business, he is a lawyer with expertise in contract negotiations. I believe Ozils contract is watertight and as such only Ozil will decide if and when he wants to leave. It is said by many on this site that nobody wants him. Firstly the club have not officially put him up for sale and secondly Ozil deals through his Agent who has categorically stated that Ozil is going nowhere.End of story.It maybe that the board wants to dispense with Ozil but are having great difficulty because of the strength of his contract. What annoys me about this saga is the weakness of the board and Emery in failure to come out once and for all and say that OZil has no future at Arsenal FC and resolve the problem for everyone. I think Emery is a very poor man manager,his treatment of Ozil reinforces my view. If you do not want the player officially say so. It is also possible that the board are desperately try to to find a weakness in Ozil contract, such as not performing in training, illness and any other leaverage. If Emery goes along with this then he is not the manager for Arsenal or any other club.

  2. Of course we will see Ozil in an Arsenal shirt again.
    We heed his creativity, not the bland defending football we are currently getting.

    1. I doubt Ozil will wear the shirt for an EPL or Europa game! He didn’t even make the bench yesterday!

      Ozil will be gone in January if a buyer is willing to pay for him and his huge wage!!!

    2. I suspect Emery is simply carrying out “orders from above” in not selecting Ozil with the aim of getting him off the wage bill asap.However this strategy could well rebound on Arsenal as the player will not have the chance to prove he can still perform at a high level and therefor impress potential suitors .It is also likely to harden his attitude in any negotiations which will take place sooner rather than later if he continues to be treated like a leper .An unsatisfactory situation all round as a result of the sheer madness of Gazidis and I have to say sadly Mr Wenger.

      1. This is a Problem of only Emery, He’s had this type of friction between players before, he has an Ego and the team is paying for it… wasting minutes on a player on Xhaka instead of Ozil that could make your team play better.

      2. Grandad you have hit the nail on the head. Emery would not be acting in isolation from the owner/management of Arsenal.
        Gunner23, what are your qualifications in psychology/psychiatry to assess Emery’s mental state? By the way everyone has an “ego”, even you.

  3. I don’t get this Ozil problem ,he’s played two 70 mins games and played alright no worse than the other players on the pitch ,now why does he get punished when at least half the team are and have been way below any performance that Ozil as produced .
    Fans have been saying Ceballos can take his place but he’s been pretty bog standard ,played one great match and done naff all since .
    Emery obviously likes players that run around like blue assed flies without producing anything,as we have seen with our goal scored in the league .
    I get that Ozil as been playing well below his own standards but bloody hell you only need to look at half this squad and you wonder how they are picked but not Ozil .

  4. we will need Mesut for the Carabao cup matches initial rounds and Europa League group stage.Beyond that is asking too much from Mesut, and a risk for the team.Remember that fateful night in Baku? How he disrespected the club by walking down during the substitution? Nice fella, but is done as a pro footballer. Wish him the very best for his future and personal life!let us ignore his wages for a moment and look at his performances, he needs to go like Dennilson or Arshavin or Elneny or Frimpong.Simple.

  5. The last time I checked ozil does the most runs in games. Anyway am not the coach.Emery trains with him everyday. Though everyone knows he is the creative midfielder we have well you could say ceballos as well and both players don’t start in most of our games.

    1. I love Ozil infact we all love him as fan of arsenal . We will see him again and we don’t want to Ozil go away like other left ,, Sanchez , Giroud , Ramsey , an few of other . Emery has to make him play in his starting 11 , we need experience player . Leaving back experience player doesn’t mean team will grow . We let alex oxlade chamberlain go away . Please management or someone who read this , share the message to arsenal team not to let go Ozil away if not we need unai emery to leave club as his tactics ain’t workin much compare to arsen wenger .we need Ozil

  6. Premier league appearances -167
    Goals scored -32
    Assists -52
    How any manager can leave a player with them kind of stats when we are struggling for goals is beyond me .

    1. Those stats are misleading
      What are his stats for the past 3 seasons after his 19 assists season

      Also it’s a fact that he doesn’t show up for big games or against tough opponents

      1. @Innit, which of our current midfielders has a better stats?
        Our game has become lethargic and appaling to watch. Zero creativity, zero fluidity, zero defensive stability. What a shame. We may be 3rd on the table, but that’s not bcos we’re better, it’s just bcos United and Spuds have declined.
        If we don’t improve, all it takes is one or two injuries and we’re back to 6th.

        1. With all due respect, he is currently one of our longest serving and definitely our most capped player so there is no criteria to compare him to any of our “young” midfielders. None of them have played anything close to his number of minutes, and he did have his day. No denying that, that 19 assist season was something. But if we can’t ride on an invincible season 16 years ago, then he cannot ride on it either without footing the bill for it.

          I do not enjoy UE’s football, not at all. But he has made the right signings (most of them), made the hard choices to exclude our problematic players. Unattractive football has cost you only one defeat to the world champions, when last season under Wenger we were destined for a loss anytime our players got on a bus/plane to play away from the Emirates. I doubt Emery will be our long term coach, but in terms of the job he was brought in to do to stabilize the club after AW’s departure, I give him all the credit. He’s made us tough on the pitch, and he is tough by nature. The flower child requires much more delicate treatment though, I’m aware.

          1. You see Arsenal as Tough?? I see our EPL team Week and without creativity, but our UEL and Cups Teams seem better faster and ruthless and this is because the squads are way better… No Xhaka, No sokratis, Tierney, Bellerin, and Torreira playing on the correct positions, Willock and Torreira Midfield Works, We actually usea Wingers, and our pairing of HOlding with Chambers seem better than Luiz and Sokratis.

          2. Our team is tough?

            When our new captain turns round and says we were scared of Watford?????

            Jeez, where do fans get such ideas from? If we were “tough”, we would be attacking the so caloed lesser teams, not being s**t scared of them!!!

            No wonder we were accused of having no cojones – a total disgrace.

    2. Across 6 years that gives an average of just 6 goals and 9 assists a season, take out the 15/16 season (6 goals 19 assists) and those average returns drop to just 5 goals and just over 5 assists per season – hardly the stuff of legends 🤷‍♂️
      Add in his zero presence when off the ball and his disappearance when the games get tough – how on earth do you think he is worth it?
      Hell Xhaka for all his many, many, many faults offers us more defensively than Ozil, let alone if we compare him to the others who could play his exact role (Laca, Ceballos, Willock, ESR) 🤷‍♂️

        1. We didn’t buy Ozil to be a defensive player so how can you compare him to Xhaka? Why not try asking what Xhaka has done offensively since he has been here compared to Ozil and you will see how flawed your argument actually is

          1. Your absolutely right Phil we didn’t buy Ozil to be a defensive player but considering Xhaka got as many assists as Ozil last season (almost as many the season before too) and everyone says replace Xhaka with Ozil I thought it was an apt comparison 🤷‍♂️
            How about my argument that the others who can play the same role as Ozil all offer far more than he does – what defence do you have for for Ozil there?

      1. to assess a creative player, you should count goals, assists, key passes and through balls in the context of total minutes played. Just counting assists is selective to be biased.

        But the whole argument on whether we should keep Ozil on a footballing reason is just hypocritic. As long as he does not fit the coach’s play philosophy, just terminate the contract and pay him off. Don’t let this saga drag on to the extent that it divides and intoxicates the dress room. Keep up the Arsenal’s tradition to be a decent team and find a win-win solution.

        1. I did take that all in to account…. 2018/19 stats in PL.
          Ozil – 24 games
          5 goals
          2 assists
          3 big chances created
          7 through balls
          42 crosses

          Xhaka – 29 games
          4 goals
          2 assists
          5 big chances created
          5 through balls
          129 crosses

          And to answer Jay below….. I don’t expect Ozil to be more defensive than a deep mid like Xhaka (I do expect him to have a defensive side to his game at all though which currently he doesn’t), I expect him to be vastly more creative than one if he’s going to take that place 🤷‍♂️

          1. Mad Hatter, looking forward to you answering the other points/questions asked by Jay – should be interesting.

            One from me as well, were you at the Emirates on Sunday and did you see the scintilating, exciting, tactical, attacking football we played???

            Although I was there, I fell asleep after fifteen minutes – not sure if I got dizzy with the backward and sideways passes, or if it was complete and utter boredom of the whole 90 minutes.

          2. Please give his stats for all 6 years, and use minutes played not games played. Coming in during injury time is different from coming in after half time.

            Do you have key passes stat?

            Also, we have been discussing his stats over his 6 seasons at Arsenal, it will be difficult to see the whole picture when we shift focus to just last season in the middle of the discussion. BTW, trending is important for data analysis.

            I agree that Ozil has past his prime, but let’s do the analysis objectively if we are going to use data.

      2. How on Earth does anyone expect Ozil to offer more defensively that Xhaka when they play different positions? My question is had Arsenal midfield and defensive play improved since the dropping of Ozil? Has the team been creating more chances? Are we scoring more goals than when Ozil was our playmaker? Are we player better combination and cohesive play? Is it more pleasurable to watch an Arsenal without perspiring till the final whistle? The answer is a BIG NO. Emery is just a vindictive coach, there are players in that squad that have been playing far worse that Mezut. May be he’s just jealous of his salary and status. Had same issues with Neymar

  7. The only player we should get rid of is G. Xhaka, instead Emery appoint him as our Captain. So as long as Emery in the seat, Xhaka ridiculous show will keep on going on and on. There’s nothing this Xhaka dude can offer much to improve our play instead of his lack of game awareness and some silly mistake.
    Actually our transfer this season is a promising start to improve our weakness in full back and attacking winger, but what we miss out is the fact we are so fragile in mid that lead to our Defensive prone. What we need is a midfielder that can cover our Central Def, break opponents attack and then start the counter, i’ll say we should aim for Wilfred Ndidi, this guy has made Johny Evans look like a top quality CB in Leicester.

    Back to Ozil, he is a creative player that like to play short, and i think we can get the best out of him if Arsenal put the right player alongside, just back then when we still has Cazorla, Sanchez, Wilsher and Rambo. I think it is a waste of talent that we now we have World class striker in Auba and Laca, world class winger in Pepe but we failed to make them shine as to what we expect them so.

    just my two cent,

  8. Ozil’s problem is that all he offers is creativity and almost nothing off the ball, with the midfield already trying to compensate for our unavoidably weak back line there just hasn’t been room for him in the squad.

    I don’t blame Ozil for the way he plays, he is another player who to get the best from him needs the squad built around him to compensate for his weaknesses and play to his strengths. However that will not ever happen at Arsenal, and nor should it because let’s face it he is no Messi or Ronaldo (the only two players in the game who were worth building a team round imo).

    If Ozil wants game time with us then he is going to need to get on board with the managers plans, which means contributing to all phases of play, its not enough to just be creative every now and again (only one season has he ever hit double digit assists in PL) regardless of how sublime those passes may be.

    Once our backline is replaced with those returning from injury and the midfield isn’t so stretched to cover the holes, I can see us being able to play Ozil as the need for him to be pressing/tracking back will lessen, but I wonder if its worth putting in a weak link when we could just as easily play Laca, Ceballos or Willock (examples) in that more advanced role, still get a decent level of creativity and a whole lot more input without the ball.

    Honestly I can’t see Ozil changing and becoming more proactive on the pitch so unfortunately I think his time with us is just about up….. Europa and Cup games is about all he’s going to get as things stand….. Happy to be proved wrong and Ozil put some effort in and claim his starting spot back, I just can’t see it happening though 🤷‍♂️

    1. I agree with you last sentence, because I believe he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal in Emery’s way.

      I think he will agree to play cup games if and only if there is any clause in his contract for minimum games/minutes played, otherwise expect sick leave and injury complaints.

      1. Very unprofessional for someone paid as a professional footballer, let alone someone on £350m per week.

        1. yes, like Neymar at PSG, Auba at Dortmund, Pogba at MU, Bale at RM and many other players who down-tooled to get their managers sacked!

          When he viewed himself being mistreated, do expect some retaliation.

          yes, a bad example – that’s why I said pay off his contract and move on for the best interest of Arsenal.

  9. Look there three possible reasons

    1. He may be terrible in training. Emery said he wasn’t deserving of playing. After watching him the last 3 seasons, I’m inclined to believe Emery. Oil is one of our laziest players

    2. Emery may have been told by above ie Kroenke to not play him so he will leave as he gets an astronomical salary. The highest at Arsenal and one of the highest in the premier league

    3. They had a verbal bust up. It’s possible but unlikely

    I used to be a huge backer of Ozil. When he had his 19 assist season

    Fact is Ozil has been useless the past 3 seasons. Giving him £350,000 per week is the worst thing Wenger could have done. In 2015-2016 he scored 19 assists. If he did that every season I wouldn’t have a problem but he doesn’t even score assists anymore. Last season he played 24 matches and Bellerin scored more assists. Ozil doesn’t defend, doesn’t try to retrieve the ball. He’s useless out there. He had 24 games last season. The season before Winger gave him 26 matches. He had PLENTY of opportunities to prove himself

    I prefer Ceballos and Wilock over him now

    1. Where did Emery say he wasn’t deserving of playing ?
      Again it’s your misuse of what Emery said to make your post sound like Ozils in the wrong .

      1. Per Mertesacher (his former team mate with Arsenal and the German National team) has stated that Mesut Ozil’s current fitness level is below what’s required for first team selection.

  10. How are these stats miss leading ?
    They are facts not made up
    “Also it’s a fact he does not show up for big games or against tough opponents “
    So Emery’s match day 11 players all show up every game ,he’s no better no worse than every player in this squad .
    Why does Xhaka get picked every game for the full 90 mins ,does he show up against tough opponents .
    But anyway like you said his stats are so misleading,don’t let facts get in the way of a good debate .

  11. Wenger messed up big time by giving Ozil a huge wage.
    Then Wenger messed up with Sanchez/Mkhitarian swap deal.
    Wenger messed up again with the Ramsey free.
    Kolasinc and Mustafi are a huge drain on finances.
    Failure to make CL meant the club was left 200 mill in debt because
    of Wenger’s financial incompetence and team mismanagement.
    It’s a fact that Wenger left a horrible squad and a massive financial mess.
    Emery has done an incredible job keeping the team relevant under such terrible conditions.
    Unai in fact is the only reason Arsenal is not in the relegation zone like Man U.
    Unai the savior indeed.

    1. Is this the same Emery who

    2. Agu, it’s time you stopped your shite and Google for info. Here is what is available in public domain👇

      The year-end cash position was robust with balances of £231.3 million (2017 – £180.1 million). This meant that overall net cash was a surplus of £14.8 million (2017 – net debt of £47.7 million).

      Financial results for 2017/18.

      Now chew on this and process the information and stop lying in public forums

    3. Ozil is the only arsenal midfielder who can create chances of goals in arsenal squad at the moment trust me emery is not in his selection for he just want the fighters not ball players

  12. My concern is, this “he’s not good at all” is being bandied about Pepe. Same slander, same methodology, same confirmation bias. Looks like we don’t appreciate talents anymore and be wary about whether circumstances for those talents to flourish is being given by the coach, the formation, service etc. No one has time for these things, but a sweeping statement “he’s just not good and needs to go” seems to be the flavour of the day.
    In a few forums one can have a genuine, lengthy debate backed with facts and stats, but in here that seems to be lacking somehow. They come at you with snide personal remarks and a times one tends to respond, and with that goes the chance to engage positively.
    But then how can Emery supporters be positive eh?!?!😁 Both deserve each other, playing & supporting anti-football.

    1. I get your furustration bro. Looks like everyone is a stock city supporter. They all deserve a toni Pulis of a manager; a fighter as they call it. All these fans in here has lost how arsenal used to play or even how a great football tastes anymore. I never enjoyed a single minute vs bornmouth. We should all have been pushing towards good football while demanding points as both can be achievable at the same time. Now I’m embarrassed to even talk about our points or style. look at how much of an attacking team Chelsea has become and U can see hw much we have regressed. The sonner this scared mental underdog of a manager leaves and we appoint someone with confidence the sonner we can get back to where we belong. And the way he treats ozil is just the symptom of his lowly system.

  13. I don’t think Ozil really cares for playing in an Arsenal shirt anymore. if he has really fallen out with Emery (remember his rumoured comment on Emery during the loss in the Europa final?), then the best revenge is to continue disrespecting Emery in training and team meetings, and sit out the reminder of his lucrative contract just attending trainings (daily exercise to keep himself healthy, why not?).

    Its best for Arsenal to pay off Ozil and send him on his way now!

    1. And destroy any legacy he may have as a professional footballer and his personal reputation as well?
      What professional football club would come calling for Mesut Ozil after he completes his contract with Arsenal, if he engages in that sort of behaviour?

      1. Agree with your points regarding the ideas of DiDi ozziegunner, so please can you tell me who on earth will come calling for Unai Emery after yet another example of his man-management style and after, watching the kind of awful football we are presently playing?

        Who, in their right mind would make a player captain… play him for 70 minutes (again)… then rest him for the next game… saying that he wanted him fit for the following game,,,then doesn’t even name him in the squad?

        Grown up , joined up thinking there then…the worlds biggest clubs will be knocking down his door!!!!
        He can’t destroy his legacy, he hasn’t got one.

        1. Ken, I will wait until after the return from the international break, when Emery has players such as Lacazette, Holding, Tierney and Bellerin fully fit and available for selection.
          As I have stated before Per Mertesacher (Ozil’s Arsenal and German National team team mate) has stated as recently as last month that Ozil’s fitness is not up to the required level and he is not putting in the effort of other players being selected ahead of him.
          Ken, do you honestly believe that the non selection of Ozil does not have the support of the Arsenal owner/management?
          At the end of the season, if Emery does not meet the performance criteria set for him by the owner/management, the option to extend his contract into the third year will not be taken up. Why would he risk failure to meet the performance criteria, by not selecting Ozil?
          From everything I read Emery is well respected in the football world, so it would be expected that he would get another job somewhere else, probably back in Spain. We won’t know until the end of the season. Saying that Arsene Wenger hasn’t received an offer he has been prepared to take up yet. Similarly, Allegri is also someone who is currently unemployed and doesn’t appear to be inundated with offers.
          As far as Emery’s “legacy” is concerned he has won more than the so called stars like Ponchettino, Rogers (Celtic in a one club league) etc.
          Emery has this season left on his contract and I believe it is only fair that he be allowed to see his contract out. What I find amazing is that if supporters were told that Arsenal would be third, one point behind Manchester City at this stage of the season, you would take it in a heartbeat.

      2. I think everybody has the perception that football is the only thing in Ozil’s life. Is it really so? After his contract end, he will be 32, and he have enough resources to leave football and start something else.

  14. So far Arsenal Szlandhave done well without him. When a player puts on the Arsenal Jersey, he is expected to perform as a team player ie a md is expected to help in defence or attack.
    This applies to each and everyone in the senior team.
    I still feel the attack is too slow
    Instead of passing I would rather the player runs with it and the others surging forward as well.

  15. My friend who is a Chelsea supporter asked me last evening this question, “mate, where is your team’s famous creativity?”.
    My reply was, he wasn’t even in the squad.

        1. Viju, maybe wait to the end of the season and check the relative positions of Arsenal and Chelsea.
          The Arsenal owner/management will decide on whether to extend Emery’s contract into the third year based on his performance in meeting the criteria set by them.

          1. ozziegunner, did you even watch any of the game on Sunday?

            I can’t believe you are still trying to defend this man and his “style” of play.

            There were thousands of empty seats, the atmosphere was as electric as a dodo, there was NO creativity or excitement, the only chants were the normal spud one and an effort by about fifty fans to try and get “unai Emery’s red and white army” going…it lasted all of fifteen seconds my friend…either because the rest of the crowd were asleep, just couldn’t be bothered, or didn’t like the wording of the chants.

            I’ll leave you to consider which one, personally I think all three fit the bill.

          2. Ken, as I said above, we kept a clean sheet and I expect the play to be more expansive (as in the Europa League games) once Holding, Tierney, Bellerin and Lacazette are fully fit. Emery’s previous playing style depends on fullbacks providing width. Unfortunately Emery would be slated if he had played Holding, Tierney and Bellerin in two games four days apart and they were injured.
            I am not defending Emery, just supporting the coach of Arsenal and wanting him to be given a “fair go”, as I did Arsene Wenger for the bulk of his tenure.

  16. Only a novice or an idiot will believe that the current Arsenal team are doing fine without Ozil.
    For god sakes this team are obviously having a hard time creating clear-cut chances. Sybarite and his luck has managed to. keep. us FROM a shameful and disgraceful position.
    Every player has his strengths and weaknesses.
    Ozil is not a combative player. He was signed for his creativity which even made Ronaldo cry blue murder when he was sold.

    Emery is playing with fire at the gas station and he doesn’t realize it.
    The season is not even at half yet and anything can happen. God forbid, but any injuries to ceballos and any one of our front three will awaken Emery to his senses.

    There is nothing wrong with building the team around ozil. Afterall our best teams were built around specific players like Fabregas etc.

    Stop forcing Ozil. He is not wired that way. One cannot learn to be left-handed at old age.

    Emery had better wake up while its still early or he will ruin his coaching career.

    1. it is in fact quite frequent in the corporate world that a new manager doesn’t like a particular member of the team he inherited, but a decent manager will just pay off that employee or move him to another department in quick and decent manner. Why? he has to show the remaining staff that he is a good leader. Those who try to harass the employee in hope of him resigning usually lose the respect of colleagues.

      If Emery is a decent man, he should recommend the board to pay off Ozil and move on.

  17. Emery we arsenal fans we love ozil more than you bcz ozil is more important in arsenal team, so is better to you and arsenal management to changing there on me


      1. Don’t worry, many gooners are doing that already, while you can remain smug in your own world.

        1. Viju, don’t let the gate hit you on the way out. I have been “smug in my own world” supporting Arsenal for 57 years through thick and thin.
          However, I have many other things in my life which are more important to me, than Arsenal FC and so should you, if you think about it.

  18. I’m humbled to say it but the spuds told us we would cry when Wenger leaves an we didn’t believe it but its starting to happen.

    Poor team selection. No game plan. Single player-favours(Xhaka). Unattractive football. Solo player efforts(Aubameyang). No playing to team’s strength (poor attack & poor creativity). Unwarranted isolation of extremely valuable players(Ozil).


  19. Good day My beloved Arsenal Fans,
    I agree with Phil and Jack at the start of this article.
    The problem is “Coach Emery” and not Ozil.
    Our Coach is not “good enough” for a club of Arsenal’s stature.
    If we think the club will ever progress into the top three or four, Emery does not have the “substance”.
    This is the Premier League family! and Coach Emery is still “experimenting” with the team, therefore, we witness very little team chemistry.
    We have exceptional young talent in the squad but they still need to be “harnessed and groomed” Some of them will become an eventual “main-stay” in the team.
    Coach Emery’s team selection each week has been questionable and even the “TV Pundits” cannot understand his selection. We dropped four points against Man United and Watford in games that we should have won.
    It hurts my heart to witness our Coach “experimenting” with the team and expecting good results.
    The highlight is that we got 3 points against Bournemouth this weekend after a lacklustre performance.
    To my Arsenal fans and family, our Coach is not good enough for Arsenal. I truly wonder if the Board think or feel the same way? Ozil is not the problem……
    Look at the starting lineup for our next game… the problem is clear….

  20. In couldn’t give a flying monkeys.
    The guy has had his time. Chance after chance but always the same old frustrating outcome season after season.
    Get rid please.
    My get rid list going back about 5 years has been

    1) Silent Stan. But he seems to have redeemed himself this summer. ⁉️

    2) Gazidis. Gone ✅

    3) Wenger. Gone ✅

    4) Ozil. Still here. ❌ To be continued.

    1. best post in this thread. the main problems of this club need gotten rid of. highest earner that contributes nothing but divisiveness (and 2 assists) needs to pack his bags. Many are having a hard time coming to terms with his time simply being over. Same when AW was past it. Mertesacker has already said his fitness isn’t at the desired level, yet everybody is speculating what the problem is when it was already stated. why a man who didn’t go on international break and didn’t have an injury as far as we know isn’t match ready… not down to Emery.

  21. Granit Xhaka has announced the birth of his new baby girl.

    The only way Ozil will play again is he gives birth to Unai`s baby aswell !

    The Prince of Darkness has his favourites and Mesut van Helsing is not one of them.

  22. Allow Emery to do his job.,,,,,yes our play is not pretty but we are in the third place….. we may not win convincingly but we don’t lose as much any more …….as to the Neymar problems at PSG……PSG can’t even rid of Neymar……I remember Emery’s reaction when Nelson lost the ball and hustled to get it back……that’s Emery’s idea of the Arsenal he wants ……a hardworking team…….even with your assigned role you have to contribute anywhere and everywhere as a team ……..read the man’s story and you will find his philosophy……Emery runs his teams like a newly promoted team…….go for the win but don’t lose the game ……be fair to the man and support the team……we are about three years away to be the top or one of them in Europe

  23. Ozil biggest problem is his body language
    He plays like he doesn’t care what the outcome of the match will be… that’s very bad like seriously bad

    Now coming to Unai, its normal that coaches have their own game plan and players they feel could achieve it with them…Emery doesn’t rate Ozil, there’s no hiding it! So let Ozil move on and go where he would be needed and we fans should move on too

  24. Özil has no future at Arsenal, never mind the wages and state of contract. It probably seemed a good idea at the time to give him an extension at that wage. Do not blame UE for not playing him. I don’t believe Ljungberg would have him in the team either. Just looking at Özil’s expression when he’s on the pitch makes you negative about the guy. Özil is his own worst enemy. If he doesn’t snap out of it, nobody will want him anyway. These days, his favourite pass is back to the defence (his own, not the opposition’s). Movement off the ball to create space is non-existent. He is nowhere near the player he once was, and he is not trying to get in the groove again.

  25. I honestly do not understand the divisiveness this player seems to cause. Yes, he is obviously talented. But this is not anything new we’re seeing here, not by a long shot. Wenger struggled as well to motivate Ozil despite his usual blind faith in all of his players. You could arguably say Wenger ultimately fell on that exact sword and that is specifically where Emery does not want himself to be. It takes guts to drop your highest earning player in such unbiased fashion. If you put aside all the other usual anecdotes, Ozil has not been performing for a long time. Sure, you could say he’s creative but until a giant floatie labeled “creativity” scores us a goal or bags an assist, that’s worth nothing.

    I know some of ya’ll love him to death, but football fans have always said “No player is bigger than the club.” Do I genuinely believe Ozil keeps that close to heart when donning the red and white for this historic club? Absolutely not… He has proved time and time again that he only knows the Ozil way, and I refuse to believe that a player of such unlimited creativity fails to find new ideas to adapt. Something that Chambers of all people seems to know exactly what to do. I will not soon forget Ozil’s tyrade during the Europa league final, such disrespect to our manager during a humiliating defeat says one thing to me. This player is about number 1, not the team. No grit, no motivation, perpetually sick… I feel sad just knowing we gave him so much time and support and still do, while he still cannot bother to listen to his boss and do his job. I for one, cannot wait to get rid of this footballing mystery that is Mesut Ozil. Massively talented, bizarrely self-destructive. Good riddance

    1. I look forward to many of these posters following Ozil to the next club he plays for, if someone takes him on.
      As stated by Grandad above, Emery is not acting in isolation from, or without the support of the owner/management in the non selection of Ozil.

  26. Ozil will play again soon….. he is a competitor and will likely work hard to fit into the team…….Emery needs to respect Ozil and stop discussing him in public…..

  27. Emeryball is frustrating. Despite having the requisite players for different styles of attacking football, he still resorts to a conservative and scattered type of game plan (all-over-the-place).

    Its only a matter of time before he is found out and his followers are forced to eat the humble pie.

    I see Arsene Wenger coming back to Arsenal.
    Its clear to see that this is the reason he is still considering management. He knows he just cant sit back and watch Emery ruin his beloved club’s history.

    At this rate I would gladly accept a refreshed and fired-up Wenger than continue with Emeryball.
    Wenger has had a much required break (after so many consistent managerial years) and I’m sure he can see that Xhaka is a time-bomb waiting to explode in every match and that a side that was formerly known for its endless creativity and attractive style of play can go a full 90minutes without creating even 2 chances.
    My goodness! Arsenal FC is surely going backwards and it is unacceptable.

    Arsene Zoro Wenger to the rescue please……!
    I can’t believe this shit is happening in 2019. What happened to all the years of working-hard and enduring pain to build a solid foundation for a successor?
    Clearly, Emery is not that successor we had hoped. And I guess Wenger has also spotted this error in judgement, PLUS, since the best hands (ie. top managers) are already tied down at other clubs it makes sense to put FIFA offer on hold for now.

    Boy do I miss Wengerball !!!

  28. But on a second thought and without being too passionate, I think we are better-off getting behind Emery while he is still in charge.
    Lets not be impatient here. We must understand that building anything of value requires patience and time.
    Lets quit the moaning and sulking. That will only drag our club backwards. Its neither good for the players nor the coach. Its also not good for us as well.
    Support the team, support the manager, support the club.

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