Will Wenger agree that Giroud must start next Arsenal game?

Arsene Wenger could not have asked for more from the subs he put on with 25 minutes or so to play as Arsenal were heading for yet another opening day defeat to a Premier League season. Straight away both Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud had an impact and both capped their cameos with impressive goals to give the Gunners all three unlikely looking points, but will both have earned themselves a place in the starting line-up for the next Arsenal match?

The Wales international probably has and would very likely have started last night against the Foxes if he had mnot missed the Community shield with a minor injury problem, but the France international centre forward seems to be just outside the manager’s ideal first team.

Giroud certainly put a strong case for his inclusion against Stoke City next weekend and as reported by Metro the big man has told his boss that he wants to start more games, but will Wenger agree that he should? Seeing Le Prof’s delight at Giroud’s goal rescuing a tough fixture you would assume he is at least going to think about it and with Alexis Sanchez still not due back there is a good chance for Olly.

The tactical side of things might work for him as well as the Gunners will expect to be as dominant and as far forward on the pitch, but then again perhaps the pace of Welbeck could swing things in his favour and he did play well on Friday. I would look at how Giroud and Lacazette have been linking up, though, and remember that the Arsenal team has pace all over the place, while Giroud brings us something special no one else does.

Would you start him at the Britannia Gooners?



  1. LL_cool_gunner says:

    I think Ramsey will start because he is more dynamic, but sometimes the simple things makes a lot if difference, like that elneny’s one time cross for lacazette, Ramsey would have tried to dribble and try one or two flicks, which comes off ocasionally, as for Giroud, he should start from the bench, the season is long he will get his opportunity, and start some games no doubt..

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Why Ramsey, overplaying is an Arsenal thing.

      But we got applauded for the extra touches last night, Carragher said we are best at making the extra intricate pass.

  2. Nayr says:

    i think giroud should start against stoke.

    they are a very physical side.

    1. Janssen says:

      I think Laca should start. The sooner he can get used to the toughness of the PL the better and that is not going to happen from the bench. Let’s not get too cute here and just play our best players and Laca better be our best central striker.

      1. Jay Dee says:

        I think people look at Giroud only from a goals scored point of view. Look at his statistics. He scored i think 12 and 9 or 10 or those (correct me, not too sure) where from the bench. He may be physical but he is limited in what he can still do in open play. Him coming on later, means he is coming on to be physical and hold up play to a tiring defense who have been made to run a lot. Thats part of why he is such a super sub. Have you noticed how when he starts, his scoring dries out, because early on, you actually need attackers that can create their own opportunities and fight for the ball. Dont change the system that is working perfectly. Giroud should score 15+ from the bench coming in after the 60th min mark. Let Lacazette and Ozil and other players find their rhythm.

  3. John0711 says:

    Only if ozil is benched and Lacca plays behind Giroud

  4. nero says:

    why change a winning formula?
    hes shoudnt start, hes physical and can come in when defenders are tired, then he can bulldoze them with his head..hes not a good starter, hes a better sub

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Ornstein says its very unlikely that Lemar will come now, Monaco not budging and it would take an incredible amount of money to change their mind. Oh well, I don’t think we’ll offer an incredible amount, he’s too young and the stats don’t say he’s worth a ridiculous sum of money. Wenger will never go that far for potential, I hope I’m wrong and I hope Ornstein is too. After seeing our forwards without the ever talented Alexis ..it makes it all the less likely in Wengers eyes, you’d imagine.

    I hope Wenger meant it when he said we’re still looking to add some player[s]. The having to sell part is frustrating, if they don’t leave well then where does that leave us. And if Wenger is on the lookout, well then he’s saying we need more. So I’m thinking if we need more, that should be prioritized over the selling of players, even though we do need to sell.

    1. kev says:

      JUST IN:For all those who thought I was wrong and writing wrong stuff,the Lemar deal was agreed at £55 but Monaco pulled out of the deal.They now want £65 for Lemar.This should tell you that Resource and I were correct.The Lemar deal was done but Monaco pulled out of the deal.If you don’t believe me just wait two or three weeks later when the media reveal this.
      I’ve been told our alternative is Inaki Williams.Also,Coutinho never put in a transfer request.

      1. Darwin says:

        Funny, Kev man. How in the world can we believe the Lemar transfer news you guys said was true, when it’s turning into otherwise?

        However, you did get it right with Lacazette and Diakhaby, so props to you for that, even if it was just Co incidence 😀

      2. Janssen says:

        If you can pull out of a deal it is not a done deal. Done deals are binding.

      3. Neil says:

        Hey guys… BREAKING NEWS… I have inside information on the next Arsenal transfer .. I cant tell you who or when or for how much but when you read it in the media you will know who I was talking about !!
        Oh and if it doesnt happen dont blame me it will be the selling clubs fault or Arsenal for not agreeing to the Done Deal I have exclusively announced !

  6. gorin says:

    de starting line up was ok. de issue was in de midfield and defence. laca starts and giroud waits for his chance. for him to score a winner is not a ticket to start de next match, we wey just lucky after our poor performance.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      …in simple he’s our plan b – change it we’ll revert back to struggling and where we was before lacaz arrived…

      * change it up against stoke and we will all be sorry. work with the clinical no#9 – no hesitance. …if it aint broke dont try fix it – giroud’s our super sub..

    2. Waal2waal says:

      OT – it’d be astonishing if we hav’nt sold any dead wood in this window as failure to sell has an impact on our plans to bring in quality players. I want to see more progress with this as not enough business is being done.

  7. Jim A says:

    Yes yes and yes. He should have played all of last year as well. He didn’t sulk and behaved like a professional. I just think not only brings goals but defends the near post on every corner. Yesterday’s Vardy goal does not happen with OG in the game.
    People expect him to out maneuver defenders but not many 6’4 guys can do that. Play to his strengths like France does and don’t look back.

  8. ZEN2OH says:

    For me don’t throw you joke away 1st, Giroud is always Hungry and Desperate when he comes off the bench, so Lacazette starts for me. Then Metesacker , Mustafi and Monreal in the defence. Kolasinac and ox at LWB and RWB respectivly .NB: We still need a DM,or CDM and a CB. put in the money for Van Dijk. get maybe seri or william calvalhno

    1. ZEN2OH says:

      *For me don’t throw your joker away*

    2. Janssen says:

      Well said ZEN. Seri is exceptional, I have seen him play on a number of occasions and he would be a real steal for Arsenal but Barca is beginning to sniff as well now that they have a large pot of money to spend.

  9. Yossarian says:

    Giroud has been much better off-the-bench, however if the tactics require a target man, it may be worth starting him sometimes if he’s on form. However I would imagine that Lacazette will be starting most games, especially as the season goes on.

    Of course there is also the option of playing them together with Ozil or Sanchez behind. It all depends on what’s the best way to beat the opposition for each particular game.

    It’s great that there is finally proper competition for the CF positon though. Now form and goals can mainly dictate who starts, just like it should.

  10. Against Stoke I would go for laca to start as Stoke are better against the crossed balls than the more technical and quick attacking style.

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