Will Wenger and Arsenal heed warning of Barcelona exit?

Well that was a surprise Arsenal fans!! Going out of a European competition has become the norm for us and we Gooners have gotten painfully accustomed to our team messing things up in the knockout stages, but not many expected it from the mighty Barcelona, especially with a big lead from the first leg.

That is exactly what happened last night in Rome though, and the fact that the Catalan club went to Italy with the same 4-1 scoreline that Arsenal will take to Moscow should not be lost on anyone, especially Arsene Wenger and the players.

If Barca can mess it up then surely the Gunners cannot take our progress to the semi-finals for granted. To be fair to him, I do not think that our manager will be complacent but he may just have thought about resting a player or two because of our first leg lead. Hopefully the early and surprise exit by Messi and co will persuade him not to.

It is the players that more concern me. We always hear them say the right things about focus and not assuming anyuthing but you know that they will be expecting to get through after such a good win at home. I really hope they watched Roma beat Barcelona by 3-0 last night and that it ensures that the right focus and attitude will be on show in Moscow tomorrow.



  1. tas says:

    I hope we don’t try to play the defensive game because they are dangerous in and around our box, they were unlucky not to score one or two more goals in the first leg at Emirates and if they find their confidence with home advantage and their fans getting behind them it could be curtains for us, i don’t think they will allow us the same space as they did last week so lets take the game to them early and keep the ball in their half with high possession,

    Wanger has to drill the massage in to our players to be awake and alert as soon as the whistle blows

    1. tas says:

      also forgot to add their defense is dodgy lets keep them busy

    2. gotanidea says:

      Not necessarily defensive, but it’s better to set up a counter attack

      I’m just worried of Koscielny’s and Mustafi’s erratic behaviours that they usually show under heavy pressure

      1. tas says:

        you forgot to add Cech in to your list

  2. Goonerboy says:

    Why would Wenger wanna rest players? to achieve top 5 or what?
    Am hopeful we will win, the boys know our season and immediate future hinges on winning the Europa so i trust them

  3. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

    No because we are better than Barcelona

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    We’re playing a rubbish team, so we should just about be okay.

    1. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

      CSKA fans are saying exactly the same thing

  5. rkw says:

    i read somewhere that their back 3 had a combined age of 108!!!! just attack them at pace … pity we never invested in a serious winger … crowded out by blind faith in walcott and iwobi with of course ramsey as perennial option … all indicative of a lost decade (and counting)

    1. tas says:

      Ramsey is a real class player but injury prone and that’s the only reason he is still at Arsenal and not Barca or City or even Chelsea, his getting his fitness back hope his injury days are behind him and he signs a new contract

  6. AndersS says:

    I think that for a change AW actually feel a lot of pressure to deliver or loose his job, as it should be. So he will not take it lightly, and field anything except, what he thinks is his best 11 for the job.

    1. bur says:

      What he thinks is the best team and what IS the best team for the job are completely different as we have seen through the recent seasons.

  7. Godswill says:

    Many players were tested in our Sunday match. That tells us that tomorrow’s match was in mind. It’s going to be our team but injured Mkhi and Aub who is ineligible.

  8. jon fox says:

    Has Wenger ever, in the past decade, heeded a warning! When Gilberto left in 2008 THAT was a warning that we needed a new top CDM. A decade on we have the laughable Xhaka, preceded by a string of other failures. Unheeded by Wenger. When RvP left because he had ambition to win titles, did Wenger heed THAT warning? Likewise all the other top players who wanted out for the same reason. Once again , unheeded. Thousands of angry and resentful fans have turned on Wenger for a quite a while now. Again unheeded. Half the stadium is often empty. Unheeded? NOT by Kroenke, you can be very SURE of that! Wenger is the sort who, when standing on a beach watching an approaching tsunami on the horizon would say, “The sea looks a bit choppy today. So I will stay here safe on the beach instead.” Wenger is widely regarded as intelligent and learned throughout football. Anyone have a clue as to why? I don’t! The only possible other explanation is deliberate treachery against our club and EVEN I don’t accuse him of that. So being an ostrich is what Wenger actually is! A stupid and wilfully blind one too!

    1. Jeremy says:

      That is absolute spot on. The media now is concern with the poor turn out and sponsors will soon see that fans are angry.

      I don’t care if Kroenke is concern or not. But we have to make a stand, we fans are not here for the taking. If you are just here to milk us for money without investing in players, he will be in for a nightmare soon.

      Fans are no longer putting up with his s***. Try taking more of his so-called Management Fee with no results to show, he gotta prepare to see more fans walk out on him.

      We love the club but we will not be held ransom.

      1. jon fox says:

        Jeremy. I love your post, and playing Devils Advocate for a moment , since I am convinced he will be sacked next month, IF he stays to see out his contract, the present regularly half empty stadium will seen full up compared to NEXT seasons risible crowds. If, which he won’t , Kroenke allows this fanbase to continue disappearing and reducing the clubs commercial value – which many fans choose to overlook when saying he will stay on – the many club sponsors keeness to stay involved, plus vast TV money, will drastically reduce and make Kroenkes asset far less valuable. Now, being worldly wise and an older person, I KNOW BILLIONAIRES DO NOT STAY RICH BY COMMITTING COMMERCIAL SUICIDE. So it is bye bye Arsene, thanks for the (now ancient) memories and shut the door behind you!

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      “Wenger is widely regarded as intelligent and learned throughout football. Anyone have a clue as to why? I don’t! ”

      Answers to your question:

      1. He is widely regarded because knowledgeable people in sports acknowledge his great contributions to football for over 30 years.
      2. You have no clue because you are naturally clueless and daft to understand what knowledgeable people do.
      3. Do you have more rants that require me to clear your delusions?

  9. Jeremy says:

    Sadly, the club is falling so much that live telecast of our clash w the top sides, is no longer drawing much attention of fans or neutrals.

    It’s wake up or be gone….

  10. Break-on-through says:

    If we are all honest enough we’d say we expect to either win the game or else compete in a close game. We definitely expect to go through, so that probably makes the point in article well made. The players will have a similar feeling about it, Wenger definitely will as he believes in, well ..too much at times.

    I hope we get a nice draw if everything goes to plan. But am not sure which would be more suitable, getting Madrid in a one off, or getting them over two games. I suppose you’d have to want an easier team and then think about the final.

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