Will Wenger ever get the Arsenal ‘Twelth man’ back?

Arsene Wenger has come under intense pressure from the fans this season, leading to banners being produced for the recent win over Norwich City.

Tottenham right-back Kyle Walker yesterday posted on social media to thank the Spurs fans for being the ‘twelfth man’ this season, pushing them to secure their place in the top four, while enjoying having scored the most league goals and conceding the least.

With the fans behind you, pushing you all the way, the possibilities are endless. The Invincibles team had our full backing, but after losing some key players to our rivals, and following our switch to the Emirates Stadium, we have failed to give our team the same support.

This season especially, tension has been the focal point of the atmosphere, and the fans have not only turned on the manager, but on the owners, and a number of under-performing players.

Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Olivier Giroud are all said to be wanted out by the fans, and this sort of attitude is not going to be welcomed by any of the players. Alexis Sanchez is even rumoured to want out of the Emirates this summer, which is only going to make the situation worse.

What has Arsene Wenger got to do to get the backing?

Should Tottenham fold like a cheap tent and hand us second place in the table, would anything change? If he signed Benzema, Cavani, Higuain or Zlatan, I still believe that any positive reaction would be short-lived.

It is almost as if many fans are adamant on being unhappy about the goings on, and will only be happy with the Premier League title, which is catch 22, because you wont get one without cheering the team through the thick and the thin.

Can we start the new season with a positive attitude and just enjoy what could be Arsene Wenger’s final season?

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  1. who doesn’t want to b behind their team…every arsenal fan want team to win and b the mighty arsenal again
    but whn things are as bad as whn the owner says he is not here to win, the club is sagnant in its approch for 12 years, the manager blames the fans for his failure and players pkay without the fighting spirit
    its very hard for fans to motivate themselves whn they know what is stored for them again the next season

    1. We all know the reason for the frustration of the fans, the 1st among all is lack of proper investment and keeping below average players. Sell all the flops (Giroud, Ramsey, Ox, Per, flamini, arteta etc) replace them with quality (I.e Griezmann, Kante, auba, Higuin, bender, varane amongs others) and see wonders. Arsenal fans are very loyal its just we are very angry on how the things are going.

  2. Of course it will, football fans are the most fickle of people on the planet. IF Wenger signs a couple of top draw players and the squad stays fit through the Euros.
    There will be a buzzy about the place.

    Sign a Sonogo and do a Villa or West Ham in the first game of the season it will be a whole different mater.

    1. Not anymore, we were buzzy because Ozil and Sanchez was the first time we saw Wenger make that calibre of signing in more than ten years and players like them come in limited quality. He signed Ozil in 2013 when we announced no more debt, so we were excited because we thought this was the beginning of the new era Wenger promised, we expected him to continue this “new era” by selling the deadwood and replacing them with better quality, but fast forward to 2016 and nothing has changed, the manager still remains stingy, ignores to re-enforce the glaring weaknesses in the squad and tries to prove everyone wrong by relying on injury prone average players despite having the money to replace them with better quality that’s not hard to find. Wenger could sign Messi this year and I still wouldn’t be convinced until he makes major changes to the ENTIRE squad instead of papering the cracks with top quality duct tape.

  3. sure lower ticket prices, blow up the emirates and rebuild highbury

    while your at it…bring back bodger an badger, rosie and jim , chucklevision
    an where the hell has nestly lucky charms gone? used to love that cereal, u knew u were eating rubbish…but it tasted so right

  4. If, as I expect one or more of our top players (Sanchez/Ozil) start making noises to leave this summer or DO actually leave, then I think the twelfth man will be stunned.

    Sanchez is hungry for titles and plays for an unambitious (relatively speaking) manager, and Ozil is the king of assists who sees his efforts largely go to waste..

    Why would either of them stay at Arsenal who show no ambition beyond the top four, and have seen lucky Leicester win the trophy they see as theirs??

    Honestly, I would leave if I were them, and then who will we attract??

    It’s clear that Wenger is out of date and past it as he simply refuses to listen to logic, and continues in his single minded (stubborn) fashion. I’m interested to see what it will take to see a bigger protest from fans…or are many simply loyal beyond reason?

  5. The failed protest at the
    Emirates shows that
    95% of the Arsenal fans
    are behind Wenger.
    So he does not need to look for
    something he has not lost?

    1. They are at the moment, but when we start losing top players (we will) in this increasingly competitive league then his days will be numbered.

  6. “Many fans….
    only be happy with the
    Premier League title,
    which is catch 22,
    because you wont get one without
    cheering the team through thick and the thin”???
    So crowds win Premierships not the players???
    Crystal Palace Newcastle Liverpool + Man U
    have great fans so why did they not win the title?
    So your saying Arsenal have not won a Premiership
    since ’04 because of poor fan support.
    Nothing to do with other teams investing in
    quality players, having more ambition or having better managers.
    Sounds like Arsene last week blaming the fans
    for the teams poor home form.
    Silly just silly 🙁

  7. What the hell are wrong with you London gooners? The St. Arse Day are coming to town next week from now and you don’t search any hiding place yet?

  8. Who wrote this article and from how high was he sitted on his horse? Admin I think its about time you gave us the option to thumb up or down an article because am tired of these judgy patronizing articles that always seem to insinuate it is the fans’ fault that the team is failing. Sure we can try and have a positive attitude but just how many people want to support a team that is stress and trouble full time? Arghhhhh! Effing sick of these writers some time.

    1. You have MORE than enough anti- wenger articles on here. If you want a site that only agrees with your opinion then you are in the wrong place.
      If everyone thought the same life would be very boring

  9. I don’t think Arsenal can have that ever again,when everybody is now clearly seeing that they don’t want to be winners,just look at the way our players play football,they are just playing because they are footballers. Arsenal can’t have the twelfth man when Stan and Wenger are still together in the same club. Its not the fans fault that the majority shareholder squeezes everything penny he can out of the club,we all know he doesn’t care about football,just the money there. Why was Wenger seriously deceiving the fans all those years,its a hard pill to swallow,even if the owner doesn’t like winning,I think we can find a manager who does and he’s not Wenger.

  10. I wonder what next the fans should do here(especially those paying for tickets)..
    They already pay the highest prices to watch the team…
    And to some extent they support the team, the team sometimes don’t play what the fans expect..

    Anyway,majority of the fans are behind Wenger..

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