Will Wenger go if Leicester (or Spurs!) win the title?

Leicester or Spurs beating Arsenal to the league is the ultimate mockery of Wenger by KM

Hi guys. This one will be focused on why we are in the situation where we are favored to win the title but we won’t do it. There are a few reasons about this starting with the fact that Arsenal a business first, than a football club.

At the moment it looks like the title will be decided between Spurs and Leicester and I know know which of the two I prefer to win it. Nevertheless though, another season will come and the question I ask myself is what then?

We’ll be stuck with Arsene, because he and the group of yes-men around him run this business brilliantly, as a business though. As a football club, we’ve got fine players, but ridiculous management from top to bottom filled with people who will do whatever they are told, just so that they get their absurd salary in the end.

Why didn’t Arsene go to Real Madrid when Perez asked for him more than once? Because if he fails, he’s gone in a flash. Ancelotti won La Decima and got sacked next year for winning nothing. Arsene went 9 years without winning, but still earned 7 million pounds an year!

But the stars aligned for him. He won an FA Cup and twisted some hands to get a 3 year extension of his contract he didn’t deserve. But he does well managing the most expensive football club to watch and delivering a mere top 4 finish to be enough.

Our businessman owner gets revenue out of the club and we are standing still, cause everything is fine. But there is a problem here. Arsene had so much luck, he won another FA cup and all of his nemesis went into the Abyss.

Man United and Chelsea, his two biggest enemies are shadows of their former selves, but still Arsene cannot win a title. But he is not stupid. He really wants to, but it doesn’t work like that. He wants to retire like Ferguson with a title in his hands, so he can say “I left a team of champions”. But he won’t.

And of course Arsene is backed by the bunch of fans who accept top 4 and say – look at Man U. Do you ever think why Man U is spectacularly failing? Because Fergie appointed his good friend Moyes. A big football club needs a big manager and Man Utd hired Moyes, who got sacked, then hired LVG who is exposed for the fraud manager he is. He left Barcelona in 15th place when he left before Rijkard took charge there.

And when Arsene leaves, the worst idea would be to let him hire a friend, or have any control at the club. We need to clear out the medical staff that fails to deal with injuries for 10 years. Remove the yes man. Clear the old faces at the board. Everyone on that board is 50+ years old.

But Arsene is doomed now. He feels the pressure of the fact the rest of the teams are bad, but it’s to no avail. He just doesn’t have what it takes to win the league, no matter of the squad he gets. And he will crumble like a cookie again. Regardless of whether he beats Bournemouth or not, he’ll ultimately fail like so many times before.

Leicester will come next, and they will feel like they can win. Why not? Nobody expects them to win, which makes it all the more easier. But big clubs deal with pressure. It’s why they are big. Arsene survived the CL group stages by the skin of his teeth and was top on New Year. From then on though comes the usual collapse.

This time, the exuses don’t fit. Leicester bought Vardy and Mahrez for peanuts. No excuses monsieur Wenger. You have to go – just like Rodgers, Pellegrini and Mourinho. But you won’t. It’s a magic circle…


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  1. He should, if he fails to win this season he would have proven that he no longer has the ability to motivate a team into winning big trophies, either that or he no longer has the ability to build title winning teams.

    1. This isn’t a title winning team. There is no way that anyone could justify that Mertesacker and Giroud can be part of a champions team as starters.

      We only were in the race because man Utd have fallen by the side and Chelsea flopped while City never grabbed hold of the race. Otherwise this season has been a big standard too 4 run.

      1. It’s not a title winning team but neither is Leicester, Wenger was just trying to prove we can win the PL with team spirit. However he’s currently failing miserably because he forgot that 3/4 of our squad goes through injury for half a season and the other 1/4 is mediocre and not fit to wear the Arsenal jersey. But I agree, we were only in the race because our rivals are playing terrible football, if he struggles to win with no competition then he doesn’t deserve to manage the club when we eventually do have competition next season.

        1. Oh yeah – I wasn’t disagreeing with you. It’s just that Leicester have Vardy and spuds have Kane and we have Giroud. So it’s a bit of a no brainier that those two have set themselves up to their strengths whereas we don’t have much quality in that position.

          Not saying Giroud is rubbish but he has proven again and again that he only plays well when he is pushed. As soon as he is a regular again he is back to his old ways.

          1. God, I hope he goes. what a selfish man! and sadly, delusional: thinking he could win PL “his” way. well leicester may show its possible to win w/o money, but seems like wenger cant win w/o money . but he does love the power (and maybe his 8M too) and he’s been shamed numerous times and hasn’t quit so he may decide to stick around until he’s 80.

          2. All well and good saying that now but who of you would have taken Vardy from Halifax instead of Giroud 3 years ago?!!! Or even at the end of last season to play at ahead of Giroud?! I honestly believe that Wenger tried everything to get Benzema but he didn’t want to come. If you are a world class striker playing week in week out for arguably the best team in the world, why would you leave for team finishing top 4? Truth is, before an already world class striker chooses Arsenal, we need to be winning titles to attract them! We only managed to poach world class players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cech cos they were forced out!

            Leicester nor spuds have a world class team. The difference is they have players take responsibility and step up in games! With Sanchez out, where was ours? What did Theo do to deserve a place? I think a proper captain would help this team rather than changing every week. A captain that takes responsibility on the pitch!!!

            WIN TODAY IS A MUST!!

      2. You are right, but let me ask, do you think Leicester and Spuds teams are title winning quality? Its a genuine question.

        1. No they are not but they are in the race for the same reason as Arsenal.

          But the simple fact is that they have much more stable squads. Arsenal are head and shoulders above those two as a squad. But do they both have a defender better than Mertesacker or striker better than Giroud? Because those two keep on costing points.

      3. I think Leicester has shown that a winning team is about mentality more often than people think. Caudio Ranieri has taken his chances at Leicester City this season. Kept his squad motivated and fit, and tbh beating Man City away they as they did they deserver to take the title. Arsenal on the other hand have performed pretty much exactly the same season after season. Sadly, we are good, but nothing really special at the moment.

        1. This! If you can’t motivate your players and keep their spirit up then you should look very seriously at what you are doing because these are the main attributes of a coach. So far we were lucky but from now on we will see if this team has winning attitude. If not then it will simply show that Wenger was terribly wrong when he bet everything on (this) team spirit. There are so many things not working as it should in the team today that it doesn’t even makes sense to outline them again. This is why I will wait until the end of the season for a call on it. I said that after January we will know if we are in the title race and seriously, I have no idea even now even if the evidence shows now that we will still fight for the 4th place. What I did noticed though is that EPL is getting a new face with the TV deal money so brace yourselves to fight for every little inch next season more than now. If anyone thinks that City with Guardiola will parade thorugh EPL next year then just wait and see. Their team bar Aguero and sometimes Silva is so old and jaded they will need a complete overhaul. Deflation hit the economy and Gulf countries begin to bleed money on unprecedented scale. This will definitely have some impact on the amount clubs will receive. That includes us as well.

      4. developing giroud’s career , keeping him and wenger’s other “development projects” happy – thats been his primary motivation. if that causes us to win the PL, its a secondary thing. there is definitely NOT a win-at-all-costs attitude with wenger. he transmits his anxiousness to his players and they bottle these high pressure games. and he has too much ego to let someone else gee up the team before the big games.
        too much ego to let someone else do the transfers. just too much ego every where.

    2. Wenger needs to ask himself just one question…where would Leicester be in the league table right now if they had Giroud instead of Vardy from start of the season?

      Next season you ll have Pep Mourinho Klopp Conti etc firing bazookas fighting it out for the top spot. In the meantime our Mr Wenger will try to gatecrash the party firing his waterpistol!

      1. Conte – Chelsea
        Raniere – Leicester
        Pep – City
        Klopp – Liverpool
        Mour – Utd
        Poch – Spurs
        Koeman – Southampton* Maybe Arsenal??

        * Since all other managers are out of the question i believe this former WC Barca man has been quite brilliant at Southampton (Same as Poch) few bad games here and there bt southampton play with flair and sometimes no fear and thats what we lask the most! Settled in the Prem and back up the table again atm! Ronald koeman for Arsenal? MAYBE… who else do you think would be an option?

        1. Simeone is the only one that would suit our parsimonious board…works on a low budget, gives youth a chance and added bonus wins trophies!

        2. Agreed. Been saying for a year now Koeman the man we need if no Pep or Klopp. Give him a two year contract. He has EPL experience and has impressed with Southhampton. Dilly Dally on this one and another big club will take him and we stuck with Wenger and the same ole same ole staleness.

  2. OMG, how embarrassing would that be. I don’t even want to think about it. Average clubs with average players that play as a team and are showing fighting spirit / strong mentality.

    We and the other normal Top 4 clubs have better quality players with some world talents sprinkled in there, but we just keep disappointing and bottlers.

    So frustrating.

    1. They may be average but unlike some of our overrated players they give 110% each game. We have too many players that are either too lazy or not talented enough and the manager refuses to replace them.

      1. its a great club if u dont want to win. just collect ur check. if you get injured, he’ll stay by you for ever. if u lose form, he will stick with you far longer than others would. a genial, sympathetic philosphising grand-pa. if u dont play ur guts out , he wont drop u. but he wont get u up for the big games, if u want to win those u’r on ur own.

      2. Everyone hates on Wenger. Put other teams in our position: Just for example, we went to Stoke, without Sanchez, le coq, Özil and cazorla. Best 2 CMs we have, our best left midfielder and our best CAM. Imagine that for man city (who lost 2-0 there) What would have happened to them if they didn’t have Yaya, Silva, De Bruyne and Fernandinho. Or Tottenham without Dele Alli, Eriksen, Dembele and Lamela??? Leicester w/o Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater, Albrighton??? Exactly.

  3. Na, he just needs a “little” more time to prove he can win the PL. Oh,…and a healthy contract extension to boot to guarantee we remain a financially stable under achieving club.

  4. OT:Who should start vs Bournemouth today,Gabriel or Per?for me I pick Gabriel bcoz Afobe has that pace to beat Per…..

    1. gabriel for me. we’re going to be going all out (except walcott; he’ll just be trotting along ) so when they counter , we need gab. [in fairness, walcott does run fast some times, he runs so fast he ends up offside and kills our attack ; other times he runs straight ahead into players like the burnley goalie]

  5. This is Arsene’s last season.
    He will leave of his own accord
    whether Arsenal win or not.
    He will go out either a winner or
    humbly acknowledging his time has come.

    1. I can’t see him leaving before his contract is out, especially as there is no heir apparent.

      In terms of why Wenger didn’t go to Real when they came knocking, the author suggests it was fear of failure. Give the man some credit for chrissakes! A much more plausible reason is that he had loyalty to AFC. Did Gerrard turn Chelsea down because he was scared of failure? Did Vardy resign with Leicester because he is scared of failure? What a load of tosh.

      1. wenger is consumed by fear . check out his long interview with l’equipe. he talks about being nervous all the time. i’m sure in pregame, instead of getting his players up, he transmits his fears . and thats not even in his top 5 problems.

        1. Well, I like the fear he transmitted to the invincibles because I would love to see that happening again.

          1. I get your point, but this is a much older wenger coming up to 70 years of age. For example from your teens you feel invincible and feel like you can take anyone on, you aint got any fear, but by 60 years old you become nervous and very wary of your surroundings. Its only human nature, with age comes anxiety etc, Isn’t it?

          2. That was over a decade ago ? and you know that age effects us all .. mentality and physically!
            Nothing lasts forever ? not even Wenger! ?

            The problem with success, like the achievement of the invincibles, is that Wenger got too big headed, arrogant and he thought that his ego was enough to compete for honours, without the need of replacing the quality with quality that either left or retired from that era.

            When Arsenal moved to the Emirates, An important ingredient for success got left behind at Highbury and that was the Spirit of the club!

            A noisy working class North Bank has been replaced with a mainly upper class V.I.P LIBRARY bunch, where the only noise they make is… munching on their prawn sandwiches… Okay, it’s not the main issue here, but a roar in support of our player’s, does give them that extra bit of energy and fighting spirit.

            Arsenal’s main problem is the running of the club,
            Making millions of pounds is far important than winning trophies!
            And that is not about to change, (anytime soon)
            as long as there is a demand for a piece of Arsenal,
            It will continue, in this exact, same way!

            Money, Money, Money…
            It’s not funny … in a Wenger’s World!

        2. Spot on!!WENGER has been occupied with alot of fear these days,sometimes he makes wrong substution coz of fear,poor transfers bcoz of fear,poor tactical bcoz of fear…Did you see how Leicester kept on attacking City even thou they were ahead??These days wenger will stop attacking if the team is ahead and try to park a bus which we are not used to,sometimes attack is the best form of defence….surely we need a new face here!!can we get SIMEONE pls,thats the type of manager we need now..ruthless,confidence,motivative and tactical

    2. god i hope thats true. it’ll be so refreshing to see someone else’s face. even if we suck for a while, at least we’ll have some new life and some new hope. different problems. i’ll take the chance. (ideally kroenke decides to invest his $ elsewhere, and he leaves too; but thats too much to dream)

      1. Sure hes plotting to have a NFL team in London is his next venture… bet our 3m a year to him helps that project. Fans are the only thing that can get Kronke OUT OF ARSENAL.

  6. Afobe goes while Akpom remained,what were they doing there?why this recently Wenger became poorly on recruiting srikers?lets admit it,you cant be a TOP TOP team without a TOP TOP Striker…..Will we ever get the next Henry??Need my Arsenal back!!

    1. Should have loaned Akpom & Afobe for a few seasons and never have signed Sonogoals but typical Wenger signing French & Free… Afobe & Akpom would be good understudies for Arsenal. The way Afobe is going he wouldve bagged quite a few goals for us this season, does the job Giroud does imo and will be better!!

  7. He still has another season left on his contract
    I predict that the Owners will not fire him and Wenger will not resign
    In fact, I also think he will be offered an extension

    Probably I will get a lot of thumbs down but just a prediction because
    1. He has won two trophies last two seasons and board will be happy with that
    2. Biggest Reason- MONEY…MONEY……MONEY
    a. The Share Holders are happy with the money Wenger doesn’t spend and as long as they are making money and we are in Top 4, they are happy
    b. Wenger gets a HUGE salary
    3. Wenger won’t want to give up Job Security

    1. Have as many chances but take them this time like we did v Southampton then confident of a big score line to make up GD in the league and go joint 2nd with Spurs.

      Next weekends fixtures;
      Spurs v Man City
      Arsenal v Leicester

      We have to win today no matter what!!!

  8. Wenger will only retire when the fans stand on thier feets as men for once. Well we all know that will never happen. We are too soft and shy. We will never do a Chelsea or man u to Wenger. Learn to live with it guys.

  9. Personally I am gutted it was not the AFC board moving heaven and earth to make Pep Guardiola the next manager of Arsenal. His philosophy and man management was perfect for the club to move forward.

    Now City will only be stronger and we have lost out on a top footballing mind. Could have paid Wenger off for his last year an guaranteed some legacy.

    Now it will be slim pickings even if they have the guts or ‘ambition’ to part company.

    1. That’s why he’ll never manage Arsenal. Kroenke’s plan is to keep Arsenal where it is. Cemented in the fourth place, buying cheap, selling expensive season in season out.

  10. Spot on my man did an article on here yday morning about the same thing that Wenger, Ivan and Stan need to get out of the Emirates for good for Arsenal to move on and up a level to match the big boys! Look at Liverpool fans they made a point the 1st game with ticket prices and when they wanted the owners and Rodgers Out they made it loud and clear… it worked though! My point is if we are not in the title race come March then fans need to start protests, petitions and ditching games for their voices and requests to be heard. Leicester winning the league proves all Wengers excuses over the last decade have been a load of ? imo!

  11. OT!

    Afobe bottled 3 goals in 3 games

    Theo managed 3 goals in 14 games

    A club with ambition would have sold theo long before his 10 year inconsistent campaine and keep an Afobe (pace & steel) to replace giroud since they’ve got almost the same attributes if not better.

    Wenger’s blind fate on mediocre players and bunch of over hyped british players is gonna cost us.

    It’s so pathetic!

  12. I swear he will go with Ramsey ( His engine ) and LeCoq ( understanding ) instead of going with El neny and LeCoq..cherries will do us a Leicester..I mean high tempo..very high and with Per on the bag we are looking for a long day at work..If we lose today IS OVER FELLAS..as Leicester will know a WIN at the emirates will then decide their faith as City will have a hard game against SPUDS and then their February and march schedule is easier than any other team at the top..what scares me the most is that if we do not win it then PEP will seduce Ozila and Alexis to join him at City ..my heart pounding.

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