Will Wenger listen to Cazorla’s advice on Arsenal changes?

Okay so the protests from Arsenal fans at the home game against Norwich City yesterday were not exactly explosive and they certainly were not vocal, angry or unanimous to have changed the minds of the Arsenal board or Arsene Wenger about whether the Frenchman should keep his job as our manager.

To be perfectly honest I don’t think that even a stadium full of fans complaining would have done that either, but the discontent of some Arsenal fans does appear to have got the attention of the boss and he has said that he would be working hard to give us reason to be happy in the future.

Will that entail a rethink on his own tried and tested methods of running the club and managing the team though? If it does then Wenger might want to take the advice from Santi Cazorla reported by The Mirror about one way we could increase the chances of a title next year.

Despite being a creative player himself, the Spaniard feels that Arsenal sometimes need to sacrifice this part of our game and grind out a win. When you consider that we have the joint worst defensive record in the top five and the second worst scoring record you can see his point.

Cazorla said, “Certainly we need to change something, because if we want to win we need to change. We will see what we have to do, but I think we need to be more regular, regulars every time.

“This year we lost at home to Swansea, drew at home to Crystal Palace, and this is the difference if you want to win the league.

“It’s true we have a great mentality and great philosophy, because we always want to attack and always want to score, but sometimes we need to be clever, and if we are winning 1-0 we need to protect this result and win the three points.

“We know we had a great opportunity to win the league this year and the only thing now is to fight until the end for the final three games.”

But will Wenger take this on board and tweak the Arsenal tactics? Or does he just need to get better strikers that will take the chances and better defenders to stop us conceding?


  1. His A** was Rescued by a 55th minute sub………….. It could have been worse for him yesterday

    i could read the frustration……wenger was like, @55mins…..turned to welbeck, asked him to go out ere and do anything he wanted

    welbeck was like perplexed…..a sub so early in the game?….. This is my chance!!!…….Then BLimey!

  2. He won’t bcoz he has passed his senses
    just to show he is right he keeps playing giroud..
    and if i were campbell i will just ask to let go..he is given no respect..walcott and giroud playing before him shows wenger stubborness

    1. @Greg…. And those anticipating our 4th place trophy are overjoyed!

      Singing in chorus: “we are 3rd….we are 3rd…….UCL……UCL…..we are coming”

  3. I was in the game yesterday.
    12th minute – time for change protest only a thousand at most with the papers.
    14th minute – ‘there is one Arsene Wenger’ shouts.
    There were many empty seats yesterday. Atleast 7000 empty I would say.

    It is clear most people in the stadium are happy the way things are at this club. They just come and watch the match and leave. Most of these are the richer people who.

  4. *CLears throat*

    is there any truth to what i’m hearing?

    “Joachim Loew to Everton” ?

    (NB: Everton had their own protest)

    Premier League just got interesting to watch next season


  5. There is a better chance of aliens landing in Trafalgar square than Wenger listening to advice!

  6. At this point Wenger has no choice but to listen. There have never been such levels of protests at AFC for as far as i can remember. If he doesn’t want to listen the board will be forced to make him because those empty seats will only hurt their precious bank. Expect big chances in the team this summer.

  7. And those anticipating our 4th place trophy are overjoyed!

    Singing in chorus: “we are 3rd….we are 3rd…….UCL……UCL…..we are coming”

    1. What, as opposed to singing about your manager dying in may? Very classy bunch. Petulant fools who were gutted at the pathetic rally they organised and making us the butt of everyone’s jokes, yey they still keep digging. God love them, poor souls.

    2. @Trevor…….. Hahaha……… So Losing to those teams in vast , ridiculous scorelines like 5-0 , 8-0 or more still against those bottom table teams didn’t make us the B*tt of everyone’s joke or petulant fools huh?

      When fans decided to stand their ground and take matters into their own hands by carrying out a simple protest thats when u classified us!


      1. There was a game going on, weren’t you watching? They should have organised it much better. They made a complete arse of it. These people have strong views on major decisions, yet they cant even organise a bloody rally. How can they call Arsene incompetent when they looked like something out of a carry on movie. Carry on up the Arsenal, thanks a bunch dudes ..lol


        1. Maybe if they protest for 12 years they may get a result!?

          Good return I think.

          1. Maybe they should ask you to help them get their money back, seeing as you must be minted after the sale of very dodgy signs ..lol

            1. They weren’t for sale clever trevor. 😉

              Why do grown men use LOL so much anyway?‎

    3. I’m only pointing out how you made up an imaginary song for fans when their was an actual song sung yesterday which was despicable. Instead of condoning something that actually happened, you go and get fanciful in having a pop. Am I surprised, usually not, this time however, I would have liked to see you be a bit more rational.

    4. Hahaha……..Trevor……… Should those protesters have sang the national anthem or waved in unison to convey a simple message?

      Let this be known…..not us all on Justarsenal reside in London…..and those fans u saw out ere, did their bit!

      The world can see it….. Like it or not….. Hasn’t happened before in Arsenal’s history some say!

      1. You want me to tell you how it’s done, how the heck would I know, I just know that it’s supposed to be executed extremely better than that pile of sh*te. I could give you an idea of how I would have went about it, but the thing is, it’s just too funny that I think it’s best left alone. Not funny haha, more like funny ..cringe.

        1. why do the akb’s say the protest was a failure? Even down under, it was mentioned and signs shown (ABC) Most of Asia, it was shown so no I dont consider it a failure, shows the world, REAL Arsenal fans have the passion even if the majority of the Emirates crew are as cold as a satiff.

  8. Cazorla could be going back to Spain in the summer.
    With utd and city dropping points, our champions league qualifications are looking good ?
    Hopefully the spuds will lose against Chelsea on Monday night, then we could even finish 2nd and have a happier end to the season! … that would cheer me up! ?

    1. @Fatboy….Remind me how u Lost the League title to Leicester (being the only team to beat em home and away)

      still cheered up?

      1. Soopa, you must be a do or a die kind of person in the real world, so you must be doing brilliant with life. As for the rest of us, we’ve learned in life, sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation.

    2. @Trevor……….. Not sure u’ve learnt any lesson

      being in the same very spot for Longer than a decade…..going in a vicious circle ….making the same mistakes over and over

      what have u Learnt from that?

      [There comes a time in Life when u Let go and move on!…..THAT TIME IS NOW]

      what you should be asking urself is…..how much have we progressed so far?

      1. Soopa, again you take an argument and you flip it over to something else. If you want to talk about one thing well then ask me and stick to it.

        I’m of the belief that full judgement on Arsene should for over three seasons. The seasons previous to this we could argue all day long as their are the same amount from both sides saying he done well not endangering the club and paying off debts early – to others who say he should have been winning titles.

        So we’ll leave that alone.

        In three seasons we have won two cups and made CL each year. Am I ecstatic, nowhere near so, but is it complete failure like you put it, no. Arsene is going to be with us next season, I am not like you I wouldn’t have joined that demmo, I think they have made fools out of the lot of us, almost, only for our majority to save some face. I am not going to bicker and complain every week when support is what should be given.

        1. @trevor you say support is all that is needed, for what? the FA cup? The 4th place trophy every year and non stop UCL attendance for more than a decade? Don’t you wanna improve? Being in the same cycle for 20 years and still cheering? deluded like your manager I see. Change is needed

  9. You hear people complaining when we play fantastic football and cant put the opponent to the sword, or finish them off. Yesterday, we followed Santi’s advice, made ourselves hard to beat and clung onto our advantage. Will this stop complaints, heck no, the very people who were moaning about us not being tough enough to win one nil, were the one’s to say useless performance? Some people just love to complain, they are happiest when doing so.

    1. we are not good enough……….accept the fact and work hard on it! …..simple

        1. Ooh I see, as an AKB you only saw the game we recently won and use that as a means to justify the deluded’s one failure and the team as a whole!! What happen to those game when the team is 1 or 2 goals up just to finish 90 mins as a draw or loss?? People don’t just complain when we win, they complain for the recurring failures for over a decade and still one man can’t find the solution and says there is no one to improve the team, no one better than what we have? Barca with all the trophies they won and still added some few players, we play as boring and predictable and still the team is the best in the world?? Wake up AKBs, time for change

    2. Yeah. After a largely insipid performance. Against NORWICH, whom we’ve put three or four past often before. Whom Suarez couldn’t stop scoring against if he tried. At the tail end of the season, where there’s precious little to play for, and the best we can hope for is 3rd, to put us in the driving seat for another time wasting frolick at the first couple stages of the UCL, having blown away one of our best chances to win the League in what – TWELVE YEARS, mate? Ahh. So much to be thankful for, isn’t there?

    3. Yeah – we really killed em off, didn’t we! With an absolutely outstanding performance against a top, top NORWICH side – whom we’ve put three or four past before. Whom Suarez couldn’t stop scoring against if he tried. At the tail end of the season, where there’s precious little to play for, and the best we can hope for is 3rd, to put us in the driving seat for another time wasting frolick at the first couple stages of the UCL, having blown away one of our best chances to win the League in what – TWELVE YEARS, mate? Ahh. So much to be thankful for, isn’t there?

    4. let me ask u a question do u believe arsenal will be real title challengers nxt year or even epl champions??

    5. t…. how the hell did we make ourselves hard to beat when we didnt have a shot at goal in the first half. The reasonm Norwich are battling relegation is they dont take their chances and for the most part, they were actually more dangerous in front of goal. Forget possesion stats, when all you do is square the balls.

  10. Seasons over bar the Stan kroenke ranch improvements front.

    Arsenal is such a great brand!

  11. Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis should team up and demand that Wenger sign WC players this summer. They should not sign any contract before this is done

    If they want to win trophies then they should take action

    1. Thing is we have to let some go to make room for improvements. Besides Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini who do you think Wenger will cut loose?

      My assumptions judging by how this season has panned out, possibilities are:


      That’s 6 slots “IF” that happens and we already filled 1 with Elneny. Hard to call, we’ll be playing the waiting game again this summer.

  12. The protests were. as i expected a complete waste of time. Onlt armchair and delusional fans, oh and also JUSTARSENAL fans were actually thinking it was a good idea. Im sick and tired of the comments placed on this site, and will therefore never be returning. Arsene is an Arsenal legend and will never ever be forgotten. To all you so called fans, Go and support a club that does not let you down in your eyes. I will support Arsenal through thick and thin, i will sing and support from the North Bank, because Arsenal are my team. Arsenal is in my blood and any player who pulls that shirt on deserves my support.
    Please, Please those who protested, listen to those fans who were around you!!! You were not wanted.

    1. Jeesh, thank god I got to read this. I hate coming into the site and then leaving without reading something from a fan who believes in the word support. I really wish we had a terrific fan base. Negativity and worse can be toxic, great support pulls in the opposite direction.

      1. AKBs with your word SUPPORT, who doesn’t???? Everyone do, but enough is enough, sane people have seen the flaws in the team and the biggest culprit is Wenger, people demand more, doesn’t make their love for their club any less. No one will leave to support other teams, asking for more doesn’t make you any less a supporter. Anyways, Wenger stays and we will witness another year of disappointment and same excuses being repeated for a decade, still AKBs find them as though the excuses are new and the deluded one deserves respect even though he fails every year

      2. Support, Trevor? For what now? ONE trophy TWICE in almost TEN YEARS – whereas a certain Ranieri is set to win the EPL after just NINE MONTHS – with a squad worth far less than we’ve EVER had, even in our rough times – which serves to show Wenger’s inability to instill a winning spirit, “heart, blood and soul” into his team? Constantly finishing in 4th place – that benefits only Kroenke, Wenger et al? Terrible finishing, hilarious defending? Snatching draws and losses from the jaws of victory? A manager who insisted that there was no one in the whole wide footballing world better than Giroud, Welbeck, Sanogo, Walcott, Mertesacker, etc – in a series of summers where Bayern, Atletico, Real Madrid, Barcelona Chelsea, Man Utd, etc were somehow managing to find quality to add to their squads? Yes, we’re ahead of Chelsea, City and Man Utd – but remember that they’ve ALL won the EPL at least ONCE in the last FIVE seasons alone – we, on the other hand, get excited when we finish in 3rd place instead of 4th. Champions’ mentality? No. It’s pathetic. Now even Leicester and Tottenham are showing AW how its done in 21st Century England. We support ARSENAL FC, NOT ARSENE FC. We’re not disloyal because we don’t want him anymore. If Leicester had stuck with the old guy, they wouldn’t be where they are most probably. And we want Arsenal to be great again. Wenger has done a great job. But he belongs, like his trophies, to the past now. He’s ruining the present, and giving us no hope for anything new and greater in the future. And that – is terrible, and nothing to support.

  13. The point is wenger is contented with 4th place and there is no advice he would listen to as long as he consistently achieves his targets.
    When players decide to raise their ambitions high and jump ship to leave the club he looks for the best players in lower clubs and academies who would grab the opportunity to play for arsenal with both hands

  14. @Trevor…… L()L

    weren’t you one of those “JUDGE WENGER BY MAY” crooners?

    Funny to see u talk bout 3 seasons now!

    2 F.A cups L()L and eliminated 3rd attempt in a row by a recently promoted team…weldone

    dunno what’s so special bout 3 seasons ago and how it relates with heading in the right direction!

  15. guys this is ARSENAL for God sakes whats wrong with u.guys talking about embarrassment all arsenal fans are an embarrassment we r dragging the club down how the f… are we content with 4th place THIS IS ARSENAL NOT SOTON WAKE UP

    1. Leicester is ONE MATCH closer to the EPL than Wenger has been in 12 years. And from now on, I doubt that they’ll ever be content with 3rd/4th place every season for TWELVE YEARS. Chelsea, Man City, Man U are below us. But they’ve ALL won the EPL at least ONCE in the previous FIVE seasons. Add Leicester to it, and Wenger’s excuses about being unlike to compete financially are exposed as lame. He has failed, not because of lack of funds, but for failing to build a team with a winning mental it, with “blood, heart and soul”. You CANNOT build a team capable of challenging for, much less winning the EPL, much less the UCL, when its GLARING that even finishing in FOURTH place would still be good enough for you! How about Sevilla? Atletico? We want out club to succeed again, Trevor – and Wenger clearly isn’t our Joshua! He’s led us out of the doldrums to the brink of success – but he’s also kept us there for TOO MANY YEARS! ONE trophy, out of a possible FOUR, after TWELVE YEARS, is NOT success by any standard! We need a Joshua to lead us INTO the Promised Land. We need Wenger to go! I say again, imagine where Leicester would probably be, if they had kept their old manager?!

  16. And Leicester have won the EPL title! And Ranieri becomes yet another manager to achieve success in England’s top division, while Wenger feeds us with “beautiful football”, And even more beautiful reasons why 3rd/4th place and ONE trophy out of a possible FOUR – the occasional FA cup – is, for Arsenal FC is the most wonderful achievement we should ever hope for under him!! Long live Emperor Wenger!

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