Will Wenger regret his belief in the Arsenal squad?

Now it is clear that Arsene Wenger meant exactly what he has been saying all through the summer; that he would only be looking to sign players of top quality that he thought would be a significant improvement on what Arsenal already have.

Many of us might well disagree with the Frenchman, but it is his decision at the end of the day, his reputation on the line, and him that will be getting some serious abuse in a train station near you soon if things do not go well for the Gunners this season.

It is clear that Wenger, as Thierry Henry argued when Gary Neville laid into the boss last week, has a lot of faith and belief in his players and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I would rather be a part of his team than work for the blame monger Mourinho or the slightly unhinged Louis van Gaal, who seems to be able to start an argument in an empty room.

I just hope that the current Arsenal players appreciate what Wenger does for them and respond accordingly, by upping their game and proving him right. The problem the boss has now is that any bad performance or result will have people saying,well you should have bought someone then´ even though there is no guarantee that the possible signings would have made any difference.

So will Wenger´s faith in his players prove to be well founded, or delusional?


  1. Gundam says:

    No, because Arteta will save us.

    1. roachie says:

      Henry said on sky that Arsene will not pay over the odds for a player. If paying over the odds means we have a chance of winning the league then so be it.It’s not like we can’t afford it. Once again we will be the nearly bees but we came 4th so get champions league which we have no chance of winning!! Ihave been a staunch beliver in Wenger for many years but no more. Plus I have a £60 bet with a mate who supports manure that we will finish above them…..not happy

      1. galaxygooner says:

        Arsenal FC shrinks and becomes smaller and smaller year on year .
        Apart from Ozil , show me an arsenal player whose resale value is close to £50 million .
        I knew nobody was getting signed the day they offered Flamini and arteta contract extensions.

          1. galaxygooner says:

            So obviousl. No need to add him

        1. Handyandy says:

          Oooooh, I think Arsene has just dropped a real clanger there. Very hard to believe this is gonna pay dividends not buying a single outfield player. Incredible stuff!

          1. V.uren says:

            Arsenal … Wenger …. Where is our ambition ???

        2. sevenitti says:

          Same with Walcott, when Wenger said that he doesn’t want to miss Walcott’s prime. No striker, no DM. Not surprised, just disappointed.

          Ah well, at least there are no welbecks to drag us further down.

          1. sevenitti says:

            Welbeck is a flop and anyone who disagrees should look at Gervinho “The flop”. 9/46 (0,19) goals/match vs. Welbeck’s 4/25 (0,16). To add to this, Gervinho was nothing but a winger. I really don’t see what people see in that clumsy manc.

          2. Santi19 says:

            This is sensible remark; how could a player be first choice striker for arsenal scoring only four goals in 25 games? He was fourth choice striker for untd but we are expecting him to score >20 goals. Believe or not we are struggling for the 4th place.

        3. paul35mm says:

          Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshire, Koscileny, Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Giroud would all fetch top of the market money if they were available. you don’t see values floating around for them because Arsene Wenger said, flat out, at the beginning fo the year that he didn’t have to sell, he wouldn’t sell, and he would only buy if he could find a special player or two that would improve what he feels is a title contending squad.

          Barcelona floated an approach for Ramsey early in the summer and Arsenal said no. Mourinho tried to get the Ox included in the Cech deal and was rebuffed. Wilshire’s name was mentioned by Man City too, in the 30 million range, and Arsene said Wilshire wasn’t leaving. On Hector Bellerin; if Luke Shaw is worth 30 million, Bellerin is worth 40. Mourinho would sell Fabregas to Bayern Munich in a heartbeat to have Ozil, and if Giroud was on the market, he’d fetch 30-40 million. You scoff, but show me a proven Premier League goal scorer with Giroud’s numbers and i’ll show you a man costing that kind of money. Chelsea paid 32 and change for Costa. Costa scored 21 goals in all comps. Giroud scored 19 in two fewer games. Real want 50 million for Benzema and he only scored a few more goals than Giroud in La Liga, where the big teams like Real wrack up big scores against the league minnows.

          The other reason no one is looking at Arsenal players is all the key men are under long-term deals. This was done precisely to do what it has done. Put other clubs, especially the hard to resist few like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and PSG; clubs willing to pay enormous wages for the newest emerging star, off the idea of signing Wenger’s stars.

          Arsenal is a unique club in several ways and it’s why i love them. First, one man decides. The board and Wenger are on the same page. Both believe in running the club sustainably. Both believein advancing players internally when possible, finding players who are undervalued, and selling only when necessary. Finally, Arseneal buy when and if Arsene Wenger says they buy. That’s why virtually every Arsenal transfer story turns out to be baloney. No one knows who Arsene will buy but Arsene, and he isn’t talkking. Arsenal scut a lot of players; I’m sure they scouted Benzema, Cavani, Higuain, Draxler, Bender, Pedro, and others. The scouts were seen or talked to the writers, but in the end, its only Arsene that decides, so until he picks up the phone and speaks to the player, no one has any idea if there is a deal or not.

          Second, they are not delusional. Wenger and the board know where the club fits in the hierarchy of resources and they are careful to stay within their means. If it weren’t for sugar daddy owners, Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Newcastle would be the big 4. Sorry Tottenham, your owner is an idiot or you’d be here too. The comparison with Tottenham is important. Every club wants Champions league and the riches that come with it. Realistically, as the fourth highest earning club, Arsenal should and can consistently finish in and around fourth place. sometimes they go higher, but in Arsene Wenger’s time in charge, they’ve never underachieved. not once. Daniel levy’s side has the fifth or sixth highest revenue. Realistically, his teams will finish between 8th and 4th. He fires managers for not doing the impossible, which is to go toe to toe with Man City, Chelsea, and Man U. Man City finished second in the league; Second! They went out and spent 150 million to ‘fix’ a team that isn’t broken. Man U finished outside the top 4 once and they’ve spent over 300 million to get back in. Chelsea perceived a weakness and spent 50+ million to ‘improve’ a team that won the title. Tottenham can’t do that. And on the one occasion they got a windfall from selling Gareth Bale, they spent the money like a bunch of drunk teenagers. They didn’t buy one or two top players (Sanchez & Ozil) and a few really good ones at reasonable prices (Welbeck, Gabriel, Chambers, Debuchy) they went on a binge and pissed away the lot. And when they didn’t pan out right away (Holtby, Sigurdsen, etc) they sold them for huge losses.

          I like that Arsenal didn’t go crazy. I’d like a top level defensive midfielder, not because I don’t have faith in Le Coq, but because anyone can get hurt and Coquelin is still growing into the player he will be. Javier Martinez or Maxine Gonalons are my picks for the job, but the most important thing is, we didn’t lose a regular first-team contributor for the second year in a row.

      2. Chippy says:

        Its not over the odds though- its market value- dictated what others will pay and what the holding club value the player.

        Of course Wenger wont regret it. He still gets paid for failure. Cannot wait til he pops his cloggs

      3. Jeez says:

        Said Wenger has no ambition left for arsenal while some snivelling jackass thumbed me down, well, here we are…

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:


      If u want to be lucky, u must never forget that the future belongs to the competent. It does not belong to the well meaning, the sincere, or merely ambitious…it belongs to those who are good at what they do. The future belongs to the people with critical knowledge of how to get results, and those who are adding to their knowledge base everyday. Its not a competition btw those who have more and those who have less. It’s a competition between those who know more and those who know less….. Brethrens! Wenger is incompetent and the WOBs are right about it!…..

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:

      for all the Thumb-downs, words brokered and thrown against him, hatred towards him……..HAFIZ RAHMAN was RIGHT about it all!

    4. tatgooner says:

      this is what the old man thinks right now. we are getting closer to barcelona
      he believes
      cech is better than bravo
      monreal is as good as alba
      koscienly is as good as pique
      gabriel is as good as mascherano
      bellerin is better than alves CURRENTLY
      coquelin is statistically better than busquets
      cazorla is as good as iniesta
      ramsey is better than rakitic
      sanchez is better than neymar
      ozil is the worlds best no10

      he believes the gap only lies between suarez and messi
      he just needs to turn walcott to henry and welbeck to etoo and then we are european champions

      if you believe this thumbs up if you dont thumbs down

      1. Jim A says:

        Don’t really care about Barca I have seen some of the teams we are competing against Chelsea,Liverpool, Man U and I have to think we will be in the mix with them. Man C look good but don’t know if they have seen teams just sitting back and defending like we have seen.

        1. sonix says:

          you mean westham?
          were they crowding their 18yard box when they got those goals?
          When you see another team in form just admit it….cos Arsenal is not just in great form right now.

      2. vega says:

        Ramsey is better than Whooo?!! Coq is better than WHoooo?! Where is this guy from, are you on crack?!!. The only truth in your comment is that cech and bravo might be equals.

        1. tatgooner says:

          bravo and cech equals???!!!
          SHAME ON YOU
          you guys really like to slate ramsey if you didnt realise HES PLAYING ON THE WINGS FOR GODS SAKE
          and did you know barcelona lost 7 0 on aggregate to bayern and barely beat mancity
          STFU and listen to wat u r saying

          1. vega says:

            They also won the Freaking trebble… Arsenal hasent won epl in 12 years and has never won CL period..

          2. vega says:

            And if ramsey is sooooo good why is Cazorla playing over him in CM. I Rate Cazorla highly i think he is our best player but I dont think he could go to FCB an take Rakitic’s spot…

    5. Ivan Gazidis says:

      Today was a great day! We managed to save ourselves from blowing money like all the other idiot teams in the EPL. While their debt and wage bill grows, our cash continues to flow!
      #WarChest #IvanKnowsBest #SavingIsBehaving

      1. sevenitti says:

        I know you’re a parody, but I’ll stick this relevant quote from the black scarf movement:

        “In recent times, many Arsenal supporters have been feeling more and more alienated by the club they love.

        Whether priced out of going to watch their beloved Arsenal, fed up with what they feel is spin coming from the club, or disappointed that the huge sums of money they pay in ticket prices are not reinvested into the team, growing numbers of fans are feeling less valued by their club.

        Football without fans is nothing”

        So much input from the fans to the club, yet so little output for the fans in return. Spending wisely is good, but not spending at all, because the players the club need are seemingly overpriced, is bad. It puts us out of the competition and incites further frustration.

        If the warchest really had £200M, Kroenke isn’t too bad of an owner, but somewhere in the line, Ebonezer Scrooge came along and refused to spend for the needed players. This man has to go, and quite frankly if it was today and not by the end of the season, I wouldn’t mind.

        1. Ivan Gazidis says:

          What do you mean alienated and no investment in the club? We just gave several players contract extensions, and that has eaten up our budget. Have you heard of Financial Fair Play? Our compliance with FFP is well respected and admired by UEFA.
          Not only do we qualify for Champions League on the pitch every year, we win the Champions League for fiscal responsibility! Now that’s a trophy we can all be proud of.

          #FiscalResponsibility #FFP #WarChest #IvanKnowsBest

          1. sevenitti says:

            Ah yes, giving players like Welbeck £115k per week, and Walcott £140k. #FinancialGenius

          2. Ivan Gazidis says:

            Ah yes, then you fans cry when we sell a player. #SellingIsWinning

    6. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @Gigi2 and AKB kool……….. LoooooooooooooooL

    7. galaxygooner says:

      From the rarely injured players like
      Kanu , Wiltordu , Henry and Bergkamp to
      Giroud , Welbeck , Sanogo and Walcott

    8. Adhi_gunner says:


    9. Adhi_gunner says:

      Think about challenging for the title? Get real.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Need Not worry……….the scare-crow’s actions will come back to bite him like a scorpion! ……….

    1. galaxygooner says:

      The real and effectual discipline which is exercised over a workman is that of his customers. It is the fear of losing their employment which restrains his frauds and corrects his negligence.
      Adam Smith

      We not only need a new manager , we need a new owner.

      1. davidnz says:

        Lets wait till Xmas to pass judgement huh.

        1. joeboy says:

          Why we wont be top of the table by then….city already 5points clear and flying and yet they still added top top quality in de bruyne, most asists in all of Europes top leagues with 21asists and 10goals!…….. And us? Well we are waiting for welbeck to return

          1. Ivan Gazidis says:

            Welbeck returning is like a new signing!

        2. davidrusa says:

          This is the real voice of reason. Let us give the manager the benefit of doubt and then pass judgement. What would you rather have? Lose Monreal and Oxlade as was being rumoured in return for players you don’t know or keep these and the other players and receive nobody? To those who believe new is best the answer would be to get new players and lose some old ones while the rational ones would opt for what they know and only add where it is absolutely necessary. We have 7 points out of a possible 12 and are in 6th position currently. I don’t think this is a worrying situation considering how our rivals who have spent a lot of money are performing. Besides, our away form has been fantastic. The only Achilles’ heel has been our home form which I believe will improve after the international break. We should not read too much into the Liverpool game because both our regular central defenders were absent which made our boys to play with restraint fearing to expose the defence. Newcastle was a great test because Macleran came with rough tactics to frustrate us but we still stood our ground. So let’s wait and see.

          1. medvet says:

            the most pathetic statement so far….
            ” I don’t think this is a worrying situation considering how our rivals who have spent a lot of money are performing”, who is in the top of the table??…………………….
            “We should not read too much into the Liverpool game because both our regular central defenders were absent which made our boys to play with restraint fearing to expose the defence”, we don’t score because our cbs, that is a good one, a pathetic good one.

    2. rd_gunner says:

      Soopa ..does it really matter to him? The man is immune..we bleed while he pockets his 9 million without any accountability..Wenger talks about “belief”..I will trust that he is serious if he refuses to take a pay until he wins the PL- will he do that? he won’t …Its not just about the transfers; the man clearly lacks the ambition. If he had any self-respect he would have quit by now ! Its embarassing to say anymore..show me one club which went from being champions to also rans and persisted with the same manager for 10 years. Its robbery in broad day light and we are the ones being robbed. I officially give up today. have much better things to do with my life. Will come back once the egomaniac makes way for someone ambitious ! Period

    3. muda says:

      I will only support Arsenal because its Arsenal, but not because am Okay with the situations.

      1. sevenitti says:

        Spot on. As of now, I’ll stick with my two other childhood-favourites Roma and Dortmund. At least they entertain and have their arrows pointing upwards. Arsenal with Wenger reached its peak around 10 years ago.

  3. kenyanfan says:

    its now over.thank you for the mental torture,blood pressure and the disgrace you have caused the humble fans.got no much for you.we finished no.3 yet no2 and no1 have bought. berca is banned but have bought.one day we will leave you to act as manager and fan.you will have an empty stadium and you will know what it takes to cheer up a team

  4. fred cowardly says:

    Well I regret my faith in Wenger

    No excuse this season. Plenty of money available
    A DM and striker is all we asked for.

    Thanks Arsene

    1. rd_gunner says:

      Soopa ..does it really matter to him? The man is immune..we bleed while he pockets his 9 million without any accountability..Wenger talks about “belief”..I will trust that he is serious if he refuses to take a pay until he wins the PL- will he do that? he won’t …Its not just about the transfers; the man clearly lacks the ambition. If he had any self-respect he would have quit by now ! Its embarassing to say anymore..show me one club which went from being champions to also rans and persisted with the same manager for 10 years. Its robbery in broad day light and we are the ones being robbed. I officially give up today. have much better things to do with my life. Will come back once the egomaniac makes way for someone ambitious ! Period

  5. Gundam says:

    I don’t know why most of you even both worrying about the transfer window these days. Nobody ever knows anything anyway. It is always a surprise.

  6. medvet says:

    fail to prepare, prepare to fail…. wise words…
    only the title can save to wenger this year…

  7. davidnz says:

    As long as the squad stays fit
    Arsenal can win the EPL.
    Other clubs spent big but
    they are no stronger.
    Also bear in mind deals can be completed
    up until 8pm so things could yet change 🙂

    1. DM@Gunner says:

      wishful thinking 🙂

      1. pubgooner says:

        More like Delusional Thinking! Real in need of a Psychiatrist!

      2. pubgooner says:

        More like Delusional Thinking! In real need of a Psychiatrist!

    2. galaxygooner says:

      In your dreams .
      Get the ball off David silva , yaya Toure , Samuel Nasri ,Raheem Stirling and De Bruyne first.

      1. JoJo says:

        Don’t forget Aguero.

    3. medvet says:

      arsenal players fit??? hahahahahahahaha
      thats hilarious…………………

    4. DesiGunner says:

      No deals will be done anymore but i do believe that if this squad plays to its potential we can win EPL

      1. ymoola says:

        You are starting to sound like Arsene. Don’t let him brainwash you.

    5. Wonder says:

      That only applies to Liverpool and Man U! Spending without improving

    6. sevenitti says:


      To compete with




      Fair enough, pretty close – but injuries happen and rotations to prevent this. No way we can keep up our top level performance for as long as City and Chelsea…

  8. Jansen says:

    it might be Wenger’s reputation on the line but what is more important to me is that the club’s chances of success were on the line and Wenger failed big time.

    Problem is the club will never let him go even if we finish 4th for the next 5 years.

    This club could have been so much more now that are finances are solid again.

    We just lack an ambitious manager and owner. They are ambitious but only financially not sporting wise.

    With 200 mill cash in the bank ambition would have found a way to improve this squad.

  9. fred cowardly says:

    I think the “Wenger Out” Protest starts at 7pm outside the Emirates

    I live too far away to attend but wish them my best.

    1. PiresTheLegend says:

      but but… no top quality players were available?

      I was an AKB until today, but now I honestly feel like a fool. Arsene the economics major prevailed over Arsene the coach of the legendary invincibles, and now we are the only team in the top 5 European leagues who did not sign a senior outfield player.

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      I was talking to someone at PSG who said the market is closed for them. They don’t expect any business and haven’t since last Friday#DeadlineDay

      — Jason Burt (@JBurtTelegraph) September 1, 2015

      The second tweet comes from French journalist, Julien Laurens, who goes further, saying Arsenal were never in for Edinson Cavani or Adrien Rabiot in the first place:

      Arsenal and Arsène Wenger are not trying to sign Edinson Cavani or Adrien Rabiot from PSG, who would not sell anyway.

      — Julien Laurens (@LaurensJulien)September 1, 2015

      Why does wengers Arsenal fc play the fans like kids,
      with their make belief bull?
      They knew that they had no real plans in signing any top top players as he calls them!
      It just goes to show that Ozil and Sanchez were signed mainly to keep the fans happy, So basically thats our lot,
      No more big money signings while wenger is in charge.

      But what pisses me off is the way the club/wenger keep the fans clueless to what their real intentions are regarding the transfers!

      I mean… Don’t make out you are looking to buy a ferrari
      when really you are looking for a cheap second hand moped

      As for the current thin squad, we are F##ked if we get our usual injuries and with so many young talented players loaned out or sold,
      it makes you wonder to Wtf! Is really going on?
      Obviously all them combined loan deals etc paid for Cech’s transfer fee….. so basically wenger didn’t spend any of the fan’s hard earnt cash on player’s this summer!

      Absolutely f##king gutted ?

      1. Trudeau says:

        Ospina, Debuchey, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshire, Rocisky, Walcott, Ox and Welbeck. Right now that’s our second 11. Doesn’t look particularly thin to me.

  10. antiwenger says:

    Wenger??Regret?? The man doesn’t give a toss.He only has to finish in the top four and akbs will hail him as the greatest ever

    DISGUSTED !!!!

  12. mark says:

    Trouble is, the team won’t up their game, they will relax back into it and we will be the same old Arsenal.

    What the stubborn one fails to realise is how a new signing affects his squad. It will motivate, reignite and drive them forwards with fresh hope and belief.

    With no signings, the players have no renewed optimism, and regardless of all that, when other teams are spending, we HAVE to spend just to keep up with them. It’s how it all works, like it or not.

    Frankly, it’s just embarrassing as much as annoying and frustrating.

  13. Dreadedgunner says:

    Smh that it all

  14. Dreadedgunner says:

    Smh that is all

  15. Uzi Ozil says:

    Finally, I am happy its over. I can only hope for the players we have steps up and perform pretty well…. I want Welbeck to come back Asap and see what He has got this season. We just have to support the players we have. I think Manchester City will win the league…Prediction could be right or wrong come May 2016 but thats my opinion.

    I will go to bed tonight without looking for sources online. I feel Arsenal fans have been pranked all over again from Wenger, the board, agents, social media and the likes….

  16. Shah of Arsenal says:

    Lmao Manure signed Anthony Martial age 19 for 36m pounds, we paid 35 for alexis

    1. Wayne Barker says:

      Atleast they signed someone and have good chance of finishing above us even with such instability. God bless us if Sanchez goes injured for a month or two.

      1. Mesut O-chill says:

        Do you know how pissed Gooners would be if Wenger paid that much for a no name like Martial?

        Hadn’t heard about the kid, might be special, but I’d rather AW spend that much money on someone like Sanchez who’d guarantee us something.

        1. Wayne Barker says:

          Lol dont know who the kid is? Maybe you forgot the monaco-Arsenal game where this kid ran rampage against us.

  17. Shubhashish Bhattacharjee says:

    I think Wenger actually wants out of Arsenal coz the entire world knows that we need a striker and a DM let alone a CB but wenger is so delusional and stubborn that the only reason for him to not sign any1 would be that he wants to laeve Arsenal…………….this is going to be a waste of a season and seriously now it would not matter to me if we finish 5th or even lower coz what the hell would we do even if we qualify for the CL……..scrape through the group stages and then get knocked out in the round of 16!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling frustrated and helpless!!!!!!!

  18. ArseOverTit says:

    We have until 8.


    1. DM@Gunner says:

      yes..zlatan is coming mate..happy? 😛

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        We would have a guy who can hit a barn door and is a special player but I wanted Wenger out since three seasons ago and that won’t change my mind in the least.

        I support Arsenal NOT Arsene.

    2. fred cowardly says:

      Zlatan would be the answer this season he is better than Benzema, Cavani, Higuain for this season at least

      However, I don’t share your optimism

      I’m staying awake until 8pm anyway
      I LOVE Arsenal dearly and want us to win Trophies
      but looks like Wenger let us down again

      I’m Angry, Sad, disappointed all at the same time but relieved that the window is closed

  19. Arsenal4eternity says:

    Simply disgusted of AW. Why should a board member come out and declare that we have a lot of money to buy any player on the planet (save Messi and R7) just to end up buying Fu Kin Gi No Wan?

  20. LoCkAy says:

    To have regrets you need to care first…
    Wenger and whoever is above him do not give a toss about the fans (being the case for years).
    If the fans think they matter, they are as deluded as the manager.

    He won’t have any regrets because this is his squad. Each player has been hand picked by Wenger.
    Every faux pas is the players fault never his.

    This club will never win the league again until the all mentality and character about winning changes.

    We are the champion of net spending.

    The funny thing is that we need 2 or 3 players to change the all dynamique of the team…

    May be one day, we will enjoy some glory and world class status as a club.

    Moving forward, Wenger will finish his contract and hopefully, hopefully go quietly…

  21. Mick The Gooner says:

    Beginning of the end of Arsene Wenger I’m afraid. The fans won’t tolerate it this time. Just one huge slap in the face, especially after his failings of not getting a centre back last year. Vast sums of money in the bank and we’re the only club in the top 5 leagues across Europe not to have signed a single outfield player all window, despite being one of the 10 richest clubs in the world. Not acceptable.

  22. Charlie Nick says:

    So depressing…No new outfield players, and we let players like Akpom go on loan.
    In a way I wasn’t even bothered if it was a player who would ‘win us the PL’ , but as fans we deserve a new exciting face, somebody who could give the fans a lift. It is an entertainment business after all.

  23. atmarsenal says:

    If wenger wins the league this year he can be put up as an absolute genius.To turn around 14/15 points we were off winning the league by simply buying ok a world class keeper and thats it is simply mental. 200 million and rising in the bank is great but enough is enough we want genuine chance to win epl AND champions league. We are miles away but still we have a dictator in charge who has not learned even in what he has seen already this season.Pure shite go now and let a ambitious man take us to the next level.Klopp anybody!!

  24. jackieboy says:

    Seasons over. Team was never good enough to win the league, and it’s still not. With all the teams strengthening especially our nearest rivals in terms of trophy hunters, we won’t even get a sniff of silverware. Thank you Wenger for being a stubborn old C U Next Tuesday like you always are and letting us all down yet again. Don’t look next time you cross the road.

  25. FFFanatic says:

    From reputable sources I know we were in advanced talks for Cavani a while back that fell through due to our unwillingness to pay 220k a week. The wage structure has once again held us back from a major signing and have what opinion you want about that, but the fact is it’s done.

    This window is horribly disappointing in the sense that we’ve not strengthened our team at all. I include Cech in that respect because honestly he is not going to change the dynamic of the team and might make only a hatful of saves across the whole season that David Ospina would not.

    Wenger has laid his cards on the table and said that this squad can win the Premier League. The problem is this is 100% Wenger’s squad and he had the oppurtunity to add. By not taking it, he’s left himself with no get out clause. He can’t blame the players, the lack of money or anything else. Failure to at least challenge the PL until the final weekend is now tantamount to his resignation – the pressure that will be mounted on him will be insane.

    This is the first time I’ve ever looked at a transfer market and honestly said “Wenger has made a huge mistake”. Normally there are perfectly good reasons, but this time, he has done nothing but dig himself a grave. I’m really hoping he doesn’t have to sleep in it.

  26. “Gunners fans devastated as they become only team in top 5 European leagues not to sign outfield player”

    That is a major statement. It is a headline in the Independent Newspaper and I am sure elsewhere too. Wenger must be the most obstinate man on earth but worse I think a massive amount of supporters will believe Wenger has no respect or understanding of them and has let them down. He has. Wenger being the only Manager not to sign an outfield player in the top leagues in Europe, will I believe even alienate the supporters who supported him. It is a sign that Wenger does not value the supporters needs and wishes. Thankfully most other managers care about their supporters. Nobody can now argue that Wenger just suffers the supporters rather than wanting to make them happy. It may well be that in the real world Wenger is not a good man.

  27. dboy says:

    What we are failing to realise here is that teams like Swansea, Palace, Leicester can overturn top any top team on their day. The league is much more tougher and it requires a tougher approach. Our failure to at least bring in back up for Le Coq will be the deciding factor. Our forwards need to start finding the mark soon. However I can’t see us winning the league. Well we just hope our genius has something up his sleeve.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      He has ramsey, Cazorla and old fart better to play in Le Coq place if he gets injured or banned.

      We all know that wenger is toooo stubborn but I am sure that he is a big time private gambler that has million pound bets
      With his elite buddies on what he can do with this team with handicaps…. Meaning betting that we can still finish in the top 4 and get into the last sixteen of the champions league without signing any out field player’s.

  28. davidnz says:

    The team is in 4th = place.
    7 from the last 9.
    Does that not tell
    us anything?

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      Nah points don’t determine anything….
      No. of signings decide…

      1. gooner100 says:

        Hope you’re being sarcastic….Nb of signings decide lol.

    2. kam says:

      you mean 7 from last 12?

  29. dboy says:

    Funny thing is, by the end of the season Wenger will be a hero for finishing in top four again. And everyone would have forgotten he promised to go for the PL title. I wonder what his ambitions are for the UCL?

  30. unjonzeable says:

    Not surprised…..same ol’ same ol’
    Maybe we should resort to prayers…if we are to make even top4.

    BTW…admin, please..it took me a while to log on today, kept getting error messages continually..pls do something

  31. Gigi2 says:

    Wenger does NOT understad this:
    1- Football isnt fair in finances. and it is extreme and unfair in prices. NO ONE will change that.
    2- Fans are what mke a team live…hey buy the tickets and jerseys….if the team loses kids wont ask their fathers for a Flamini jersey….its less money.
    3- Fans like to feel good about their team. At this momento all of us Arsenal fans will be the subject of jokes for not buying anyone
    4. Buying players sometimes plays in favor of a psycholofical advantage…it isnt always about better performance. Because if it plays in the kinds of the players the late Vince Lombardi said: if you believe you ll lose …chances are you will (our players will say things, but i am sure they d have felt better and more confident with a few new players around them…)


  32. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I was talking to someone at PSG who said the market is closed for them. They don’t expect any business and haven’t since last Friday#DeadlineDay

    — Jason Burt (@JBurtTelegraph) September 1, 2015

    The second tweet comes from French journalist, Julien Laurens, who goes further, saying Arsenal were never in for Edinson Cavani or Adrien Rabiot in the first place:

    Arsenal and Arsène Wenger are not trying to sign Edinson Cavani or Adrien Rabiot from PSG, who would not sell anyway.

    — Julien Laurens (@LaurensJulien)September 1, 2015

    Why does wengers Arsenal fc play the fans like kids,
    with their make belief bull?
    They knew that they had no real plans in signing any top top players as he calls them!
    It just goes to show that Ozil and Sanchez were signed mainly to keep the fans happy, So basically thats our lot,
    No more big money signings while wenger is in charge.

    But what pisses me off is the way the club/wenger keep the fans clueless to what their real intentions are regarding the transfers!

    I mean… Don’t make out you are looking to buy a ferrari
    when really you are looking for a cheap second hand moped

    As for the current thin squad, we are F##ked if we get our usual injuries and with so many young talented players loaned out or sold,
    it makes you wonder to Wtf! Is really going on?
    Obviously all them combined loan deals etc paid for Cech’s transfer fee….. so basically wenger didn’t spend any of the fan’s hard earnt cash on player’s this summer!

    Absolutely f##king gutted ?

    1. FFFanatic says:

      We were in contract talks with Cavani but not on deadline day. I think Wenger’s list was exhausted a while back and the club accepted unless someone exceptional came on the market, we were sticking with what we got. Disgusting, but certainly not a complete fabrication.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Like Benzema said ” to all those clowns that make belief”

        He was referring to wenger and his fake window scouters

        when you guys gonna realise that the Arsenal fan’s are the most gullible and deceived fans in the world,
        Well.. Since the Yank bought the majority of the shares!

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      ?? F##k meeeeee i must be depressed,
      I didn’t realise I wrote an essay ?

      I apologize to all

  33. Ronny331 says:

    Market rate dictates what a team needs to pay, Wenger doesnt seem to be able to absorb this.
    He still wants to get value, I get this but sometimes you need to be bold and gamble.
    In fact where is this gamble Wenger mentioned?
    Did we really turn down the amount of 50M for Cavanni?
    It’s over the odds but this guys a beast and should give us 3 or 4 seasons.
    #Shocked and angry tonight!

    P.s. The interweb is grinding to a halt when searching with the word ‘Arsenal’.
    I feel from my fellow brothers tonight!

    1. FFFanatic says:

      The 50m for Cavani thing was never the problem. We turned down his wage demands a while back. If we’d accepted his wage demands we’d have had Cavani before the start of the season.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        That’s ridiculous to pay that much money for a 28 year old who isn’t proven in the premier league,
        Whereas for example Harry kane is
        and he is much younger.

        The English premier league is the hardest and toughest league in the world thats why some of these world class player’s in Europe don’t want to mug themselves up by coming to England. .. Even Messi has always struggled to play when Barcelona come to England in the champions league.

  34. Oga@dtop says:

    I’m waiting till 8pm before I unleash my thoughts.#InGodWeTrust#

  35. Redeye says:

    We’re never winning the league until wenger is sacked, the players don’t play to their potential big difference between alex Ferguson and wenger, this season the league is more competitive than ever.

  36. Kozboz says:

    Truly, why did we expect him to sign anyone? He believed in Diaby for all those years. He will believe in his methods regardless of the reality smacking him in the face. We have played 4 games in the PL, we have 3 goals total, and 2 of the 3 were own goals. But no, we are fine on offense. No problems there. We’ve not won a game strictly on our own scoring ability. We’ve won because of mistakes by the other teams. Maybe, maybe Giroud or Walcott will light up the boards. Maybe one of the youngsters will surprise us; we’ve yet to see them in the big game. But if these first 4 games are any indicators, we stand to have another season to think about what could have been.

  37. Ronny331 says:

    So why was wenger in Paris? On holiday?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      He works for the French tv
      Obviously he is there to cover France’s international game’s

  38. Redeye says:

    Admin why did you block my previous post, only one person who gets me more infuriated than wenger and that’s budd, what’s the point of this site anyway, it’s not like arsenal cares about the fans anyway, I’m off to support Portsmouth until wenger retires, bye just arsenal. See you in five years

  39. ymoola says:

    I feel sorry for Cech. He was led to believe Arsene has ambition!!

    1. Jimbeam says:

      And Sanchez, and Ozil, and Ramsay… if we finish below the top 4 this year which is entirely possible, these players will ask to leave.

  40. goonerwineverything says:

    take a bow all of the itks and false agents who predicted our big summer signings this summer, you have been the bain of our lives as arsenal fans. you have been found out for what you really are now, you had better hibernate for the winter and not show your faces till jan window again lol.
    #muzzi ozcan
    #memz dogi
    #inside gooner
    these are some of those itks i speak of who are arsenal supporters too, i feel really let down that they would string along other arsenal supporters for so long with fabricated stories, that they knew to not be true sad day for our glorious club.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      what makes you think that they were not paid to spread all these bull? rumours?

      Arsenal fc is only interested in making money and doing the least as possible to keep the fans happy.
      These rumours get the fan’s happy and excited,
      under the illusion that their club is trying to spend large amounts of money to improve the team!

      Action speaks louder than words. …. right?

    2. FFFanatic says:

      Cavani. 220k wage demand. Arsenal wouldn’t pay it. PSG had accepted the bid. THAT was a big deal that was hinted at that didn’t happen. Don’t blame the people in the know if our management decide to not follow through.

  41. HA559 says:

    Guess everything will be sorted out internally.

    Can the next author of an article make one about what we can do with the players we have to stand a better chance of scoring, let alone winning. I think test Joel upfront, or change to a two striker system, a system Gary Monk changed to within the UK and paid back immediately with two goals.

  42. evans says:

    1 bottle of beer anyday Arsenal plays ,,,,that will solve my problems.

    Anyway I hv some good football to watch with Madrid.now that’s a team who knows what they are doing.

  43. goonerwineverything says:

    i have said it a few times before it will be a long winter for wenger, with the wob’s will baying for his blood and resignation at the emirates for his treachery this summer, does anyone think we can drive him out of the club before the jan window. he will still be around till his contract ends i wonder what the board are making of it all atm. and even worse what are ozil and sanchez thinking about for this season targets are, and if we dont meet them will they be on out the door next summer. wenger has alot to answer for atm.

  44. Tas says:

    The end is here

  45. TioMoses says:

    It’s a plan based on a whole lot of hope. We hope Welbeck comes back healthy and provides an alternative to Theo & Giroud when the need arises.

    We hope Coquelin stays healthy because we have no backup.

    We hope to god that the players we have start scoring and that our core players do not get hurt.

    Really feels like a missed opportunity to me. We were very close to being serious contenders at the start of the window, still feels like we’re outside the house looking in when in reality we were probably only 2 decent players away.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Wouldn’t it be the same with whoever we would have signed? Hope that they hit the ground running and adapt to the BPL quickly, so as to contribute to our squad?

  46. BigWilli #WengerOut says:

    im looking forward to the meltdown here and on AFTV when we lose our first match after this disappointing transferwindow… guess there will be even more critical ppl who want wenger out.

  47. ArseOverTit says:


  48. moneytalks says:

    History will repeat again
    Arsenal will be knocked out of UCL round of 16
    Arsenal will be 15 points behind City in January
    We will finish 4th by beating Bournemouth on final day
    Third time lucky if we win FA cup or League cup
    Arsenal players will celebrate 4th by doing selfies and fans will say In Arsene We trust and Jack
    will say on bus pararde what do u think of tottenham ? $$$$$hit

  49. moneytalks says:

    I feel for Sanchez and Ozil. Two top players who joined Arsenal to win EPL, UCL and make the club elite have to work with Lampost, selfie kings and overconfident manager who has no ambition.

  50. El Blaze says:

    Wenger has nothing to regret, he knows this team is good enough for only UCL qualification and thats exactly what he and the board wants. Wenger is just a stingy old man who has lost all passion for trophies, all he cares about is making enough money to retire on. We have said this for many years now but most fans decided to be AKBs. The likes of Henry, Adebayo, Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri, Van Persie etc who worked closely with him on daily basis knew this and that’s why they all insisted on leaving and they were justified for their actions by winning trophies that has remained illusive to Arsenal till date. WENGER OUT!!!

  51. Usmanov says:

    You only feel regret over something you care so much about. Fortunately or unfortunately (whichever being the case) Arsene Wenger doesn’t care too much about the consequence (if there turns out to be one) of his actions/inaction in this summer transfer window. Let’s face it: He always has time on his side to try and retry his methods even when the majority of fans are denied what they’ve really wanted the past 10 years or so -An EPL title.

  52. ArseOverTit says:

    Says it all:


  53. Mozart7 says:

    Ticket prices should be lowered then, why charge high amounts if you’re not gunna spend that cash on new signings??? Oh well Arsene knows best I guess. Man City is Gunna win the league, hopefully we finish 2nd. Oh at least the Arsenal squad will be up to date on Fifa 16

  54. AFCEvolution says:

    As much as I am not too happy of us not signing a striker and DM, I still believe we shouldn’t just waste our funds for no reason like manure spending 36 mil on unproven player in the major league. Most ppl are saying Cavani but he’s not much better than Giroud to me, watch him few times last season and not greatly impressed especially playing in an inferior league too. Either Benzema or Higuain would have improved us but they are not available otherwise manure or Chelsea would have gone for them as well. This transfer window as been the most difficult for most clubs to buy players, as there are lots of clubs with money to spend but not enough quality players available. We as fans should just get behind the team for now and see how we do. No point bringing any negative energy around the team as the season is still very long. Still gunners for life with or without new signings in this transfer window.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Thank you Gooner. Like your common sense…

      1. medvet says:

        common sense…. my a**…..
        “watching him a few times”…….. “inferior league” (like giruod)…… and “not enough quality players available”……………. yeah, to much common sense here…… I’m really tired from the excuses of the wenger a** lickers….
        BTW, i’m still gonna support my team every f**king day of my life, but this cr*p must stop…. Enough is Enough.

      2. Jimbeam says:


    2. FFFanatic says:

      I’m sorry, I understand your points but you’re wrong. No signing at all is very different to failing to sign the very top players.

      We have NO left wingers.

      We have no defensive midfielders outside of Coquelin.

      We have kept players in our squad we have no intention of playing instead of searching for good quality talent to push the players we do have.

      While I agree that signing for the sake of signing is stupid, by not signing Wenger has set a dangerous precedent that this is the team that he believes can and should win the PL. Anything less than a huge title challenge now is tantamount to Wenger’s head on a platter because no supporter will accept that he couldn’t find players who could improve a squad who could not challenge. The honest truth – Wenger will only be truly judged at the end of the season but his decision to not spend money now means anything short of second place is going to get him dragged out of his position as manager.

  55. Tony says:

    Right once again I’ve have to clarify I’m not an aob or akb and I am by no means defending him, He should of signed a striker and a defensive midfielder or at least one of them even if he felt we needed one or not, but I do have to say we have a very good squad this is a better squad than stayed 1st longer then anyone else a few seasons ago and with cech I say a better squad then earned more points then anybody in the 2nd half of the season.
    Or though I have faith in arsenal I don’t in my wildest dreams believe we’ll make it to the champs league final. But I do truly feel that we’ll challenge for the league, challenge not necessarily win it. Hopefully we will

  56. faza says:

    Maybe my minds not straight after this shambles of a day but im feeling that Welbeck is crucial this season. Everyone one in the entire world (except Wenger clearly due to today) knows we needed a striker that could do all the hold up play and bringing others into play that Giroud actually does very well, but also the movement and pace that Walcott brings to be played in behind by our great midfielders. If these world class strikers, Cavani, Zlatan, Benzema etc. weren’t available then lets be brutally honest, its not FIFA, theres not much you can actually do. But i still think why the hell was there no plan B?? i mean i can’t actually believe they were so naive to think things would change on the last day! I’m not gonna lie, i would have actually been content with Pato. I mean i know many don’t agree but at least you know the talents there and its worth the gamble. Even Yarmalenko who actually looks quality. Take a punt! whats the point in just hoarding all that cash! This was the season to pounce just like it was two years ago i feel to really take the league but hey, I guess Wenger knows best and all that bull. Anyway back to my original point, Welbeck has both qualities that Giroud and Walcott excel in, however he just seems to fall at the last hurdle too often. If he can somehow do a Harry Kane well then hats off to him and I’ll be so happy as I really like him as a player and a person generally. But that is seriously wishful thinking.

  57. Trudeau says:

    Too soon for some glass half full comments? Here I go (feel free to add):
    1) with Cech and Gabriel, the emergence of Bellerin and Coquelin, a resurgent Monreal and a healthy Gibbs and Debuchey our defence is in much better shape than this time last year
    2) no one of any significance left
    3) our young players on loan eg Zelalem and Crowley and in the academy eg Fortune and Reine-Adelaide are looking great
    4) our injury record can’t be as bad as last year, can it Shad Forsyth?

    1. medvet says:

      hahahahahaha, the wenger a** lickers will never change.
      “our injury record can’t be as bad as last year”, sure, hahahahahaha.

    2. Sykes says:

      Lame points. This was the same team that finished 12 points behind chelsea.
      Arsenal will win the 4th place trophy to make you guys happy.

  58. Ronny331 says:

    Puma aren’t getting any money from me for the shirt I was going to buy, but I’m just one! Will be getting a ‘wenger out, #conned again’ t shirt printed this week. We should all do this if inclined and reveal them at the next home game. Stewards can’t confiscate what they can’t see.

  59. Jim A says:

    I always look at things from a players perspective. If my manager has faith in me and my team mates maybe it really is down to us to win the league. The trio of Theo, Alexis, and Olivier are in my opinion one of the best in the league. All 3 could get 15-20 goals. I also like what I see from Ox in open play.
    Our signing of Cech I really believe will allow us keep clean sheets and allow our backs Bellerin and Monreal to help out in the attack.

  60. Ronny331 says:

    @jim. And what about coquelin cover and Per? The spine is still not strong.

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