Will Wenger start the new season with a clean slate from fans?

Arsene Wenger has all-but signed his new contract ahead of the new campaign, but will the fans be able to accept his decision?

The Frenchman has been the subject of a number of protests this season, as well as having planes flown over stadiums calling for him to call time on his reign as Gunners boss. This put severe pressure on the squad and our form took a disastrous turn which included a disastrous February and March.

Wenger turned our form back around with a formation change, opting to follow Chelsea and Tottenham in using a 3-4-2-1 system, and we ended the season with the best form in the country, while winning the FA Cup final against the Premier League winners.

After what has been our most enduring league campaign, has somehow become respectable with our cup triumph, and now the manager is using that display as proof that he is still the correct person to lead this club into next season.

Asked at the end of his Monday press conference whether there is a presentation at the board meeting, Wenger responded: “The best presentation, watch the game and there can be no doubt.

“We live in a society that wants always change, but at the end of the day football is about making the right decision and every company is about making the right decision, that’s why I say it’s not about popularity, it’s about competence and I have not that responsibility,” Wenger continued. “It’s the board who has to decide who will lead the club in the future and I have after to decide if they want me, do I say yes or no.”

He conspicuously added: “I am committed to giving everything to stay.”

His decision is going to get a mixed reaction from Arsenal fans, and many will be angered, although there is a huge section of fans who will be happy with his performance at the end of the campaign, and won’t be too aggrieved by his choice.

The reaction from fans going into the new season however could stem on his performance in the transfer window, with a big investment in the squad able to bring optimism to even the biggest #WengerOut fan.

Would big-name signings, paired with new contracts for the Ox, Alexis and Ozil buy Arsene some time in the new campaign or will protests continues regardless of the summer?

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  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger needs to go
    It’s not just the wrong or poor transfer signings but also what he does during the season ie not starting Lucas, not keeping Alexis up front, playing players out of loyalty when they are not performing well. Also his philosophy of not getting a Top holding midfielder is ridiculous

  2. Arsenal FC says:

    Most successful manager up to now in FA Cups won.This is ideal time for Arsene Wenger to retire.Go out on a high man,just take this opportunity please.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Great end to the season, but as always under Wenger, too little too late. We’re clearly regressing in the league, and we’ve been an absolute embarrassment in Europe. We shouldn’t let the last month of results deflect from what has been going wrong, not just this season, but for years.

    He should leave now because it’s a fantastic way to out. Winning the cup, beating the league champions in such a convincing, and entertaining way, and now becoming the record holder for himself, and the club in the FA Cup. Even though I do not like him anymore, at least he has left me with a fond memory right at the end of his reign…if it is to be the end.

  4. adi says:

    I love how people are calling out on Wenger. Remember the Glazer family that took over Man United in 2005, Fergie were given low transfer budget, where the “legend” had to sign the likes of Bebe, Owen, Obertan, Diouf, led to Rooney criticising the club for the lack of ambition. If it werent for Wenger extravaganza salary, he would have left the club that year. That ownership even led to sale of Ronaldo to Madrid. At that time man united were on high debt.

    Arsenal are on a similar position, except we are not in high debt like before. Man united fans started a Love unite hate glazer protest, which actually affected the top executive to change how the club is run, considering man united is registered in IPO and could have bad consequences from bad press.

    1. adi says:

      Rooney’s salary** not wenger

  5. John says:

    At least we ended the season with a strong finish………it was the same thing last year………the same the year before that………Wenger needs to be honest with himself…….he is not going to get any better than what he achieved…….and it is quite a remarkable achievement……but it is time for him to go……..i hope this man does not destroy his legacy…..by hanging on a tad longer………then leave in a disgrace and anger………then write a nasty tell-all book……to hit back at his critics……if he stays and Arsenal does not do well……..I see that coming…….please leave Wenger………..

  6. Meckland says:

    Winning FA CUP against Chelsea doesn’t justify Wenger to stay. He must go.

  7. Arsene Wenger says:

    I never started any season with a clean slate to be honest. Every year there was either anticipation of what the team can achieve under any other manager or having to sell one of our best players. This is never easy but I have no regrets in releasing, signing or keeping any of our players. When you focus on the club well being then there is this tunnel vision effect and at the end there may be a title, a cup or simply a fifth place.
    We were blessed with great players throughout these years and many of them got what they deserved. Our immediate focus will be for the players from current group to get exactly what they deserve for staying with us and believing in what the can do.
    This week there will be more discussion around club (and my personal) situation but let me reassure everyone, board is having all details now and not only they can make a decision, they are forced to make one.
    Whichever this decision will be, I will hold this club always in my heart. I have watch it grow and helped a little where and when I could. No one is perfect and as a consequence I am not perfect. What I do believe is that this club was the perfect choice in 1996 and even if I never believed I will see 5 years (let alone 20) at this club I knew it will mark my life forever.
    Emotions aside this week, we will have plenty of time the revive, relive and remember them when the season starts, we need to put a plan in place for the greatness of this club.
    This is my ultimate goal and even if I don’t make this very obvious at times, no one should doubt my deepest and unconditional loyalty to the Arsenal Football Club.
    Have a nice week everyone.

  8. AndersS says:

    My expectations, if Wenger stays, is that we will be even further from winning the league next year. Because we will just see more of:
    – Strange decisions in the transfer window, and business left too late
    – Tactically strange decisions
    – Bad organization of the midfield resulting in Arsenal being too easy to play against
    – A mentally weak tam
    – Loosing out in matches against top teams
    – More injuries than almost any other team
    – And yes, we might get a strong finish to the season 🙂

  9. not really, a few bad games into d season and the “wenger out” banners will be out disrupting our season again…Good week ahead everyone

  10. Yossarian says:

    This is a perfect opportunity for Arsene Wenger to bow-out with class & dignity.

    His track record over the last 10 years shows clearly that he can no longer manage successful Premier League campaigns, nor serious attempts at the Champion’s League, so it would be a bad decision not to take this opportunity to leave gracefully.

    I think the problem is his personal life. Or rather, his lack of a personal life.

    Perhaps if he was a family man, or had more interests & hobbies outside football, he would be able to pursue those in retirement. However it seems that he really does not, and that lack of balance in his life is what will soon lead him to make the wrong decision by staying.

  11. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Unfortunately he is not going anywhere. I just hope the club put the right structure around him to move on at the end off next season and start lining up a replacement for 18/19 now. Unless they have someone lined up already on the hush ut to late to move him on now anyways.

  12. GoonerKev84 says:

    Yossarian hit the nail on the head I honestly believe Wenger has no life outside football and with Arsenal Wenger has no pressure runs the club the way he wants at his time of life its the perfect job paid millions to do as you please and fulfill your non existent personal life. Its definitely the time for change winning the FA cup is great but that’s as good as its going to get under Wenger we can get all sentimental and joyous over what happened on Saturday but if Wenger stays which I think he will next season will be no different to this one and the summer transfers or lack of them will drag on and on come August we’ll have added maybe one player which took 6 weeks to complete as it usually does, Wenger does not like making too many signings and nothing is going to change on that front, he’s already came out and said this squad is special and one or two players is all that’s needed.. As everyone knows the man is unbelievably stubborn he will continue to try and win the league with this current team or die trying in other words defy logic

  13. stubill says:

    Who do people think we should employ if Wenger goes?

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