Will Wenger want to copy Ferguson and leave Arsenal on a high note?

Would Sir Alex Ferguson have left Man United if things were not working out fine? By SK

The pressure is on Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at the end of the season. Football pundits, fans and ex Arsenal players have all at one time or the other, put pressure on the Frenchman to vacate the coaching seat at the end of this season. Some have even advised him to take a cue from his old pal, Ferguson, who left Man United after more than 20 years at the saddle. But the question I wish to ask is, “would Ferguson have left Man United if things were not going on fine for them”?

Sir Alex Ferguson did great things at Manchester United; he won two UEFA Champions league trophy with them, several premier league trophies, not a few FA cup trophies and even some EFL trophies too! He was a fulfilled man when he left Man United. He had made and unmade many players while at Man United and he had the loyalty and respect of many football lovers around the world of football. He was greatly loved for his style of management and his achievements in the game of football. He left Man United on a high! Would he have left if he was not so successful? Would he have left when he did, if he had won a league title that season? Many questions, which only he can answer.

Wenger has recorded a few successes at Arsenal too; in fact his early days at Arsenal were used to winning one trophy or the other. He came and revolutionized Arsenal football club. He changed their pattern of playing while also winning trophies for them. However, things started falling apart for him after Arsenal left Highbury for Emirates. He was forced to work with a tight budget, while creating revenues to fund the acquirement of Emirates stadium. Would things have turned out differently if Arsenal remained at Highbury? Yes I think so. Highbury was a sort of fortress for us, we hardly lost games there and even won lots of trophies there. If we had remained at Highbury ’til this moment, I am of the opinion we would have lifted the UChampions League trophy. However, I won’t want to use that as an excuse.

Wenger is seriously holding on to the reins of affairs at Arsenal like his life depended on it. Well, maybe it does, but one thing I think is going on in his mind is that he has not won a lot for Arsenal in recent times and he will very much love to bow out on a high like his very good friend did. I don’t think that will be too much to give to him, will it? From all indications, it looks likely Wenger will remain an Arsenal coach for at least one more season! Friends, let us rally round him and support him to end his Arsenal career on a high! Who knows, we may even lift two trophies next season! Who believes?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Clamclam says:

    I like Wenger, a lot. But he needs to motivate the players a bit more. I do remember, in the beginning of this season, fans were saying that we finally have depth and that AS7 was the striker we were searching for all along, etc. It’s down to mental toughness. AS7 has it, Kos has it, Cech has it, the others, I don’t think so. It’s that drive from inside of every successful player that push them towards success. We need a few tough nuts to strength the team.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      We all knew that Arsene and Arsenal could produce one of the best football in England. That is Arsenal trademark for years, thanks to him . But in term of motivating the team to reach the top, I must say, I consider it as DEAD. He can’t elevate this team motivation no more. He needs change and so do Arsenal.
      A swap deal with Unay Emery? Anyone?

      1. Clamclam says:

        I agree. It’s the mental part that is screwing up the team. Wenger has been far too gentle. It works on tough-minded players but not on youngsters.

  2. antonioro says:

    Can’t even compare Fergie with Wenger.That guy always wanted the final product,the trophy,nothing less.Wenger?4th place celebration and always humiliation in the CL?Do you remember the last season of Fergie when he got the title with a mediocre team ,playing the likes of Cleverly,Jones and other catastrophic players?Well ,try that with Wenger,he cannot get CL spot with a team including Sanchez and Ozil.He can stay to Arsenal another hundred years,the only way the team will go under his reign will be down.As I said before,even having Messi-Neymar-Suarez in the team,he will find a way to get no more rhan 4th place and being embarrased in the CL.(probably playing Messi on the wing,Neymar as DM and Suarez as a sub for Giroud,entering the game-how else-after the 70th minute).

    1. But Messi played on the right wing last season. Go on, call me a pedantic twat… that one’s free!

  3. rkw says:

    ask his junkie followers on this site who are hooked on to his not winning wonder substance … They’ve been on a 4th place high for more than a decade ..

  4. Gunner says:

    Lets win the FA cup for him, do the best we can in league and let him leave on his own at the end of the season. I don’t think a manager that has spent so much time at a club would want to be remembered as the guy that was sacked. The big question is – Will he leave on his own…

  5. Onochie says:

    Wining FA cup with Chelsea still in the tie? Let’s get past Man City first

  6. mark says:

    A high note? Let me see, that would be about 13 years ago…the only note he’ll be leaving on is a bum note.

  7. Jansen says:

    Why do we have to rally around Wenger for yet another year? Has the man not been rallied around for 13 empty season? You make it sound like he is Raneiri. If Wenger had won the PL last season that would be a different thing. But not only has not won a major trophy for a long time, he is also taking us backwards despite having his best squad in a long time and all the money he could reasonably expect.

    Give this man another year and you are an Arsene fan IMO and not an Arsenal fan. He should have been given less time not more.

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